Tweah Describes Refurbished Staff Cafeteria “An Act of Innovation, Vast Thinking”


A refurbished cafeteria has been opened at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP), to serve employees and visitors to the Ministry. Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Samuel D. Tweah Jr., in special remarks at the ceremony, termed it as “an act of innovation and vast thinking”.

Tweah said he is glad that employees of the entity will now have somewhere to eat while at work.

He praised the operator of the cafeteria, Vicky Jah, for being innovative, stating that he will give her the support needed for the business growth. Minister Tweah also indicated that the initiative is good, and urged employees to visit the cafeteria and to eat hygienically.

He also thanked the Ministry’s Senior Management Team for accepting the brilliant idea that led to the reopening of the cafeteria, and for providing the space.  

Minister Tweah noted that people were sitting on diamonds, but couldn’t discover what they have, and with the cafeteria coming into being, the owner put “vision’ into use.

He emphasized the need for people to be health-conscious in Africa, citing diabetes as one of the major killers. The Minister then advised employees to eat healthy meals always in hygienic places.

For her part, Vicky Jah, operator of the cafeteria, disclosed that a variety of food will be available, and that the meals prepared will be healthy.

“We can assure you of having healthy food, because we have noticed that most people are developing health issues daily. Our foods are boiled and grilled” Vicky Jah said.

She also assured of observing high hygienic standards in the cafeteria.


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