Tweah: CLSG Will Make Electricity Cheaper

Minister Tweah discusses the country's economy raising Liberians hope of "better days ahead.'

An electricity project to be owned by Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea (CLSG) is expected to bring clean and cheaper electricity to the Mano River Union (MRU) countries, says Liberia’s Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweah. The CLSG, he said, will make electricity cheaper from US$33cents to US$12cents.

The finance minister, who was interviewed on ELBC on Monday morning, November 4, said the coming of electricity from the Ivory Coast to Liberia by August 2020 will cost the government approximately US$12 million.

He disclosed that the government will have to pay that amount before electricity can come to Liberia. The coming of electricity, he believes, could be a boost to the Liberian economy because manufacturing industries need stable electricity.

He noted that access to electricity still remains a challenge throughout the country, and that with the coming of the CLSG line Liberians will have sufficient electricity. The LEC, he added, should be generating approximately US$ 60-70 million annually, though it has yet to generate such an amount.

Speaking on the forthcoming Development Conference, Minister Tweah said that the government is contemplating on earning US$ 100,000,000 from the holding of that conference.

He pointed out that it was important for issues regarding electricity to be addressed, especially the CLSG, in terms of the government’s obligation.


  1. Electricity without road networks will change nothing. Liberia is not just Monrovia. The people should be able to transport their produce to town, buy products that they can take back home to be stored safely.

    Connect the entire Lofa County to Gbarnga, Ganta to Yekepa and Ganta to the South Eastern regions by paved roads before the end of 2023. If you succeed in doing that, I will forget Cummings and campaign for you in 2023.

    Honorable Minister, if the roads are not built, you will be frustrated that your estimates are vain figures. Remember, Liberia is not Monrovia alone


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