Tussle over Pageant Rights

Miss Liberia, Wokie Dolo

Assistant Minister for Tourism says Miss Liberia Wokie Dolo has no right to choose Liberia’s representative for Miss Africa Pageant

Miss Liberia Wokie Dolo has accused Princess Turkolon, Assistant Minister of Tourism at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism for undermining her effort to have Liberia represented at this year’s Miss Africa beauty pageant in South Africa.

Dolo, who is the National Director for Miss Africa in Liberia, said that the minister, about three weeks ago, wrote the organizers of the pageant that Farsina Princess Farmah, who is representing Liberia, is unqualified and should not take part in the pageant.

Min. Turkolon in a communication to the pageant organizers, described the participation of Farmah in the pending Miss Africa beauty pageant as unlawful and misrepresentation of the country.

Min. Turkolon letter’s added: “In view of the above; we write to request that she should not be allowed to participate in the pageant as Liberia’s representative, as the government has no knowledge of her representation. As per our policy, a person representing Liberia to such an event should be among the three constants of Miss Liberia.”

Minister Turkolon’s letter to the Miss Africa Pageant committee in South Africa

Meanwhile, MICAT in a press release has disclosed that Ms. Dolo has no authority to decide who represent the country at an international event, be it regional, continental or global.

“Having communicated with the organizers of Miss Africa 2019, MICAT wishes to announce that Tina Finda Nyunkar, the 1st runner-up of Miss Liberia 2017, has been selected as the country’s representative at the all prestigious Miss Africa 2019 pageant,” MICAT press release added.

According to Ms. Dolo, Farmah qualifies to present Liberia at this year’s Miss Africa after emerging as the 1st runner -up of the Miss Earth, a beauty pageant which has been duly registered under the laws of Liberia.

“Even if minister Turkolon wants to send someone apart from the one I sent, it cannot be the 1st runner-up while I’m still wearing the crown. The action by minister Turkolon is a total disrespect to my office and the title I carried.

“The action of the minister is disappointing and is a glaring act of betrayals. The truth of the matter is that the minister and her team were aware of Farmah participation at this year Miss Africa beauty pageant; yet, she decided to tarnish my hard earned reputation by discrediting and undermining my work for no good reason,” Ms. Dolo noted.

Ms. Dolo further accused Minister Turkolon of spreading lies by wrongly informing the organizers of the pageant that her reign as Miss Liberia has expired.

“I remain, Miss Liberia until the government can organize another pageant for me to turn the crown to the next queen. Once that has not happened yet, I’m still the reigning queen of Liberia,” she added. “What is so shocking to me is that the minister wrote the organizers saying that my reign is over but not that of the 1st runner who contested along with me. The action by the minister tells you that she is using her power to undermine my efforts to empower ordinary girls who want to make an impact through pageantry.

In a related development, Dolo has disclosed that her organization, La Queen Entertainment, with the consent of the ministry bought the rights to all international pageant franchises like the one in question.

Ms. Dolo added: “The minister is envying and undermining me for no good reason because she knows that I bought these franchises when the ministry did not have the funds to do same.”

Ms. Wokie also said the minister has failed, since she got the job over a year ago, to develop a term of reference that shows who should send a representative to an international pageant.

“Furthermore, the ministry does not own any international pageants franchise, and I bet them to say they do,” she said. “It was because of this reason I was forced to personally purchased the Miss World and Miss Universe franchises before I was allowed to represent Liberia a year ago.

Ms. Dolo explained that during all of her trips representing Liberia at international pageants, she did not receive a dime from the government as support, neither has she been giving the office space she was promised by the government “or my monthly stipends.”

“The minister is not only undermining me, but she is also trying to humiliate me after I have worked tirelessly to secure a brand for myself. I am taking the country to the international stage without the contribution of her office towards my reign and am creating multiple platforms for young women to showcase their talents to the world,” Ms. Dolo explained.


  1. Madam Minister please use your good offices to accommodate Ms. Dolo. She’s young, beautiful, passionate and resourceful…she may be willing to align with your office in particular for the promotion of Liberia’s beauty and heritage asset; worldwide. I’ve been thinking say why not make Ms. Wokie Dolo an offer to work as a consultant with the Ministry. Just a thought. Thank you.

  2. Why are women who have had children barred from participating in the Miss Africa Beauty Pageantry? The reason is that the criteria that are set to qualify them go beyond beauty only.

    A female, who is crowned as the Queen of Africa, epitomizes the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the other aspiring females of the continent. I am not saying this to hold the good name of Miss Farsina Princess Farmah in reproach as I do not know the circumstances surrounding the upbringing of this young lady and the struggles of her personal life.

    However, the queen’s life should be exemplary. What do I mean about this? Her life should be the mirror image of the kind good values and morals befitting mainstream society’s standards; and, among some of them are: having the drive towards education; being self-motivated; having the drive to succeed and to break through the political taboo which says that leadership and politics are exclusively for men; possessing self-esteem; being an effective communicator, and so forth.

    Having a child especially out of wedlock is an automatic turnoff in that it sends a very wrong message about the morals of the queen to the outside world.

  3. Are we still having beauty pageants in this day and age. Women are subjecting themselves to be treated as objects based on the size of their breasts And their butts. It is a shame the women are humiliating them self and acting like a bunch of animals on the stage so that other people can judge them based on their body but not their intelligence. This is 2019 all pageants should be abolished It is Dehumanizing For women to be treated as animals at auction. Why do women allowed in cells to be judged on their physical characteristics and not the content of their character or intelligence.

  4. Abolish all dehumanizing, sex related, archaic, representation of women in society’! I would never let my daughter stand on stage showing her butt and her breath and being judged based on a number. I would never let my daughter be subject to be humiliated and dehumanized by idiots who do not understand the importance of women. Women should be looked at as important people with important value systems and not be judged as an object of a man’s fantasy. Any woman that appears on that stage is an idiot. Any woman in audience is an idiot. All the government officials that support this idiotic act of miss treatment of women are all idiots


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