Tussle over Jobs Threatens Weah’s “Inclusive Gov’t”

Who gets what in Weah's "Government of Inclusion"? (Illustration: David K. Golayah)

Impeccable sources within the camp of the victorious Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) indicate that President-elect George Weah has come under intense pressure from members of his Coalition who are demanding equal distribution of jobs in the new government. This comes against the backdrop of reports that infighting and tussling are intensifying over who gets what jobs.

Although President-elect Weah has reportedly asked outgoing Vice President Joseph Boakai to suggest names of qualified individuals for appointment in his government, sources say the infighting between supporters of President Sirleaf, on the one hand, while on the other hand between National Patriotic Party (NPP) stalwarts and those of Alex Tyler’s Liberia People Democratic Party (LPDP) have intensified. Therefore President-elect Weah’s exhortation to outgoing Vice President Joseph Boakai to suggest names for appointment in government may amount to little or nothing.

According to reports, some CDC supporters are growing increasingly uneasy over what they see as attempts by President Sirleaf to impose her choice of appointees on President-elect Weah. Sources say that her suggestion to have Amara Konneh take up the post of Foreign Minster was rebuffed with the CDC opting to have Counselor Winston Tubman appointed as Foreign Minister.

When contacted, Presidential Press Secretary Jerolimek Piah dismissed any suggestion of the Executive Mansion or rather President Sirleaf having anything to do with appointments in the new government. He said the Sirleaf administration is solely concerned with the transition with the view to ensuring a smooth transfer of power.

Also contacted was Prof Ansu Sonii of the CDC who told the Daily Observer that he had no idea of any such alleged ongoing fight or bickering among the parties. He, however, added that he had just returned from out of town and could not speak authoritatively on the issue at the time of request.

Meanwhile, President-elect Weah’s declaration of zero tolerance to corruption has been welcomed by many Liberians but with skepticism because according to them similar promises were made before by President Sirleaf but never fulfilled.

Thomas Garjay, a local petty trader says because President Sirleaf made such a statement before which was not respected and honored, he will only believe Weah when city police and other government functionaries stop harassing petty traders for all kinds of taxes and when the police stop confiscating their goods.


  1. And so it begins. Weah should stand firm or put Jewel in charge. Nobody that Ellen brings should be appointed. She destroyed the country with her old girlfriends and do nothing relatives. Wait and very=ify. Post each resume on the web and double check and triple check.

  2. Cartoonist David K. Golayah for a “Nobel” prize! HIs picture above is worth a thousand words. Let him keep up the good work. But more to the point, let Weah take heed and do the right thing.

  3. You will see the format of this Government after inauguration of the elected matrimonial President and First lady. This state first family is invited into the limits of my personal family anytime, especially if he or his wife is connected to my blood, in keeping with the standard set by our forefathers and founders in tradition and statue. Wait until after the inauguration before you start asking the first family for Government position.

    My advice to the Vice President elect is that after or before inauguration, she Should find an man natural in active marriage or holy matrimony (a new husband) and forget keeping a divorced name, in order that Liberia’s Vice status can remain in tact. Also the people of her county will visibly see the divide between her family by blood or marriage and state influence. The family first, the society, and than the state; a solid norm in cultural Liberia in all Liberian dialects and languages, similar to the west. If she is part of my family, she will not be able to sit on my bench, the first bench of my family as long as I am the head, regardless what Government or societal position she may have. Do not reply my box. We will have a peaceful and smooth inauguration.
    Gone in my peaceful place in silence.

  4. Keep a watchful eye on government property during this hectic transitional period!!!!

    The hustling for government jobs has just begun! It’s now a dog eat dog world in Liberia!

    We have watched this horrible movie too many times in Liberia whenever a new government is about to be ushered in Liberia. We saw this movie when all the warlords came into power during the various interim governments until President Sirleaf was democratically elected in 2005.

    When President Sirleaf came into power in 2006, the government offices were looted to the bone by employees who worked in the interim government of the late Gyude Bryant.

    This outgoing government of President Sirleaf needs to keep a watchful eye on all government property before handling over power to the new government of President-elect George Weah. Too many times it becomes a “free-for-all” to loot government properties during handover from one government to another. Government employees who are going to lose their jobs find it easy to take away anything that is not bolted to the wall for their personal use.

    It is necessary for government do thorough inventory of all government properties and placed the itemized quantity into a central database…..with the GSA (Government Service Agency) for an audit to be taken every two years to reconcile all government property. If any discrepancy is found, those who are responsible for missing items should be held accountable—- be it past or present employees.

    For the sake of government accountability, government procurement, and to hold government employees responsible for theft and loss of government properties, there should be a yearly inventory of all government properties: in the Executive Branch; the Judicial Branch; and the Legislative Branch, as well as all autonomous agencies (FDA, LPRC, LEC, WATER &SEWER..etc.). Even if it is meant to have a working day set aside as a government inventory day; this will help curtail the looting of government property.

    As you can see the lack of jobs in the private sector in Liberia is responsible for all these political parasites to hustle for jobs in the new government thus making them look like “bunch of crabs in the bucket”.

  5. The GSA director should park Liberian Government properties not connected to inaugural festivities now until after the next President and his wife sit down after the the inaugural ceremonies. Tell her (GSA) that the silent majority say so. Do not answer my box. Get the people busy with inauguration, watching all the trouble makers still. The time will be smooth and peaceful. Look at God looking. We do not care what you think, say, or write.
    Gone to my silent time. Speaking Liberian. Do not answer my box. Tell the Liberian people.
    Gone in my quiet bottom.

  6. ” dah book we whe eat” coming home to roast, hunt plenty pepo and become a nightmare every night for most CDCians😃 You see, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER; EDUCATION IS KEY! When one does not understand the workings of politics and political propaganda than WAY WAH, the pepo who know book can fool you. This is what it has boil down to. Book sweet oh. The world dealing with book pepo. Liberia is not alone and can not function by itself. So , yes, they got to hire hire Ellen old employees; they know book and experience in book matters. What do you know? The good book call the bible says ” without knowledge, the people perish. Dah it here oh and your still tuking. If some of us don’t balance and go learn something for ourselves- plant rice, sweep the streets, cook, sew, make business,or go to school- we will continue to parish until we exist this surface of the Earth!

  7. Miatta,
    Education is good. It’s good to have education with common sense and experience. Without a very good education, a society suffers. Ms. Herring, the sad truth is that some educated egotistic people are maniacs who care less about the problems of a society. On the surface, the self-serving individuals care more for themselves even though the society on which they thrive has made them what they are.

    The recent election of Weah validates my hypothesis. Johnson-Sirleaf hired a good number of educated people, but nothing of great significance occurred during the past 12 years. During those odd years of Johnson-Sirleaf’s government, companies of reputable means invested in Liberia. At the same time, a good number of educated Liberians were hired, but the semi-skill and unskilled people were left in the trenches. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve got chronic unemployment in Liberia today.
    There ought to be training facilities in Liberia. Our country’s youth need to be trained in every area of life. On the professional level, the situation is appalling. Most Liberian dignitaries go to Ghana and elsewhere to get a good medical treatment. Strangely, it doesn’t occur to the bigwhigs that the brightest of our students need to be sent abroad to study medicine. The medical field has many branches. Therefore, since the medical college at LU is unable train our best and the brightest, the government has an obligation to become innovative. But sadly, that’s not the case.

    The reason Weah should not fill vacancy positions with a slew of Johnson-Sirleaf’s former employees is to minimize the risk of failure on his part. We want development. We don’t want stagnation!


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