Turkey Donates 156 Boxes of Anti-Ebola Materials, 600 Kg of Antiseptic Expected Friday

(L-r) Turkey Assistant to the Consul, Mr. Ibrahim_web.jpg

The People and Government of Turkey, through the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) have donated 156 boxes of medical and hygiene supplies to the Liberian government in the fight against the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). The items are valued at US$60,000.

The donation is in addition to the ambulances costing US$100,000 donated to the government in January 2014.

The medical and hygiene supplies were presented yesterday at the Ministry of Health, with the Turkish Government’s wish that their donation will help the Liberian government tackle the Ebola virus.

The donated items include 50 boxes of surgical masks, 12 boxes of sterile surgery gloves, 10 boxes face masks and washable stretchers and five boxes of body bags.  The items also include six boxes of protective clothing, four boxes of medical waste bags, two boxes each of protective eyes glasses and sodium hypochlorite tablets, amongst others.

Turkey’s Consul General in Liberia, Mr. Lusinee F. Kamara, Sr., stated that it is Turkey’s hope that Liberia will soon be declared Ebola-free.

Mr. Kamara further stated that the 156 boxes were an initial contribution and disclosed that an additional supply of 600 kg of hand anodyne materials are expected in the country this weekend, while a “bigger consignment” is expected later this month.

Mr. Matthew Flomo, the Deputy Minister for Administration, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, described the donations as timely in the ongoing fight against the virus until zero new cases is achieved.

He thanked the Turkey Consulate and said the medical and hygiene supplies will be distributed in the counties.

For his part the Assistant Minister for International Cooperation and Economic Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dehpue Y. Zuo, said the donation marks a milestone for the growing relationship between Liberia and Turkey.

“We are happy for the anti-Ebola materials, which will be used to save lives and improve the health sector. We believe this will further enhance the bilateral relationship between our nations,” Assistant Minister Zuo said.


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