“Tone Down, Calm the Storm”


-Former Pro Tempore Wotorson’s Passionate Plea to Senate

Former President Pro Tempore of the 53rd Legislature, Cletus Segbe Wotorson, made a surprise entrance into the Senate Chambers on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, April 30, 2019, and threw out a passionate plea to Senate plenary to help tone down and also calm the political storm currently looming over the country.

The former Grand Kru Senator, who decided not to seek re-election during the 2014 senatorial election, was succeeded instead by Albert Tugbe Chie, a geologist like himself. Chie, who won the senate seat as an independent candidate, also became Senate Pro Tempore.

Chie’s rise to the position of the Senate Pro Tempore may have been propitiated, according to sources, by the fact that he Pesident George M. Weah are from the same county, Grand Kru.

Meanwhile, Wotorson told members of the 54th Senate, presided over by Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, that too much confusion is going on in the country, specifically through the news media.

“I want to look at my elders, whether by age or position, to see what they can do to tone down to calm the storm. In situations like this, what the whole Senate could possibly do is to ask a meeting with the Executive, and remind of the problem currently facing the country. In my opinion, I think it is the moral responsibility of the Senate to seek that audience,” Wortorson said.

He suggested a closed door discussion among themselves as plenary to have a unified approach for what would be talked about so that the discussions can be substantive.

“You can stand with the senate leadership to take responsibility to make sure that the meeting takes place, because we are in a situation and we cannot go back to the days of old. So my dear colleagues, I look up to you for a responsible approach and don’t let us shift or transfer our responsibility to the Council of Churches; it is your national responsibility to calm the state, and I think you can gladly embrace that. A suggestion from an old man, who sat here before.”

Vice President Taylor, who is also the President of the Senate, assured Mr. Wortorson that the Senate, through its leadership, will look into that suggestion as to the way forward.

“We are grateful that you could come and remind us of where we are as a nation, and what each of us must do to bring sanity to the issues in our country to move forward…,” Vice President Taylor said.

According to sources, following Senate session yesterday, the Senate went into ‘executive session’ — an instance which, though undisclosed to the public, suggests an apparent heeding of the former Pro Tempore’s advice.


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