Tufaie Foundation Appeals for Gov’t Subsidy

Three of the pupils writing their classwork.

-Embarks on taking education to the best

One of the leading private schools in Ganta, Tufaie Foundation has appealed to the government for a subsidy to keep the school functional while providing the requisite education to the students.

The proprietor Benedict Domah, told the Daily Observer in a recent exclusive interview that it was causing the school huge sum of money to meet up with teachers’ monthly salaries and other operational costs.

Domah said that the Tufaie Foundation is the only school in the entire Ganta community that runs from 8:a.m. to 4:p.m., and therefore it requires finance to keep the teachers on campus to focus on their lessons.

“Prior to the recent government mandate that all schools should run up to 3:p.m., our school had been running up to 4 pm and still maintained that time,” he said.

When the Daily Observer visited the campus, kids as young as three years were seen writing, and reciting their lessons.

Mr. Domah said that his institute is a junior secondary school, and the oldest student is aged 12, and is in the 8th grade class.

He said as part of building the kids educational foundation, the school ensures that the pupils read, spell and write well  to enhance their comprehension skills.

Mr. Domah: “We need help from the government to ensure that the education system is taken to the best.”

In the grade 8th class, according to him, there are some kids, who are nine years old and they are doing well. Tufaie is one of the leading toddler schools in Ganta, where most business people register their school-going age children because it is considered the best school for young children or beginners.

The school has been taking their students to far places across Liberia for field trips to see some historical sites and to also improve their social skills.

Despite all of these activities, Mr. Domah said in order to keep the school at this level or take it to another better level, the government needs to absorb the names of some of the teachers on its payroll.

“We are anticipating to build a modern school complex, with an attractive center for the beginners, and also attach other aids to enhance both teaching and learning, but the cost to run this type of school is too huge,” he said.

“As you can see, we already have a computer class here for our pupils, and we need help from the government to ensure that the educational system becomes the best.”


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