TU Not A “Come Let’s Graduate” University

Mr. Bill Twehway addresses the graduates on the theme, "Patriotism: Your Passport to Unlocking Your True Potentials."

— Says NPA Managing Director

National Port Authority (NPA) Managing Director, Bill Twehway, on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 told the over 208 graduates of the William V.S. Tubman University (TU) in Harper, Maryland County that the institution is not a “come let’s graduate” university.

TU is the government’s second higher institution of learning, and the only government-run university in Southeastern Liberia, about 7,483 kilometers from Monrovia.

Twehway’s statement was contained in a speech he delivered at the sixth Convocation Commencement, said that TU is not like those so-called universities, whose professors are not fit to teach elementary schools in any part of the world.

“Importantly, TU’s motivation is not money-driven as is prevalent in some “Johnny just come universities,” Mr. Twehway said. He added that TU is original, and purposefully established as a university for academic excellence.

“Proudly, TU’s graduates have and continued to play critical roles in society; and their contributions are noticeable and commendable,” he said.

To the graduates, Twehway noted, “This occasion is all about you, the graduates, to celebrate you on your achievements, and to admonish you on how to navigate the real world. That’s why I told my story in passing to point out that you graduates are far more sophisticated today than those of us who obtained our university degree way back then.

In other words, because you have been exposed to technology, and want to take it to another heights, “you have greater chances of succeeding in your career objectives, and more likely to bring solutions to our socioeconomic and political problems than our generation.”

“You are graduating at a time when the country is dealing with enormous socioeconomic, and political challenges; and so, as you are poised to start a new chapter of your life’s story,” he said.

Mr. Twehway spoke on the theme, “Patriotism: Your Passport to Unlocking Your True Potentials.”

He also admonished the graduates to do away with those things that tend to undermine their own potentials, and keep firmly focused on the professional development goals that each of them has set to achieve in their future endeavors.

“I must applaud the fact that your graduation has already demonstrated in clear terms that you are capable of accomplishing goals when you commit yourselves to them,” Mr. Twehway said.

“Being patriotic not only sets you apart, but also places you in a unique position to make meaningful contributions to the state in your specialized fields of study. Although you are leaving the great walls of Tubman University, I want you to know that graduation is not an end in itself, but a part of the larger journey of life that each of you will choose your own road, and travel your own path,” he said.

Mr. Twehway added, “Some of you will go on to advance your education, while others will get a well pay jobs in the shortest possible time, but where ever the journey takes you, let it start a point for further achievements to the extent that you will use the knowledge acquired as a platform, because the man who graduates today, and stops learning tomorrow, is uneducated the day after.”

He then challenged each of the graduates to henceforth, try to excel in everything they desire to do, and fight for excellence in every task they maybe assigned to do, whether big or small.

TU President, Dr. Elliott Wreh Wilson, also used the occasion to thank the government, and partners for their continued support to the university, and promised to improve the facilities, and the instructional materials for students, who called TU as a home.

Wilson is the third president since the TU gained university status in September, 2009.

Since then, Dr. Wilson’s administration has completed the construction of a giant-size building for the College of Health Sciences and a new graduation stand.

The university awards degrees to 208 students, who have completed the required courses and are ready to serve in the larger society. The graduates are from the college of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Administration and Management. Others are College of Agriculture and Food Science, Elizabeth Davies Russell College of Education and the College of Health Sciences.


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