Trinity Cathedral Identifies with the Needy

Rev. Fr. Sellee (far right), Trinity Cathedral Episcopal Church as a Parish thought it was important to go beyond its reach to help people who are in dire need.
The Trinity Cathedral Episcopal Church with support from a group of Trinity Cathedral’s members based in Washington DC, USA, have identified with the Antoinette Tubman Cheshire Home for the Disabled in Monrovia. The Antoinette Tubman Cheshire Home for Disable is situated on 10th Street Sinkor. It was established in 1985, and since then, it has been involved in catering to the needs of disabled people. The items which were donated on October 1, 2020, include five containers of vegetable oil, three Cartons of chicken, fish, soap, chlorides, milk, and other assorted food items valued at about US$1,000. Presenting the food items on behalf of the Church and its Partners, Rev. Father James B. Sellee, Dean of the Trinity Cathedral, said during this COVID-19 pandemic, the church made an appeal to some of its US-based members to raise funds in order to help people who are seriously in need, and it was based on the church’s request that the US$1,000 was raised. The church in Liberia has been identifying with several disabled communities in Monrovia and its environs, providing food items as well as anti-COVID-19 materials and other essential items since the outbreak of the disease. According to Rev. Fr. Sellee, Trinity Cathedral Episcopal Church as a Parish thought it was important to go beyond its reach to help people who are in dire need. “We are going to lobby with our friends from the United States to continue this great initiative, “he stated. “We were informed that the workers here have not taken pay for months, it is inexcusable that people who are making great sacrifices, cannot be compensated,” Fr. Sellee said. He stated that humanity is in everyone “No matter what happens; we need each other and so let us learn to share the little we have.” He described the role of the church as cardinal, adding that the primary reason for the existence of the Church is to help take care of the needy as well as to restore hope to the hopeless. “It is not to preach the gospel alone, we have to identify with the needy, sick, and emulate the good example of Jesus Christ as he fed over 5000 people including healing the blind,” he added. Receiving the items on behalf of the management, the Head of Resident, George Hassea, lauded the Church and its partners. “We want to thank you for the kind gesture,” he said. Mr. Hassea disclosed that since the home was established in 1985, it has been relying on charity from people. He used the occasion to appeal to the Trinity Cathedral and its partners to provide a stipend for the workers, adding that “five months now they have not gotten pay.” He indicated that in spite of the difficult times, the staffs remain committed to the job. The event was well attended by some members of the Trinity Cathedral namely; Sisters Violet King Bedell, Peggy Hanson Mayah and Brother George F. Newton.
Reporter at Liberian Observer Corporation formerly, the Daily Observer ELWA Junction, Paynesville Monrovia Liberia Mr. Simeon S. Wiakanty is a senior student studying Mass Communication and Chinese at the University of Liberia. He is also a student at the Confucius Institute of the University of Liberia. Email: Twitter: @amb_kanty Whatsapp: +231886140817


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