Tribute to the Fallen Political Legend of Africa: Nothing Lasts Forever


Written by Columbus G. Dorliae, chief of office staff at the Legislature

Oh, Robert Gabriel Mugabe is dead!
Yes- nothing lasts forever…
At birth is smile and hope for Mama and Papa
Where Mama forgets her pains
And Papa realizes his manhood
As child growth assures tomorrow

Oh, Robert Gabriel Mugabe is dead!!
Yes-nothing lasts forever…
Men face challenges and triumph
Wherein get trained and master on
Move their worlds and imp act others Where they stand their grounds and prove their cases
Indeed not so smooth but rock-and-roll

Oh, Robert Gabriel Mugabe is dead!!!
Yes-nothing lasts forever…
In thoughts men struggle
In knowledge men direct
In wisdom men convince, yea persuade
But in strength men fight their battles
And men in leadership drive the world

Oh, Robert Gabriel Mugabe is dead!!!
Yes-nothing lasts forever
In wisdom he led his people
With knowledge he denied differences of colors
With iron hands controlled his State
What a pleasant representation

Yea straight talking a fearless man
Some say Zimbabwe’s founding father
Some say Zimbabwe’s President emeritus
Yes others say icon of Zimbabwe’s liberation
A pan-Africanist, who empowered his people
Yet that September 6, 2019 announced his death
Then nothing really lasts forever but shows face and passes through…


  1. Before Mugabe took office, Zimbabwe was Africa’s bread basket, but he turn it into Africa’s economic basket case! And how did he do it?

    He did it by instituting a Soviet style command economy, which entailed abolishing private property, and distributing commercial, white-owned farms to landless blacks, who didn’t know jack about farming!!

    Mugabe took a thriving economy, and turned it into the worst in Africa, while enriching himself and his cronies. He should be buried next to the nearest sewage treatment plant!!


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