Tribute to Bobbin from the Pierre Family


Bobbin has been eulogized by his President and heads of foreign states, remembered by his colleagues, workmates, friends and acquaintances; and even those who knew him for only a few days have had good things to say about him. He was an unassuming person who wore his dignity, honor, and distinction very lightly. He was respected by his acquaintances and loved by his friends. His character secured for him a permanent place of affection in the heart of every one with whom he interacted.

God gave bobbin a calming and gentle spirit, a brilliant mind, an endearing demeanor, love for his country, commitment and dedication to duty, an amazing sense of humor, and a desire to see everyone he encountered happy. Then God put this awesome being into a body and sent him to Liberia to the McClain and Tolbert families to make this little corner of the earth a happy place.

In 1972 God joined this person to the Pierre family. At the time we did not know what a gift God had given us, but as Bobbin integrated himself into our family, we began to see what a blessing he was. He was not an in-law, but a son to our parents, a brother to us, and an uncle to our children.

He became an integral part of our family who was just as precious to Chief Justice James A. A. Pierre and Rebecca Pierre as any of their own children. Our parents loved Bobbin; and he showed them the same affection. He often spent hours in deep conversation with our father discussing a variety of subjects including religion, politics, law, medicine, and whatever topic came to his mind on any particular day. Our youngest brother called our father Ging-Ging, and Bobbin affectionately followed suit. I cannot remember ever hearing Bobbin call our father by any name other than Ging-Ging.

He was our brother. He was the calming voice whenever there were misunderstandings or fuss among the siblings, (which I’m sure every family has). He never took sides; he just gave advice and tried to soothe the waters of conflict.

He loved our children. He mentored them, counseled them and took care of them when they spent vacations with him and Gwen in New York. We will miss his wit, his laughter, his jokes and his ability to disarm any situation with his humor.

Now after all of these 71 plus years, Bobbin has come full circle. His body began to deteriorate. It became diseased and damaged, and he could no longer function in it as effectively as God had planned. God could have fixed Bobbin’s body, but He chose not to fix it. So on July 23rd at about 2:25 a.m., when his stay on earth was over and the time came for him to leave, Bobbin burst out of his broken body and happily took his father’s hand and went to heaven.

The specific work that God had put him on earth to do had been accomplished. I believe that he ran his race exceptionally well; he finished his course, and God has taken him home to rest.

How do I know that Bobbin is in heaven? Because at some point in his life he, of his own free will, made the conscious decision to make Jesus Christ his Lord and Savior. That is the blessed assurance that we, as Christians, have that he is in heaven with his God.

So we have come here today to assure you, family; to assure you, Madam President, colleagues, friends and acquaintances of Bobbin, that we have not lost him because we know exactly where he is. We know that he is in the loving care and keeping of his Heavenly Father; and we know for sure that if we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we shall see him again. One by one we will join him there in heaven; and I can imagine what a happy reunion that will be!!

For now, on behalf of the Pierre family, we deposit this wreath on the casket in which Bobbin’s body lies. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the blessed Holy Spirit…amen, amen.


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