‘Tribal Politics A Refuge for Failed Politicians’

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The standard bearer of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, has warned Liberians against politicians preaching tribal politics in the ensuing presidential and legislative elections.

He said tribal politics is a refuge (sanctuary) for politicians who do not have anything to offer the people, and called on Liberians to be wary of such politicians because they preach that some Liberians are more Liberians than others.

“We have denounced tribalism as the last refuge of politicians who do not have anything to offer the Liberian people,” Dr. Jones said. “Such failed politicians play the tribal card and they know nothing about nationalism.”

Dr. Jones, who was recently confirmed as the political leader of MOVEE in Bopolu, Gbarpolu County, said while Liberians are concerned about moving the country forward, it behooves every citizen to open their eyes and provide their support to those who have shown a track record to care for their interests, and have used their responsibilities to empower them in their communities.

Dr. Jones made the statement in relation to his involvement as Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia in empowering Liberians in the leeward counties with access to finances that has reportedly helped many, who would have otherwise not have a chance to that assistance.

Dr. Jones said as Liberia looks forward to a better leadership, “There should be no place in the political arena for misfits whose every action is self-serving.”

Described as ‘Poverty Doctor’ for his persistent advocate against poverty, Dr. Jones said Liberians are fed up at recycled politicians and political parties whose past demonstrate leadership incompetence.

The former CBL Governor said Liberians cannot afford any political marriage of convenience, “which are carried out simply to gain power and to give the long-suffering masses a dose of incompetence and empty promises that heralded their past activities.”

If elected president of Liberia in the forthcoming elections, Jones vowed to introduce a “caring heart leadership” that would make a difference in the lives of Liberians.

He said patriotism should affect a leader to “put country above self; and not in words, but in deeds.” He insisted that poverty is not the destiny of Liberians, and promised to give voice to “the voiceless, the marginalized, the disaffected and the suffering poor.”

The ‘Poverty Doctor’ reflected on his leadership at the CBL and how he stood up for market women, petty traders, carpenters, farmers, labor unions, among others, and initiated mechanisms that addressed their concerns.

He said MOVEE as a political party for the poor and the downtrodden has offered hope from its inception, and promised to seek the interest of Liberians to lift them from poverty to a level where they can realize and appreciate their human dignity.

“MOVEE’s unwavering conviction is that Liberians must have first preference in the country. This includes providing them jobs to make them owners of their land,” Dr. Jones said.

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