Travesty to Democracy, Opposition Terms FLY Election


A candidate “denied” for not participating in the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) just-ended election has described it an act of “lawlessness and a serious travesty to democracy.”

Mr. Maxwell Grigsby ll, wanted to contest in the election, which has brought a new crops of officer for the youth umbrella organization.

FLY conducted her 8th General Assembly over the weekend and elected officials to lead the federation despite an injunction from the Civil Law Court of Monrovia on the process.

Prior to the rally, Maxwell Grigsby was denied from participating in the process by the outgoing leadership in consultation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, which has direct oversight of FLY.

In protest to his denial, Grigsby filed a lawsuit before the Civil Law Court, a move that prompted the Court to issue an injunction on the process in Kakata, Margibi County, but it is reported that the was  ignored by the Federation’s outgoing leadership.

Addressing a news conference Wednesday, April 30, in Monrovia, Grigsby termed FLY’s action as “complete disobedience to the court,” an action, he claimed, displays a negative image of young people in Liberia.

Grigsby said: “I would like to address the refusal of Mr. Mohammed Ali Nasser to receive the Writ of Preliminary Injunction from the Civil Law Court and his defiance to the court by carrying out the controversial FLY election. It is no secret that Mr. Nasser successfully completed his mission in profiteering from FLY’s meager budgetary support and other immunities. These acts include a misuse of duty free privilege as well as his deliberate refusal to adhere to the laws of the Federation of Liberian Youth constitution. What is astonishing is that his disobedience has extended to the Civil Law Court of our country.

It can be recalled that in an email exchange between Mr. Nasser and one of the executives of the Federation in the person of Ms. Daintowon Paye-bayee, Mr. Nasser is quoted by Ms. Payebaye is saying, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has absolutely no jurisdiction over him as president of FLY. He became even more demonstrative of his comments in the conduct of the just ended controversial election.

“Our country’s laws came under attack on Saturday, April 26, 2014. Not necessarily because Nasser and his collaborators refused to accept the Writ of Preliminary Injunction from the court, but because a senior member of the security sector sanctioned his approval for the gross disrespect of the court order by speaking at the occasion after a constructive notice of the court was served,” he disclosed.

When contacted, Deputy Minister for Youth Development at the Youth Ministry, Charles N’tow, released this sms message as the official response of the Ministry.

Minister N’tow said: “The Ministry believes, trusts in, and completely submits to the wisdom of the court on this matter. Disputes ending up before the court are not a good sign for youth development. Since this matter involves the court, we can only yield to the wisdom and guidance of the court.”

The Civil Law Court is yet to take action against FLY since the Writ was issued and subsequently ignored by FLY leadership.

When contacted, Mr. Nasser told the Daily Observer that the case is now before the court so he could not comment on it. “I respect the court, since the case now before it, I have been advised by my lawyer to refrain from commenting on it in the media,” Nasser said. 


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