Trap Gun Victim Dying Slowly in Bassa

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A 45-year old man identified as John Glaygboe, a resident of Serkon Town in Vambo Township, in Glakon Statutory District #2, Grand Bassa County, is said to be dying slowly as a result of a severe injury he sustained from a trap or string gun.

Predicated upon his arrest Buchanan City court, presided over by Associate Magistrate Richard Brown, has charged the defendant, Elijah Scott, of the same town with the crime of Aggravated Assault.

According to court records, the private prosecutor Alexander Brown, a brother of the victim, explained to the court that on August 2, 2014, in Serkon Town, defendant Elijah Scott unlawfully and deliberately wounded the victim by firing a short single barrel gun against the victim. As a result, the victim sustained severe bodily injury and is undergoing medical treatment.

The court considers the alleged act committed by defendant Scott as criminal and in violation of sections 14.20 and 17.11 of the New Panel Law of Liberia.

The single barrel gun marked 03064 was received from the court on August 9, 2014 but the Deputy Inspector of the Crime Services Division (CSD) of the grand Bassa County Police Detachment, James Karyon, for safe keeping pending the court’s trial proceedings.

The Police charge sheet says defendant Scott was arrested, informed of his Miranda and constitutional rights, investigated and subsequently charged with aggravated Assault.

Based on the defendant’s involvement in the setting of a gun trap (string gun) with a single barrel gun which fired and seriously wounded victim Glaygbo’s right leg had made his condition deplorable.

During the police preliminarily investigation, defendant Scott voluntarily admitted to the allegation levied against him and further narrated that he set the fun trap for animals that were eating his young cassava farm.

In view of the foregoing circumstances, the police resolved to charge the defendant with Aggravated Assault and Possession and Sale of Physical Object for Lethal use, which contravened sections 14.20 and 17.11 respectively criminal procedure Law of Liberia and the defendant was forwarded to court for pre-trial. A letter was written by the brother of the victim, Alexander Brown, on July 16, 2014 to Grand Bassa County Attorney, Cllr. E. Boakai Harvey, informing him about the incident.

The arrest and investigation revealed that Mr. Brown disclosed that instead of taking his brother (the victim) to a hospital the people had been keeping the victim in the bush and he is on a dying bed without medical treatment,    something Mr. Brown  described as inhumane treatment meted against the victim.

Meanwhile, defendant Scott on September 18, 2014 filed a criminal Appearance Bond pending the trial proceedings on Thursday, September 2014.


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