Transportation Fares Sky Rocket Again in Monrovia


In spite of the reductions in the pump prices of petroleum products, transportation fares continue to sky rocket, to the detriment of commuters and businesspeople in Monrovia.

The Ministries of Commerce and Industry and Transport continue to remain mute as the economic hardship continues to plague Liberians and businesspeople week after week.

Regrettably, commercial drivers and other public transport providers continue to exhibit the highest degree of defiance and transport fares have spiraled beyond the reach of ordinary Liberians in the country.

Each day of the week public transport providers continue to announce new fares to various destinations in and around Monrovia.

In spite of the persistent public outcries, in some instances against the Liberian Government, by commuters and businesspeople, the situation remains very worrisome and complex.

On many occasions, commuters and businesspeople are heard saying, the suffering and severe economic hardships of Liberians are cause for celebration for some Government officials.

Many of them riding in their big official cars over the years in Monrovia and other parts of the country, seem to have taken solace in the hardships of the Liberian people, they said.

Unfortunately, every day at many street corners, ordinary Liberians and businesspeople are seen stranded, frustrated and sad, enduring the hardships of acute shortage of transportation and fare hikes.

Ironically, the 52 buses donated to the GOL by the Indian Government, remain parked at the National Transit Authority (NTA) compound for reasons best known to the authorities.

Some commuters and businesspeople travelling from the business district of Paynesville say they are still paying triple in transport fares to come to central Monrovia.

At the same time those trekking from the commercial district of Duala on Bushrod Island, encounter similar hardships at the hands of unscrupulous commercial drivers.

Businesspeople and commuters board buses and taxis from the commercial district of Waterside for the Red-light and Duala Markets experiencing the same increased fares.

“Our socio-economic hardships and frustrating encounters with commercial drivers are squarely and the collective responsibilities of law enforcement officers in Monrovia,” Duala businessman John B. Bestman lamented.

For his part, Red-light Market businessman Samuel B. Harrison during the weekend told the Daily Observer that over the years the Liberian Government has placed no premium on the provision of sustained commercial transport vehicles in Monrovia and its environs.

“It is my hope and expectation that in 2015 our government will place serious priority on the provision of adequate transport vehicles in Monrovia and other parts of our country,” Mr. Harrison pleaded.


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