Transport Retires 14 Employees



The Ministry of Transport has retired fourteen of its employees for long term services rendered.

Some of the honorees were retired as a result of prolonged illness while others had attained the pension eligible  age of 60.

The retirement ceremony was held last Friday May 8 at the Ministry of Gender and Development.

The Minister of Transport, Angela Cassell Bush, described the retirees as important people in the society who have played meaningful roles in the government to improve their country.

“When people are dedicated, we have to honor them for their hard work and some of our 14 retirees started working with the  government  even before  the ministry of Transport was established.

“Some of them have worked with the ministry since 1997 to now,” said Minister Bush. She thanked each of the retirees for their contributions to the government.

The Deputy Director General for Human Resource Management of the Civil Service Agency, Wanneh Clark Reeves, said the government is committed to ensuring that employees being retired from the government receive well deserved pensions.

Mrs. Reeves disclosed that the government has embarked on a series of reforms since 2008 and the core components of the reform agenda are pay, pension and benefits. “ In appreciation of your  service to government, you will receive a well-deserved hand shake package commensurate with your  tenure as well as your monthly pension check, courtesy of the government  of Liberia. You are eligible for the National Social Security Pension Benefit once you reach the age 60,” she said.

Speaking on behalf of his colleagues, retiree Francis Aire-youba recommended to the Minister of Transport that she recall those workers who were placed on non essential staff during the height of the Ebola epidemic.

Mr. Aire-youba urged the Government of Liberia to revisit pension patients by increasing their benefits.

“When you are retired, it’s very difficult because someone who is making LD15.000 a month, when pensioned gets only LD400 a month which is very little and the government must react quickly to our call by increasing pension benefits,” Mr. Aire-youba urged.

Those retired were: Francis Aire-youba, Edward Yormai, Patricia Banks, Dori Bomoshe, Thomas Eastman, Edwin Williams, Angeline Jeah, Morris Taylor, Victor Williams, Joseph Walker, Mary Solo, Josiah Carter, Alfred Pailey and Abraham Yarmie.


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