Transport Minister Bows to CDC Chairman’s Pressure

CDC Chairman Mulbah K. Morlu (left) wants Transport Minister Sam Wlue (middle) dismiss Oliver P. Dillon (right), who has just been elevated to Director for ports and Border Entry-designate at the Ministry.

— Withdraws Oliver Dillon’s appointment

Transport Minister Samuel Wlue has overturned the administrative decision making Oliver P. Dillon as Director for Port and Borders Entry after being threatened by the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Chairman, Mulbah K. Morlu, Jr.

Chairman Morlu on Friday, March 19, 2021, at a press conference demanded that Minister Wlue should rescind the appointment of Oliver Dillon, brother of Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon as Director for Ports and Border Entry at the Ministry of Transport following his reinstatement.

In a letter dated March 22, 2021, Mr. Wlue said: “Pursuant to your letter of reassignment as Director for Port and Border Entry, Ministry of Transport, Dated March 11, 2021, I herein withdraw your appointment to the position with immediate effect.”

Mr. Wlue added: “the dismissal communication supersedes other previous communications.”

Mulbah Morlu, whose threatening statement is facilitating the action against Oliver Dillon, said earlier that opposition members should not be given positions in the CDC-led government while qualified partisans are left to wander in street corners in search for jobs.

In response, Oliver Dillon acknowledged receipt of the Minister’s communication withdrawing his appointment.

“Before this letter was issued, I did a communication on Friday asking the Minister to withdraw my appointment and find somewhere else where I can perform well. Upon arrival at work on, Monday March 22, 2021, I received a letter withdrawing my appointment made on March 11, 2021,” Mr. Dillon said.

Mr. Dillon said he believes that the Minister’s communication is predicated upon his letter sent requesting the rescinding of his appointment as Director of Port and Border Entry, but could not confirm if the Minister’s decision was based on pressure from the CDC chairman.

“Because of the too many threats I continued to receive, I will have to accept the withdrawal of my appointment,” said Dillon.

Mr. Dillon said prior to his encounter with a criminal leading to his trial for alleged murder in 2019, he served as coordinator for decentralization at the Ministry of Transport which is currently occupied by another person. He was acquitted of all charges in January 2021.

“When I came back, someone was already in my place and I don’t think it was fine to take someone from his or her job to put me there. The Minister then decided to put me somewhere nobody has been. I am the first person to serve as coordinator for decentralization since the position was created at the Ministry,” Mr. Dillon said.

Mr. Dillon, who was promoted as Coordinator for Decentralization in 2015 said he made the decentralization arm of the ministry to gain the attention and confidence of the public.

“From 1987 to 2016, all vehicle owners had to come to Monrovia to do their registration. For few places, but today, through my ascendency we have opened five offices in five counties, including Grand Bassa, Nimba, Bong, Grand Gedeh and Margibi,” Mr. Dillon said.    

“It was under my watch that Liberia had the first decentralization inspection as all government inspections have been in Monrovia, and we know what was raised for government,” Dillon recalled.

“Prior to the unfortunate situation, I discussed with the Minister on the need to have an office at the Freeport to ease the tension on inspections where too many cars come through the port and are not registered. We decided to ensure that the cars are registered before leaving the port, and obviously more people will not be thinking about registering the car again, which made sense to the Minister,” he added.

According to him, it was on the basis of his achievements that led Minister Wlue to appoint him as Director for Port and Border Entry, a position just created with no prior occupant.

After nearly two years of being trapped in a murder allegation, the 13th Judicial Circuit Court in Margibi County on January 14 acquitted Mr. Dillon of all charges, having been on trial for the alleged murder of one Emmanuel Kofi who attempted to rob him (Mr. Dillon) one night in the Barnesville Community in April 2019.

Mr. Dillon was investigated, charged, and forwarded to court by authorities of the Liberia National Police for onward prosecution and subsequently indicted in November 2019 by the Grand Jury of Montserrado County for the crime of murder.

The matter should have been heard in Montserrado as per the law of territorial jurisdiction since that was where the incident occurred, but it was transferred to Margibi following a motion for a change of venue filed by Government lawyers on grounds that the deceased could not have had fair justice if the case were held in Monrovia.


  1. Mulbah Morlu must be smelling his underpants to believe as CDC chairman, he therefore has the authority carteblanche to dictate who serves in the current administration? Partisans enlisted or recruited from the CDC, yes, he and the CDC hierarchy can dictate that, but obviously not others from without the CDC. After all, “a party-led” government is not the same as “a party-owned” government.

    In other words, a “party-led” government is just as the name implies, a government/administration led by a given party at a particular point in time. That leadership could be the result of an outright victorious presidential election, or having majority in a power-sharing government. It does not imply by the figment of anyone’s imagination, that the government should take its marching orders directly from some political outfit having no constitutional accountability to the people, no matter the delusion.

    Were that the case then the so-called ruling party would be part of cabinet meetings, to foster its agenda. Long story short, reason why members of the cabinet are beholden to the president, as far as serving at his/her pleasure, not at the pleasure of the ruling party or its chairman.

    As a matter of fact, this Dillon man could challenge this removal as illegal and unconstitutional, as there is a constitutional provisional that safeguards against the denial of any citizen to a job in Liberia based in his political affiliation, religion, gender, etc. Meaning no citizen ought to be denied or removed from any employment on account of their political affiliation as in this case. Dillon could therefore teach Mr. Morlue and cabal a lesson or two in political decorum.

  2. Oliver Dillon cannot “challenge“ any such removal after been the very one requesting the Minister to withdraw his Oliver Dillon’s appointment.


    (1) the decision of the minister to set such an anti categorical imperative, reckless, illegitimate, and mal administrative practice and malfeasant precedence in government whereby whenever a culprit (whether acquitted or convicted) returns to work, he or she should be

    (2) awarded with the rights and powers to recommend to government, or the given ministry, his promotion and elevation via the creation of a higher ranking position for him as is in this case THE Director for ports and Border Entry-designate at the Ministry should never ever be tolerated. What a height of recklessness and wastefulness!

    If I were in government or at least an influential member of the Board of that ministry or of the ministry of justice, the individual tenures of Musa Dean, and Sam Wlue, would have been “history“ by now, for their deliberate individual maladministrative, reckless, and dishonest performances.

  3. What is the difference between you and the people who were there then?

    You will not employ a qualified Liberia because he does not see eye to eye with you on many subjects.
    You will sack anyone who is not part of the CDC.
    And you can even sack the parents of those who are your opponents.

    Where are the FIXES, Weah and Morlu? What difference have you made on the political landscape of Liberia?

    Well, you guys should have your day!
    Liberians, think twice before voting in 2023. The ANC will employ any qualified Liberians irrespective of same political party, same ethnic group, same religion or same society brother. We will endeavor to putting food on the table of all Liberians.

    Do not forget what the CDC Party is doing to you. Think about Alexander B. Cummings at the dawn of 2023.
    May God blessed the poor children of Liberia!

  4. If The Cap Fits, Wear It!

    Have you consulted with the ANC leadership in recent memory or are you one of its decision makers?

    When you declare that the ANC stands ready to hire any qualified Liberian, irrespective of party affiliation or place of origin, do have the authority to dictate what the troubled ANC intends to do?

    Update From The Grapevine:
    The Liberian ANC (not the South African ANC), is struggling for membership.

    Isn’t this struggle for the ANC to gain membership a sign of weakness?

  5. Before you talk about ANC hiring qualified people from all parties, you must first pray for its survival. ANC is struggling to find its place in the Liberian political space. Can’t you see?

  6. This cap fits me, and so I will wear it!

    In the USA, an incoming administration will always have the task of filling approximately four thousand (4,000) positions. Such positions are usually policy-making jobs for the new government to implement what it presented to the people as political platform.
    In every agency in the USA, there are Republicans and Democrats who are usually technocrats or civil servants. When a new administration takes over, such people, whether Republicans or Democrats, are NEVER sacked or replaced based on their political coloration.

    Grand Frere Hney was educated, groomed and has lived through this beautiful system in the USA, yet supporting the witch hunt against the Dillon family just because he sympathizes with moronic CDC.
    Should the little brother pay for the political orientation of the elder brother? In a civilized world, the response will be an emphatic NO!

    To lead a country through a civilized or democratic system, one needs to come through a political grouping.
    If the ANC can have a vast program of constructing every economic fabric of Liberia, will it only count on its members to achieve such ambitious goal? You know, when Jesus came into this world, there were not many people who believed in him to follow him. HE chose 12 people who held the faith, and those 12 made disciples. Today, there are billions of Christians around the world.

    The ANC is a political Party headed by and adhered to by political neophyte or novice. All major decisionmakers or policy makers within this party are technocrats.
    If we have pledged to create 100,000 jobs in the first 100 days of our presidency, it would NOT be positions for only ANC members but Liberians in their diversities.
    However, it should be underscored here that no policymaking positions, like in the USA, will be given to any Liberians outside the ANC. Policymaking positions will be left with ONLY partisans of the ANC. And so, we will endeavor to obtaining a resounding victory for the ANC Party come 2023. We also pray for Liberians to adhere to our ambitions and dreams to accord us the required suffrage to avoid unsanctified political clientelism. The CPP is great, but there are snakes and scorpions therein, who cannot logically cohabitate with the lambs within the ANC.

    If the Liberian ANC is struggling to gain members, this should be a source of joy for our opponents within the CDC. Do not worry about the number of people adhering to the ANC. You will hardly see people with the loudest voices adhering to the ANC. Our members are cool-headed people who would respect their discretional power to undo the mundanity beclouding our country.
    ANC members will NEVER take to the airwaves to insult, threaten unconstitutional power change or fight in the streets with people with opposing views. ANC members go placidly amid the noise and the haste and remember what peace there may be in silence.

    Under the ANC, there will be jobs for all Liberians without consideration of political affiliation or tribal origin or religious background.
    To all Liberians, the ANC sincerely loves you and would love to serve you honestly in improving our livelihood and the betterment of all mankind living on the soil called Liberia.

    Long live the ANC, and may God bless Liberia!

  7. Petit Frere,
    The cap didn’t fit you properly. Why? Because on a constant basis, the ANC promises to do everything for the people of Liberia, but yet there aren’t any clear objectives.

    The ANC plans to employ any Liberian who expresses a desire to work.
    Is the ANC a socialist organization?
    In a democratic situation, the government does not hire every job seeker. Also in a democratic institution, the private sector creates a majority of the jobs.

    It makes sense for the government and the private sector to work cooperatively. That’s how it is in America. Unfortunately in Liberia, the private sector is non-existent in the real sense of the word. That being the case, the ANC will be unable to hire every job seeker.

    The objectives of the ANC are unclear at best and misleading at worst. The ANC has good intentions, but the ANC cannot fulfill the needs of the Liberian people.

  8. Grand Frere,

    There is no political grouping in Liberia with a clearer vision and dream than the ANC of Alexander B. Cummings.
    The ANC will not do everything for Liberians, but it will start sustainable development in every sector.
    The ANC is NEVER going to embark on an 80 kilometers / hour highway. Such roads are constructed in communities in the cities.
    The ANC knows the country’s major problem is illiteracy, and so it has a robust plan in education at every level.

    Grand Frere, accomplished managers are pragmatic people. Any leadership of the ANC can sit down with you and in 2 hours, you will have a blueprint of your life’s project.
    The ANC does NOT have partisans who are indulged in rhetoric. They are people of pragmatism and simple logic.

    The worst thing Weah had ever done to Liberia is to remove a professional and appoint a preacher man at the highest institution of learning. If for any reason he was not at ease with the former president of UL, he should have brought in someone that could help shape the molding of Liberians’ minds.

    The ANC is far from being a socialist group. We are not going to employ everyone but qualified people and train unqualified people.
    I will continue to reiterate this to our readership: Liberia, with a population f less than 5 million people, does NOT need to operate 68 concession contracts. We are depleting the country’s resources for future generation.

    There were two big concessions namely, LIMCO and Bong Mines, practically smoothly being run (by Liberians) before the war. All we needed to do after the war was to make ultimate sacrifices to revive those concessions, endeavor to obtain the transportation of ores from Guinea through our ports, restore government farms in the south eastern region and Bassa, make fishing a major economic activity, begin to mine our oil for energy sufficiency, and then the rest could have been added unto Liberia in the shortest time possible.

    Liberians, things can be difficult in a country if the wrong people are managing the resources of such country.
    Things are easy to do and see if you have the right visionary to lead a group of people, like some poor European countries without even 5% of the riches of Liberia but doing well because of good management of the little they have.

    Liberians, nothing positive but violence, intimidations, killings, imprisonments and witch hunting will you know with a grade 9 dropout president like Weah. His brain was NEVER exposed to deep intellectual thinking. Nothing positive he can do for Liberia. He will fiddle (guess development) about everything in the country.



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