Tragic Death in Clara Town

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A tragic accident involving a truck and a minibus occurred over the weekend in Clara Town, on Bushrod Island, resulting in the sudden death of at least one person and several others wounded and unconscious.
Eyewitness told the Daily Observer that the accident took place around 2 p.m. The truck was making a U-turn in the middle of the road, but with speed, thereby crashing into the bus.
“After crashing into the bus, the bus somersaulted three times and we had to rush there to help save those who were fighting for survival,” an eye witness narrated.”
Several others sustained injuries, while other passengers were unconscious. The wounded and those who were unconscious were later taken to the nearby health facilities where some of them were treated and discharged.
“This was a terrible scene as the driver of the bus is also taken to the hospital, and I think some people may not survive, because of the number of unconscious people we saw before they were boarded onto a waiting ambulance,” another eyewitness sadly explained.
An ambulance that arrived on the accident scene, also took away the wounded persons as well as those who became unconscious.
The bus marked with plate number TB-1856, according to Liberia National Police (LNP) accident investigators on the scene, had on board over 15 passengers who were en-route from Gardnersville to Central Monrovia when the accident occurred.
The officer said the truck was taken to the Free Port Police Station along with the driver, but did not provide details of the truck driver’s condition.
Upon the arrival of the Daily Observer, the Global Communities burial team was seen dressing the deceased carboy, who instantly died. Members of the team refused to speak with newsmen.


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