Tragic Accident Leaves Three Dead


A tragic motor accident that occurred during the early morning hours of Friday, July 1, on Somalia Drive in Paynesville caused the deaths of three persons, including the driver.

The victims included two males and a female. The accident occurred when a Silver Toyota Camry with license plate number A35139 carrying the three occupants, crashed into a concrete barricade on the side of the road, the police said.

The vehicle was coming from the direction of Red Light heading towards Bardnersville, and might have crashed due to excessive speed, witnesses said.

They further explained that after the accident occurred, the vehicle had to be forcibly opened in an attempt to save the occupants, but they did not survive.

Police Spokesman Sam Collins confirmed the deaths of the three persons in a telephone interview and said they died on the scene. He, however, could not name the victims.

Our reporter on visiting the scene of the accident, saw a lot of blood of the victims. However, eyewitnesses could not explain what might have been the cause of the tragedy.

They told the Daily Observer that the accident happened at about 3:30 a.m. opposite the James Davies Block Factory in Jacob Town.

The accident occurred, many said, at a time when the road was almost completely free of other vehicles and pedestrians. They added that the vehicle hit a concrete barricade constructed by the Japanese firm that is currently carrying out construction work on Somalia Drive.

The totally smashed vehicle was towed from the accident scene to the headquarters of the Zone 9 Police Depot in Jacob Town, Paynesville.


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