Tragic Accident in Buchanan

The mangled body of the bus with plate number TB-0835.jpg

A collision between two vehicles last Friday night in Kampala area of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, caused the death of at least one person and several others sustaining serious injuries.

An eye-witness told the Daily Observer that the accident took place around 5p.m. the previous evening in an area identified as Kampala, near Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

“I saw the bus with plate number TB-0385 coming towards our way,” the witness said, “then suddenly something like a crankshaft developed fault on the moving bus.”

He said the speeding vehicle lifted up in the air and crashed into the advancing taxi.

“It was a terrible scene as the driver of the taxi, a local boy fell down from his car and I think he died because he did not shake when he fell,” he said.

There was no official confirmation of the cab driver’s death.

He added that the cab driver, who could not be identified by name, married a week ago in Buchanan, in grand style.

He also explained that though he could not confirm if there was any death, he saw several people from the bus sprawled on the other side of the road, with many crying for help.

He could also not confirm if there had been such accidents in recent times in the vicinity.

Young men working at a car wash station nearby confirmed that there was a big accident the previous evening, but could not give further detail.

“I heard the story,” one admitted to the Daily Observer, “but I cannot say anything about it.” Local police officers contacted in Buchanan could be of no help since they said they were not the official spokesmen on such issues.

The Daily Observer also learned that not many such tragic accidents had happened in the Kampala Area, though there is a curve that seems to make visibility of on-coming vehicles difficult.


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