Tragedy in Duazon: Woman Found Dead, Three Children Found ‘Unconscious’ in Store

The Police and others used this wielding machine .jpg

Duazon, a small settlement along the Roberts International Airport highways, was a scene of sorrow and intrigue on the morning of Thursday, March 27, when residents of the community found the corpse of a Nigeria woman, only identified as Tete, and the unconscious bodies of her three children inside her room.

According to Jackie Moore, a neighbor of Tete's, who spoke to our reporter, Tete had always been an early riser; but to neighbors' surprise, up to 11 a.m. Thursday, neither she nor her children had emerged from the house. According to Ms. Moore, this caused concern and community members began gather.

Moore said concern heightened when a taxi driver, who was not identified by name, started to raise alarm, informing neighbors that something unusual might be going on within the store that the late Tete operated.

The neighbor further disclosed that the taxi driver usually gave his car battery to the late Tete for safe keeping whenever he came home after his day’s work.

“But this morning, when the taxi driver came for his battery, he could not get it from her,” Jackie explained.

Jackie said the driver immediately called the sister of the deceased, who began calling out to her sister (Tete), but there was no answer.

Jackie further explained that the late woman’s sister and other community residents reported the incident to the Liberia National Police (LNP)'s depot five in the community.

When the police officers arrived, a wielding machine was used to cut through the iron gate before entry could made into the building.

Community members who spoke to the Observer said when the door was opened, Tete’s remains were covered in blood, as was the body of one of the children. They also stated that the store did not appear to have been burglarized, and there were no signs of forced entry iinto the deceased's room or the building.

The house is reportedly owned by one Helena Salee. Madam Salee told our reporter that she was aware of the incident and wanted to know what had actually led to Tete’s death.

For his part, LNP Commander Phillip S. Nimene, told our reporter that he was not authorized to speak to the media. However, he disclosed that the deceased's remains had been taken to the ELWA hospital in order to determine cause of death.

Circumstances surrounding the death of the late Tete are yet to be established. Her three children are said to be in critical condition.


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