Traditional Council Ready to Intervene in Election Impasse

Chiefs of the Fifteen counties and the traditional queen at the press conference

The National Traditional Council of Chiefs and Elders, in collaboration with the National Christian and Muslim Council, has finally decided to intervene in the ongoing electoral impasse to ensure a peaceful and smooth transition of power in the country in January 2018.

The Council brought together chiefs from the fifteen counties and sixteen tribes to Monrovia, ready to meet with political stakeholders.

Speaking yesterday in a news conference at the headquarters of the chiefs and elders on the Camp Johnson Road, Chief Zanzan Karwor said there is an urgent need for the council to intervene in the election crisis to maintain the peace in the country. He said the council does not want to miss the chance for a smooth transfer of power and noted that Liberians must listen to the chiefs because they are their fathers of the land.

He said Liberia is now shaking and needs the timely effort of the council to stop the conflict for the betterment of the society. “Liberia is not set because the time we were to vote for the runoff we never voted and this has drawn our concern to come to save Liberia from the crisis in our motherland.”

Chief Karwor thanked Liberty Party for being peaceful and taking the legal route rather than getting in the streets to cause violence that could lead to war. He said the elders and their collaborators will call on the Supreme Court, the NEC, LP, UP, ALP, ANC and the president to find a common ground to the problem.

He said they are no part of any political party only interested in the maintenance of the peace in Liberia.

Presenting kola nuts, symbolizing peace, to the chiefs from the 15 counties, the vice coordinator of the National Chief and Elders Mrs. Satta Fofana Saah said the traditional council is the foundation of the nation, with the strength to settle the conflict to maintain peace to the Liberia.

She said the kola nut is the symbol of peace and the success and blessings of the country are in the kola nut.

Mrs. Saah said kola nuts stand for peace and justice and the traditional people always use them to settle disputes in the country.

Also speaking, the head of the National Governors Council of the sixteen tribes of Liberia, Mrs. Musu Thompson, said Liberians need to return to their culture if they must keep the country peaceful.

“We don’t have papers (passports) to leave Liberia if there is a problem and because of this we are calling on our children to speak with them to do away with violence for a smooth transition of power from one president to the other,” she implored, adding that Liberians should not forget their culture because of power. “All we want in Liberia is peace, not war.” She said politicians must do away with words that will cause chaos in the country.

She however thanked Liberia’s Culture Ambassador Juli Endee, who she described as the “traditional queen,” for her effort to support peace efforts in the country. She said the young people must follow the example of the traditional queen to support peace in Liberia.


  1. Liberia’s Traditional laws, especially election laws, are on par with statutory laws. No matter what tribal court you apply, all will be the same. Our founders made it right. Tell the Liberian Nation.
    Gone to 57% silent majority. Do not reply this box.

  2. Mrs. Must Thompson said, “We don’t have passports to leave Liberia if there is a problem. .. all we need is peace, not war”, and only a self – absorbed crazed person would fail to sense the significance of her simple statement.

  3. The country need smooth transition, it is true but in this case let the law take it course and we Liberian are prepare for justice to prevailed. The traditional councils have the right to intervene but not to compromise anything concerning election.
    We will not continue to live like this, for the sake of peace all the time. We need to live by the rule of law.

  4. Let the Traditional Council go to sleep. This is not someone love to their friend wife affairs. This is about the very future survival of this country manipulated by President Sirleaf by appointing an incompetent Kokoya and manipulating him to the letter. Have can you’ve elections without a valid voter roll. It is like having graduation and don’t qualified the candidates for graduation, but qualified anyone that show-up dressed with a graduation gown to marched, be certificated, and pronounced graduated.

  5. The traditional Council is not the material body to intervene into the elections affairs.
    Why? Because its choosing leadership is quite different from the modern way of
    choosing leadership. The leaders, in the traditional setting, is on “the older ones
    first must be given the role of leadership; while the younger ones wait for their time.”

    Then too, the working mechanism of choosing leaders in modern times are quite
    different from the traditional way. For example, there are no fraud and irregularities
    in the process of choosing leaders; whereas, in the modern times and way of choosing
    leaders there are as they are today plenty of irregularities and frauds in which we have
    found ourselves as a nation. Another reason is that the Traditional leaders are not
    augurant with the deceptions full in the modern process of choosing leaders elections,
    as they are in the last October 10, 2017.

    Will the Traditional leaders say no to the past elections October 10, 2017 but, yes give
    or let all the legally registered voters vote and not the young people for George Weah
    whom Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf chose to be her choice simply because CDC George Weah
    has agreed to grant her an immunity which is completely nonsense! So, let all those
    legally registered voters vote and not just one sector of population.

  6. “Traditional Council”
    They have their constituents back home.
    I think it is worth listening to what they are saying
    so long it in the interest of peace.
    It is sad to know how ellen and followers are
    destroying Liberia. Ellen and followers do not have
    Liberian people at hearts.
    Liberia is blessed with fertile land and abundant natural
    resources and to not be able to convert them to wealth
    to build the country it is shameful.
    ellen has no vision in developing a nation, but to bankrupt the country

    It is best to vote UP in office. Opong make a serious mistake to align with ellen and followers

  7. Our shameless politicians are the problems for liberia.we have 2 parties left in the race to contest to the peaceful transition of power to whoever wins the election.liberians would have made a decision between the two parties but we don’t know where looser like LP came from to delay this process.the looser will always complicate things.

  8. The last simple solution is to keep the Liberian instruments (guns, tankers, etc.. of all three branches of government) on this incumbent now going out from the Presidential seat and her pallet NEC including all Presidential Aspirants plus their running mates Vice Presidents from October 10, 2017 to January 10, 2018: *William Wiah Tuider, Alexander Cummings, Charles Walker Brumskine, Bononi Wilfred Urey, Joseph Mills Jones, Aloysius William Kpadeh, Kennedy Gbleyah Sandy, Simeon C. M. Freeman, Prince Y. Johnson, Isaac Gbombadee Wiles, Macdonald A. Wento, George Manneh Weah, Oscar Cooper, Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Macdella M. Cooper, Henry Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr., Jeremiah Z. Whapoe, George Sluwer Dweh, Sr., Wendell J. E. McIntosh, Yarkpajuwur N. Mator,*, until they can meet the demands of the Liberian constitutional election laws. The Silent majority awaits the decision of the Republic of Liberia’s final jurisprudence decision to admonish the Liberian people to exercise their freedom of choice, to vote and abstain in peace. They keep promising the Liberian people and they will not get away until we have a smooth transition. Wait for God’s time. Let the Liberian People know. Do not answer this box.
    Gone to 57% silent majority.

  9. Reject the traditional councils of cronies. We are no longer in the stone age to bury issues under the rug. The modern world uses the legsl process to address grievances!

  10. Reject the traditional councils of theives. We are no longer in the stone age to bury issues under the rug. The modern world uses the legal process to address grievances! We commend those going through the legal process unlike Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who decided to bring war when she was defeated in 1985 and 1997: did she considered these cronies before her wars

  11. Reject the traditional councils of theives. We are no longer in the stone age to bury issues under the rug. The modern world uses the legal process to address grievances! We commend those going through the legal process unlike Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who decided to bring war when she was defeated in 1985 and 1997. Where was these cronies before her wars waged against. the poor masses?

  12. Political aspirants should learn to take a defeat if it is eminent. The entire world was praising Liberia until the political leaders created a self-inflicted wounds in the Liberian Democratic process. Want to be like Kenya? Good luck! That country’s democracy is mature. Liberia and its infant democracy are now a joke to the outside world. Please, put Liberia first before your personal interest. Want to be president? wait for your turn. If you love Liberia, let the run-off process continue.


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