Traders Elated as Paved Road Reaches Guinea Border

final-Gbarnga-Ganta Rd..jpg

The pavement of the road from Gbarnga to Ganta has finally reached the bridge linking Liberia with Guinea at the Ganta Main Port of entry, bringing joy to many business people as well as ordinary citizens, and the security.

The pavement work is said to have given the face of the Port of Ganta a new look and transformed the once dusty scenery around the offices of the custom workers.

“We are very happy that the pavement has fully reached the border point and we hope that the government asks the Chinese (to fix) the area on the shoulder, just after the entry point, so as to reduce the dust and mud during the dry and raining seasons,” said an officer only identified as Nathan.

“I was very happy when I entered Liberia this morning to see that the road pavement had successfully hit the border, and we can now travel on it to Monrovia,” said Musa Jabateh, a trader.

“If the Guinean government could do the same on their side, it will ease the difficulty people experience from here to Nzerekore in Guinea.”

At the same time, CHICO, the Chinese road construction firm paving the road, has begun laying the sidewalk on the main street of Ganta, beginning from the United Bank for Africa – near the city center – and moving toward Guinea Road junction.

It is not clear how far the sidewalk will go, because the starting point is almost at the center of Ganta.

“We thought the sidewalk would begin from the entrance of the city – Lonestar, opposite UNMIL compound – to the center of Ganta; but, the way it started, I don’t think it will be too long,” said an onlooker.

Besides the paved road reaching the Ganta Main Border, there appears to be no preparation for parking lots near the customs area. Many citizens expect an ample parking space for the many business vehicles that need to park in order to declare their goods as they enter the Liberian side of the border.

“The first diagram of the road shown to us during the Public Works Minister’s visit in February, shows there will be a modern parking lot at this border, but we are not seeing any signs yet. Maybe it is still in the pipeline,” said Samuel Bumie, an officer at the border.

“We are very happy about this road and hope that every design should be touched accordingly,” he said happily.

The pavement of the Gbarna-Ganta-Guinea Road began early 2014 by CHICO, starting from Bong County to Ganta.

It is considered to be one of the fastest road constructions so far in Liberia during this post war period, according to those who ply the road daily.


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