Traders Complain of Post Ebola Difficulties

Business centers are poorly_1 .jpg

Almost a month, May 11, since Liberia was declared Ebola free by the World Health Organization (WH
O), economic activities or the movement of goods and services are yet to recover fully at the Liberian – Sierra Leone border.

In an interview recently, traders, including restaurant owners, petty traders and even motorcyclists, complained that since the end of Ebola, businesses have been slow to pick up.
They complained that their businesses are not going as they used to prior to the outbreak of Ebola in the country.

Memona Turay, a restaurant owner at Bo – Waterside, said “Business is not looking fine like before Ebola. People are not travelling.”

“Before Ebola, we were making about L$10,000 to L$12,000 daily, but since the Ebola came and even in this post-Ebola period, we hardly get L$ 4000 daily,” she said.

Motorcyclist Mohammed Bangura complained, “Even though Liberia is free of Ebola, business is not running like before and all the money we have before the Ebola were all eaten and we are yet to recover.”

Another motorcyclist who said he lost three of his family members, including his mother, brother and sister, explained that the post-Ebola business is slow and he is not making enough money as he did before the Ebola outbreak.


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