“Touch One, Touch All”

Grand Bassa County Senator and Liberty Party political leader, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence

-Sen. Karnga-Lawrence responds to Sen. Tengbeh’s complaint, calling for the investigation of Sen. Dillon

Grand Bassa County Senator, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence on her social media page early Friday, May 29, 2020, assured her colleague Abe Darius Dillion that he is covered.

Sen. Karnga-Lawrence post comes a day after Lofa County Senator George Tengbeh communicated to the plenary of the senate calling for the investigation of Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon for what he referred to as “invectives spewed against that august body.”

In a brief Facebook post in solidarity with her fellow Liberty Partisan, Senator Dillion, Senator Karnga-Lawrence said, “Touch one, touch all. Abe Darius Dillion, you are covered.”

Dillion, also in a Facebook post early today, said his office has been “appropriately advised by our team of legal counsels to remain silent until we are served a copy of Sen. George Tengbeh’s ‘complaint’ against us, after which we will formally respond and speak out publicly regarding this matter.”

He said he will continue to do his job in serving the Liberian people’s interests and aspirations. “We thank you for the enormous show of love, support, and prayers; we embrace the criticism as well. We urge calm as we remain strong together. As always, God is in control,” Dillion told his supporters.

Senator Tengbeh’s communication, which was read before the Senate plenary during its Thursday’s session, indicated that Dillion is known for calling the Senate “spineless”, “rotten” and “useless,” that bring them public disrepute.

“Senator Dillon is in the constant habit of throwing invectives at his fellow Senators and shows no respect to officers of the Senate who try to call him to order,” Senator Tengbeh said in his communication.

The Lofa Country senator requested Senate Pro-Tempore Albert Chie and the leadership of the Senate to investigate Dillon and give him due process in line with the Senate’s standing rules and apply the appropriate actions, if found guilty of the allegation against him.

Sen. Tengbeh said if Dillion does not desist from spewing invectives against the Senate, it will leave them (other senators) with no other alternative but expulsion as the Senate rule says.

Dillion, who campaigned on the platform of “lighting up the Legislature”, has always said that the Legislature has been in darkness from time immemorial as lawmakers only look after themselves and not considering the interest of the country.

Threats to remove Dillon from the Senate began from the moment of his induction into the 54th legislature on August 15, 2019, at which occasion the President Pro-Tempore of the Senate told Dillon that though the he won the seat by a popular vote, he could be removed by his colleagues, regardless.


    • Article I, Section 5, of the United States Constitution provides that “Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.” Since 1789, the Senate has expelled only fifteen of its entire membership.

      Article 38 Clause 1 of the Liberian Constitution provides that “Each House shall adopt its own rules of procedure, enforce order and with the concurrence of two-thirds of the entire membership, may expel a member for cause.”

  1. Nyonblee Karngar Lawrence, stop making a big fool out of yourself and this rude and corrupt boy. What can anyone do now, WITH THE NUMBER HAVING BEEN ACHIEVED ALREADY? NOTHING! AND YOU KNOW IT. And if you do not take your time, you are next on line!

    Politics is no childś play! Dillon own don go! This is a warning and a lesson for anyone who dare delude him or herself that they can manipulate the public because of the economic hardship inherited by this very good government.


    The story below was written by Gboko Stewart on this very site a little over a couple of fort nights.

    Is Darius Dillon Truthful? No! He is a wolf in sheep clothing! Does he have the people at heart? No! His deceptive, insensitive, and bad conduct since he was elected is a proof beyond all reasonable doubts. READ ON!

    “During the period of NOCAL’s boom, Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, who was then chief of office staff in the Office of the Special Advisor (OSA) and Chairman of the board, Robert A. Sirleaf, was sent to study at Strayer University, USA.

    During this period, FrontPage Africa reported that students at the Marvi Sonii Public School in Clara Town were learning on the floor due to lack of chairs.

    Thousands of wasted taxpayer dollars on room, board and tuition later, he would drop off and return without a remorse or the slightest consideration about the children in Clara Town who could have benefitted from the money wasted at Strayer.

    It should not be forgotten that it was reportedly on the advice of Senator Dillon to the then board chair of NOCAL, Robert A. Sirleaf, that over US$900,000 was dished out to members of the Legislature to go on a road show in their various constituencies, explaining about Liberia’s black curse.

    And when NOCAL went aground, President Sirleaf was full of praises for the chairman of the board and his team, which included Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, and switched the blame to herself for whatever wrong that may have gone there, rather than ordering an investigation and subsequently prosecution.

    Today, we are left to wonder what really went wrong at NOCAL. Till date, there has been no audit over why NOCAL, once boasting of over US$50 million on its balance sheet, was left with less than US$500,000. The mystery of that is still shrouded in papal secrecy.

    Strangely but not surprisingly, Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, who believes in transparency, accountability and is severely jittery anti-corrupt, has not added his voice to the many who are yearning for an insight into the NOCAL’s mystery, since his ascendancy to the Senate.

    Senator Dillon’s voice, weighty as it is now, would come with a lot of bearing on the GAC as the Legislature has oversight on the General Auditing Commission. Sadly, it appears it wouldn’t be because the Liberian saying “hauled rope hauls bush” comes to mind.

    Would NOCAL audit reveal how much the oil company reportedly spent on Senator Dillon’s tuition, and would he be recommended for prosecution for causing financial loss to the state as he refused to complete his courses and graduate?

    But Senator Dillon and others, under the banner of the Council of Patriots, would go on to stage numerous protests calling for transparency, accountability and open governance. But when hard pressed to be an exhibitionist of those qualities as well, he refuses and carries on showboating.

    Venerable Nobel Peace Laureate, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, remains right in his quote: “Sometimes we become what we hate in others.”

    Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, a known critic of all the wrong things of governance, is slowly but steadily becoming what he criticized. First, it was the expensive SUV which he promised not to ride. Later it was the donation of his salary to his office staff, instead of the county as initially promised. Now, it is US$6,500 to pass the state of emergency and the economic stimulus package.

    The future, it is said, hold many things. But in the fullness of time…”

  3. What is really wrong with Nyonblee? “Touch one touch all” does not have any place in such matter. If that boyś colleagues have gotten the required votes, that seat on which that boy sits is actually vacant, ipso facto the rules of the game in LEGISLATIVE law, power and politics!

  4. Kou Gontee, I don’t know the logic you are expousing here. Ipso facto? The rules of the game in legislative law? Which legislative law are you talking about? These venal political rascals are calculating a ruse in a spur of calisthenic myopism to eject a popular senator because of his political stance on the culture of corruption in the senate. This illiterate president is a disgrace to Liberia, and Liberians are beginning to realize it except the mentally sick ones who need rehabilitation.

    Nyonblee’s statement bellwethers the fate of those callous senators who are really not senators but hustlers who misled their voters to get elected. The likes of Sherman, who is so corrupt and venal as a lawyer, to be plotting to unseat Dillon is an invitation to another national chaos on the horizon.

  5. When you are suffering from aphasia, it can be difficult to decipher simple logical statement. I truly understand, Kou! Sorry for such intellectual anemia which is typical of Cedicians. I wish I could help, but again sorry.

  6. “These people” seem not to know THE FORCE AND POWER of A SENATE. But the Darius Dillon himself has felt and seen his fate. Hence, he is begging for prayers, despite the fact he senses that Such prayers, including those of his, are doomed. For only the devil supports a hypocrite. Dillon, be not deceived; God is not mocked!!! Remember, God will never hold anyone faultless who takers His name in vain. You have the satanic mindset to be a beneficiary of the very “things” you trumpet as wrong in the public.

    And then you have no one to call you to order that IT IS POLITICALLY STUPID TO TREAT YOUR COLLEAGUES WITH RAMPANT AND GROSS DISRESPECT, when they know you as a notoriously corrupt high school drop out. So, this is why even your own partisans and others in the Senate have gotten sick, tired, and disgusted at your disgraceful and politically stupid, and legislatively foolish behavior.

  7. “Dillion, who campaigned on the platform of “lighting up the Legislature”, has always said that the Legislature has been in darkness from time immemorial as lawmakers only look after themselves and not considering the interest of the country.”

    In light of the above, It is regrettable to hear that Dillon is the “light” of the house. I had thought that our learned Counselor Varney Sherman would have taken up that assignment of being “the light” in the “Dark” Senate, given the fact that he graduated from a school (Cuttington College & Divinity School, now Cuttington University College) whose motto is ” Sancte et Sapienter” (Light in Darkness). Its a shame that this man, through his corrupt deeds continues to bring disgrace to himself and his Alma mater as he has failed to live up as a torch bearer of the principles for which that high institution of learning stands. Varney continues to join hands with other corrupt individuals in the Senate to hurt us as a people. I tell people he is a useless character. He only thinks about himself and not the country. He is just dishonest!! He is beyond reach and beyond help. Only God can take the Devil out of his soul. He is just corrupt to the core.

  8. “Old Man Momo, Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County”, you talking about Sancte et Sapienter” (Light in Darkness).

    With the exception of that high school drop out corrupt Darius Dillon the notorious opportunist and hypocrite to be expelled shortly, whatś about Lux in Tenebris (Light in Darkness) the motto of the University of Liberia- alma mater of nearly every university graduate in the three branches of government from the past to the present and of course the future?

    You are simply jealous of Senator Sherman. We Capemountainians admire, respect, and love our Varney Sherman! He has brought dignity and pride to our county, unlike you worthless man from our county who believes the attainment of power must emanate from the the gun.

  9. No one can withstand THE COMBINED VIGOR AND VALOR of a given Senate!! Even Julius
    Caesar lost his life under such COMBINED SENATORIAL FORCE!!!

    So, if such an indisputable most powerful conqueror, in the world at the time, lost his life under such COMBINED VIGOR, VALOR AND SENATORIAL FORCE, a little fly as Darius Dillon days as Senator is over forever!!!

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