Total Liberia Unveils Engine-Friendly Fuel

Commerce Minister, Prof. Wilson K. Tarpeh and Total Managing Director, Adegunle unveiled the new product at the Monrovia City Hall

Total Excellium, a premium fuel with special additive packages that clean the engine and protect it from damaging deposits has been launched in the country by Total Liberia.

The new product, which was unveiled on the market can not only clean the engines, make them more efficient and economical but also prevent or reduce carbon deposits build up. Total Excellium fuels are compatible with all types of vehicles including the new and the old.

Total Excellium, according to the Total Technical general manager for Africa said, product has been designed and developed for customers who need fuels that provide “excellent engine protection” at an affordable price for all types of cars, diesel or petrol.

Total Excellium eliminates deposits thus ensuring longer life and cleaner engines. It also allows lesser maintenance, the company says. Total Excellium contains detergents which clean the sensitive engine parts such as injectors and intake valves. The product also improves running the engine by contributing to a reduction in polluting emissions thus reducing air pollution.

French Ambassador to Liberia, Joël Godeau, expressed delight at the French company’s immense contribution in creating solutions to existing problems which would help improve the economy of Liberia. “The new fuel, Excellium, a more advanced product being brought to the public will further strengthen private and public industries as they require reliable and upgraded fuel to meet their technical needs”, he said.

Speaking at the launch of the product, Commerce Minister Wilson K. Tarpeh commended Total for introducing Excellium, emphasizing the need for quality fuels to preserve the lifespan of vehicles.

Minister Tarpeh said the government is happy for Total coming into the country to do business, but also admonished them to follow the rules of engagement… the rules of engagement should be quality product and desist from robbing Liberians of what they deserve.

“One cannot afford to compromise on quality where today’s consuming public is concerned. Our citizens have proven again and again their capacity for strength, and an unquestionable spirit of valor. But we need more if we are to transform this country into the Liberia we yearn to see. Industry, innovation, distinction; these are the catalysts of national transformation,” Minister Tarpeh said.

Earlier, the Managing Director of Total Liberia, Peter Koleade Adegunle, said the launch of the Excellium range of fuels is also a celebration of excellence. But perhaps, even more importantly, it is a testament to Total’s continued faith in Liberia’s radiant future.

Total Liberia Managing Director Peter Adegunle speaks to press after the launch of the product

He said Total has always been a company synonymous with excellence. Berthed in 1924 in France, Total began its operations as an oil producer in the Middle East.

The Total Liberia managing director further said his company has expanded internationally, diversifying its interests into gas, refinery, petrochemicals and petroleum product marketing, and most recently, the exciting new frontiers of solar power, bio-energy, and energy storage.

Mr. Adegunle said over the period, the company dedicated itself to assimilating into and serving its adopter-communities through its core values, which are safety, mutual respect, togetherness, performance-mindedness, and most importantly, a pioneering spirit, Adegunle added.

“We are, above all things, committed to energy that is affordable, reliable and clean,” he said.

For his part, the Marketing Manager of Total Liberia, Mustapha Abubark has urged motorists to try out the new product which comes in three types; Excellium Diesel, Excellium Super and Excellium Super 95.

Meanwhile, the launch was attended by several government officials including theWill Bako Freeman, Managing Director of the Liberia Airport Authority; John B.S. Davies, president of LBDI; Nelson Oniyama, Managing Director of the Monrovia Club Breweries; Olalekan Balogun, UBA Liberia Managing Director, amongst others.


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