Top Liberian Comedian, Whedigar, Admitted into Actors’ Guild of Nigeria

Liberian comedian, Whedigar, who's real name is Bahn Geezay, has been admitted into the Actors' Guild of Nigeria

Bahn Geezay, alias Whedigar, one of Liberia’s finest comedians has been admitted into the prestigious Actors’ Guild of Nigeria as a full-fledged member, giving him an opportunity to share the platform with Nollywood’s biggest faces.

The Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN) is an umbrella union that regulates and represents the affairs of film actors in Nigeria and abroad.

The prestigious group comprises some of the Africa’s biggest celebrities and with Liberia’s own Whedigar getting into it, Liberians can be more proud of a star their own, rising higher from next door.

According to a press release from the comedian’s manager, Alexander Bealded, the actor is appreciative to God and all Liberians and Nigerians for helping to see his dream realized.

The actor also was awarded an official certificate that carried the union’s endorsement of his membership and willingness to work with him.

Whedigar, who’s real name is Bahn Geezay, has been exploring opportunities in Nigeria for over a month now. With great expectations from his fans and team in Liberia, the news was received with great excitement and hope.

Whedigar has since starred alongside big names like Regina Daniels, Mr. Ibu, John Dumelo amongst many others.

Whedigar co-starred with popular Nigerian actor Mr. IBU in the movie “Black Kettle”

His latest movie with Mr. Ibu, ‘Black Kettle’, reportedly sold one hundred thousand copies in two weeks, WatchDog online international reported.

“Today we hit a milestone of the career of this Liberian talent. We are grateful that we have been behind the scenes making this efforts realized. We look forward to Liberians’ support as always, Bealded told the media.

Bahn Geezay started his career through comedy in church and has risen through the ranks of his career to where he is.

Last time a Liberian actor made headway in Nollywood was Frank Artus but yet to be established if he was officially admitted into the Actors Guild but Whedigar is gradually penetrating a market many dare make the strides.



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