Top Liberian Celebrities Join COVID-19 Fight

first from left, Paul Flomo, Winners Incorporated Brand Ambassador, Angel Michael, Liberia Multi-Comedy-Awards winner, Joseph Dean (Known as Cousin Mai) and Mrs. Karishma Pelham-Raad, Liberia’s Best Female Radio Personality and Aqualife Brand Ambassador.

— Launch street awareness campaign 

As the fight against the coronavirus takes an increasing trend in the country, four top Liberian celebrities have launched street awareness campaign to educate the public about how to prevent the spread of the disease.

The campaign, which started on Thursday, March 26, 2020, in the Duport Road area, brought together several comedians and an On-Air Personalities, including Angel Michael, Liberia Multi-Comedy-Awards winner; Joseph Dean (Known as Cousin Mai); Paul Flomo, Winners Incorporated Brand Ambassador; Mrs. Karishma Pelham-Raad, a Liberian radio personality and brand ambassador for a Aqualife and the Security Expert Guard Agancy of Liberia (SEGAL).

Mrs. Pelham-Raad, who spoke on behalf of the four celebrities, told the Daily Observer that as celebrities, they would use their God-given talents to inform Liberians about the danger of COVID-19.

She said: “As we start today with the campaign, we will go from community to community, entertainment centers, intellectual centers to tell our people that the virus is real and, as such, they should keep up with the preventive measures.”

“Wash your hands, don’t touch your face… because the Coronavirus pandemic is real and very dangerous. It affects anyone irrespective of your status, and therefore all Liberians should always keep a social distance and abide by health protocols put in place by the Ministry of Health (MoH) for the safety of all,” Pelham-Raad added.

Mrs. Pelham-Raad cautioned Liberians, particularly young people, to remember to always wash their hands. Wash the back, wash the front, and wash the inside… and if you sneeze you should dab.”


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