Top 7 Women Breaking Barriers in Peacebuilding in Africa

Gwendolyn Myers

… Featuring Miss Gwendolyn Myers: The Frontline Women’s Documentary

By Bill Ivans Gbafore

After series of assessments and nominations considering women’s interventions in Peacebuilding, Miss Myers made it to the Top Seven Women Peacebuilders in Africa to be featured in the Frontline Women’s Documentary. This stems from her role in mobilizing youths for peace across Liberia, Africa and other parts of the world through advocacy campaigns, capacity building, training and mentorship programs, community service, volunteerism and professional coaching.

The FrontLine Women Documentary seeks to resolve untold stories of strong African women, who have led or largely contributed to peace-building processes at the grassroots or national level. This film will highlight past and present She-roes, unveil their personal resilience stories/journeys to the screen to celebrate, inform, inspire and educate Africans and the world at large on the role women have played in bringing peace to their country/or community.

Team members from the Carrot Co. are currently covering Miss Myers’ personal story, and contributions through Messengers of Peace–Liberia Incorporated. The Carrot Co. is a collective of award winning African artists with IT experts, legal practitioners, community mobilizers, high level project managers and pan African activists working in the development sector to transform communication using the ART by creatively simplifying messages, dignifying African lives, and amplifying social causes for an impact and sustainable development.

Miss Myers was born during the heat of the Liberia Civil war (1989-2003), and had to struggle for survival for most of her childhood life. As a child, she witnessed Liberia — the oldest African nation crumbling on its knees from hostility, and dreadful crimes perpetrated by children and youth that were forced into child soldiering and military fashions as they plunged their nation into uttermost despair.

Years later, the war and youths became her passion: to overturn the tides, she recognized the energy with which young people moved into violence and has committed herself towards harnessing that same energy for peaceful gains. To that effect, Miss Myers established a nonprofit organization called Messengers of Peace-Liberia Inc. (MOP), a non-governmental organization and youth led peacebuilding organization established in 2008 to promote peace in Liberia.

It provides over one thousand young people with an uncommon opportunity to volunteer for peace.

In 2018, MOP-Liberia became the inaugural recipient of President George Weah National Peace Prize Award in commemoration of the 15 years of unbroken peace in Liberia since the Accra Peace Accord signed on August 18, 2003 to bring an end to the Liberian civil war.

Abroad, Miss Myers is a global icon and a youth champion, who has gained several recognitions from premiere journals, like the Time Magazine. She also serves in many capacities on global forums, such as Member of the Board of Trustees for Coalition for Peace, UK, as well as a Global Expert at the World Economic Forum.

Miss Myers is a mentor to many promising Liberians, and serves as an inspiration to hundreds across the world. She’s a strong voice for gender parity and hopes to see a society where youths can have equal and active roles played in issues of peace and security.

Miss Myers’ latest recognition and her genuine services towards Liberia’s peace process; the UNSCR 2250 Champion is Liberia’s pride.


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