Todee Residents Vow To Campaign For Dr. Jones

Todee residents at the occasion

Support for the presidential bid of the political leader of the opposition Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Dr. J. Mills Jones, is growing by the day with the latest coming from residents of Todee District in rural Montserrado County.

Todee residents recently pledged their support to Dr. Jones after pledging their support to MOVEE representative aspirant for Montserrado District #1, Prince Leo Kponbowoe. The district seat is currently occupied by Representative Josephine M. Francis, who is seeking re-election. Todee is approximately 25 kilometers from Monrovia. Although it is close to the city, it takes an hour and thirty minutes to reach, because of the bad condition of the road.

Residents gathered in their numbers to welcome and endorse the presidential bid of Dr.  Jones, as they outlined the challenges facing them. Joshua Jomah, who spoke on behalf of the youth at the event, pledged support to Dr. Jones, saying the young people in the area have suffered for too long, and were therefore in search of someone like Dr. Jones to rescue them from the Unity Party-led regime. Jomah, however, called on his fellow youth to “shine your eyes” and leave no stone unturned in their support and voting for Dr. Jones at the October polls. “To my fellow young people of Mount Coffee, do not allow yourselves to be fooled by any politician again. As you all know, Dr. Jones is a man of his word; therefore, we should go from house to house, village to village to ensure that he is seated at the Executive Mansion,” Jomah said.

Dr. Jones lifts legislative aspirant Prince Leo Kongbow for Todee District

The residents chanted pro-Jones slogans when they paraded with Dr. Jones and his delegation that entered Todee. Laydia A. Barnes, a female resident, praised Dr. Jones for his support to the Liberian economy. She said the people see Dr. Jones as the only candidate in the race who has lived up to his promises, something that led to their huge turnout for the occasion. She named the provisions of scholarships for students, loans for market women and zinc for markets around the country as some of the concerns Dr. Jones promised and fulfilled. “We believe in you and so we will give you the highest vote in this district. If you don’t get the highest number of votes in this district, don’t believe me,” Ms Barnes assured.

Dr. Jones is the first presidential candidate to visit the people of Mount Coffee Town, where he expressed joy for the high level of turnout by residents. He promised not to let the people down if elected as president of Liberia.

“I feel your pains. I sat here and listened to all that you have said about your community, so I will have to address them one after the other if elected,” Jones told the gathering as they responded with rounds of applause.

“This is the time for you to make a sound decision that will improve your lives. We need change and the change cannot come with continuity,” he declared.


  1. We need to begin a process of putting into power a new breed of politicians with a new vision ,a new direction with an organized approach to Liberia’s development.

  2. What we need is some kind of primary election in Liberia. Something like football qualification march, where all these parties will go in each county, campaign to meet a particular number. In other words, let’s say if none of the parties wins 30% of that county population, the party drops out.
    By doing so, we cut down all these plenty parties.


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