To Improve Liberia’s Education, Malie Technology Introduces New Software

Mr. Pussah says he has the passion to improve country's education system

Mohammed A. Pussah, II, founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Malie Technology Incorporated has promised to introduce a new software that would address Liberia’s education problems.

Mr. Pussah, a Liberian scientist, said the new software, if adopted, will greatly impact the country’s education system, including tracing records of school administrators and students.

“This software is built in a way that traces performances of a teacher or a student. It provides identification that a student or teacher can use to seek for enrollment or job,” he said.

The new software system, dubbed “LIB School”, is currently being used in the United States.

“This is an idea that can help the Ministry of Education to improve or have a better system, so we need technology in changing the system, which Malie Technology Incorporated is capable of providing,” Pussah said.

According to him, school administrators will only request the assigned number given to each student or teacher to trace the records of anyone at a previous institution, in the absence of transcript and other valid documents.

A survey conducted shows that the software will be suitable for Liberian schools through which the students will improve their respective academic levels.

The program also allows students to quietly give feedback on their teachers without the the teachers knowing about it. This is helpful to improve Liberia’s education system.

With the new software, a student who has been performing well, but suddenly dropped in grade point average, the system will analyze reasons whether it is the student’s fault or that of the teacher.

Although Mr. Pussah does not anticipate any challenge that would hamper the smooth working of the software in the various schools, he said there is no cost attached to the software, stating: “My passion about improving the country’s education system is cardinal to the initiative.”

If established, the new software’s good security system will be able to expose a pupil’s records, because many parents are sometimes concerned about exposing their children’s records, especially when they fail.


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