To help spread messages about Ebola, Community Radios Receive 1,448 Fuel Coupons


The Grand Coalition of Liberian Organizations (GRANDCOALIO), a group comprises over 200 organizations in Liberia has presented 1,448 gallons of fuel coupons to community across Liberia to help with propagation of messages against the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.

The organization in addition to the coupons also turned over 25 bags of rice with cans and boxes of juice to meet the needs of health workers in isolation camps due to the Ebola outbreak.

Making the presentation on August 12, 2014 at the headquarters of the Liberian Business Association (LIBA), the head of the organization, Dee Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr. stressed that the fight against Ebola is not to be left with the Government alone, but collaborative efforts of all Liberians.

He said the media being a major partner in the fight must be capacitated to give the message out as it has been doing, and on the basis of this role media institutions play, the Grand Coalition of Liberian Organizations (GRANDCOALIO) saw it expedient to give the fuel coupons to empower functional community radios to help propagate the information.

Mr. Kemayah went further to state that the outbreak of the Ebola virus is the first deadest in history, and that fighting it does not require Government alone but participations of all.

He lauded the media for the work done over time since the outbreak, noting that media is an indispensable partner that must be empowered to reach the message to the people.

In response to the gesture, Press Union of Liberia’s president, Kamara A. Kamara said the gesture was timely as many people call on them every day to asking for help to community radios build their capacity.

Mr. Kamara noted that gesture by the Grand Coalition of Liberian organizations serves as sign that Liberia will be victorious in the fight against Ebola and that every person should follow warning messages provided the public.

He urged reporters to report on the Ebola crisis in a balance way that areas and individuals affected will not be stigmatized.

For National Health Workers leader, Joseph Tamba, he commended GRANDCOALIO for the assistance provided those in isolation camps and promised that they will work to ensure that in the next one month Ebola will be eradicated or suspected cases will be no more.

He recalled that about eight health workers have died from the disease over the time.  He added that about 50 persons have survived from it, urging the public not to be afraid but to go along with the precautionary measures being publicized.


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