To Enhance Efficiency and Effectiveness, MOFA Holds Training for Protocol Officers

Protocol Officers at the Cecil Dennis Auditotium at MOFA

In an effort to ensure efficiency within the protocol sector at the various ministries and agencies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has commenced a two-week capacity building training regime for protocol officers,  aimed at enhancing the performance of personnel and protocol officers assigned at the three branches of the government.

The refresher training workshop, which is also aimed at enhancing the performance of personnel and protocol officers assigned at various ministries, is  conducted under the auspices of the Gabriel L. Dennis Foreign Service Institute.

The workshop officially began Wednesday, March 7, in the Cecil Dennis auditorium where an opening ceremony was held with an objective to sharpen the knowledge and skills of protocol officers and other government staff assigned in the President’s office, office of the Vice President, the Legislature and the Judiciary.

Other participants were drawn from the ministries of Foreign Affairs, State for Presidential Affairs, Internal Affairs and Finance and Development Planning.

They are being drilled through foreign policy and channels of implementation, national conferences, diplomatic negotiations and functions.

George W. Wallace, Advisor to President George Weah on Foreign Affairs, reechoed the importance of having a vibrant team of protocol officers.

“There is a need for effectiveness and efficiency and this is why we are here to have you trained. You have cardinal roles in this administration,” Wallace told the trainees, underlining the importance of protocol in every government.

“We must be calm at all times, because a protocol officer is also a soft-spoken person, and I want you all to be that way,” he told the participants.

Prior to the establishment of the FSI, Liberia was represented in the outside world by foreigners, especially white people, who did not portray a befitting  image of the country.

“This made President William V. S. Tubman to train Liberian diplomats when he got inaugurated in 1944,” Amb. Wallace said.

Tubman initially sent 10 Liberians to the United States Foreign Service Institute (FSI) where they learned diplomacy.

Shortly thereafter, Tubman established the Liberian version of the FSI to cut down the huge expenses of sending people out there to be trained.

Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal Affairs, Deweh Gray, who proxied for Minister Gbehzohnga Findley challenged participants to make good use of knowledge they have acquired.


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