“To Destroy Liberia Does Not Require Arms, but Sub-standard Education”

Mr. Dorbor (right) presents Wheya honorary membership to the LBS Workers' Union.

-Says LICOSESS chief administrator    

Mr. Benjamin Wheya, Chief administrator of Liberia Cooperative Standard Education School System (LICOSESS) Teacher Training College, one does not need to use arms and ammunition to destroy the country as was done during the 14 years of civil conflict (1989-2014), “but by giving citizens free sub-standard education with curriculum unaligned with the national priorities, and wherein some instances, Liberians can navigate their way through without meeting the requirement of merit.”

Wheya made the statement recently when the workers’ union of the state-run Liberia broadcasting system (LBS) conferred on him an honorary member status of the association.

He said due to the sub-standard system, the educational sector is like a policeman who is directing the learning traffic to the west, when the country’s resources and manpower are needed in the east.

He said in an education system where demerits supersede merits, patients die at the hands of doctors, money is lost at the hands of economics and accountants, justice is lost at the hands of judges, shoddy laws are made by the politicians, unjustifiable and unpatriotic actions are supported by citizens, substandard works are done by the public and civil servant, half analysis is given by society, and uninspiring leadership is given by the leader, the end result is bad.

Mr. Wheya said in view of the difficult time of Liberia, the state radio has seen the devoted work of LICOSESS in ensuring that the standard of delivery of quality teacher education is further improved by equipped with the rightful tool needed for effective teaching and learning.

According to him, the LICOSESS vision is to bring the institution to a place where training is not just limited to Liberians and foreigners residing in its borders, but to the center of excellence for teacher training in the region where people can travel to acquire short term training as they explore Liberian hospitality.

LBS Worker’s Union President, Moses Dorbor, said the honoring program is the way the institution recognizes the work of people, who have made great impact on society.

Dorbor said the LBS Worker’s union honors both institutions and individuals for their contributions to transform the lives of other people, not only government officers.

The honorary membership is the highest honor of the LBS workers union, intended to establish “friendship with good people, not those with questionable characters.”

Dorbor said based on LICOSESS chief administrator’s knowledge to impact Liberians, particularly those in the education sector, the honor is long overdue.


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