TJAL Enterprise Launches New Agro-inputs Business

Madam Kalayi cuts the ribbon, thus officially launching TJAL.

TJAL Enterprises on Tuesday, December 11, 2018, launched a new agro-inputs business to promote agricultural activities that would make the country food secured within the next four years.

TJAL Enterprises is an agro-dealers and fumigation services company that was established 30 years ago in Sierra Leone, and later expanded to Guinea, and has now come to Liberia to sells agro-inputs, such as fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, seeds, insecticides, farming tools and safety equipment.

The goal of TJAL Enterprise is to provide farmers, agribusinesses, governments, NGOS and private individuals with a variety of quality products and services that meet their agriculture goals at an affordable cost.

Tejan Jalloh, TJAL’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said that the institution has a great passion for promoting agriculture, and helping farmers to import their products to increase income by making agro-inputs more accessible.

TJAL, according to Jallah, is one of the leading private companies in Guinea and Sierra Leone that is involved in providing quality inputs and services to increase farmers’ yield, thus contributing to the enhancement of food security.

He said with those experiences, TJAL has come to Liberia to work in partnership with the National Agro- Inputs Dealers Association of Liberia (NAIDAL), and farmers to improve the provision of quality agriculture inputs and services.

Mr. Jallah said that the enterprise is opened to wholesalers, retailers and farmers to enable them have equal access to farm products without delay.

NAIDAL President, Madam Rebecca Kalayi, said her organization is thankful for the launch of the enterprise.

Madam Kalayi said that with the interventions of partners, many agro-dealers have gained more understanding on how to sell agro-inputs to farmers.

Madam Kalayi requested TJAL to help label all agro-inputs in English to enable farmers and agro-dealers on how to apply the products.

She said her organization’s concern is not limited to making inputs available to farmers but to educate them on the proper usage of the inputs to improve their  crops yield.

“We enhanced farmers’ understanding on the appropriate time or season to plant their crops,” she said.

Madam Kalayi said with the presence of TJAL, she is hopeful that wrong practices in the agro-inputs business in the country will be reduced.

“I am sure that TJAL enterprise will help reduce the method of re-bagging fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides, because such practice is very harmful for agro-dealers,” she said.

“You cannot be trained as agro-dealers in the safe- handing of agro inputs, and you are re-bagging it. The process of re-bagging is very dangerous for our health,” she added.

Garmonyou A. Sam, a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) commended the new agro-dealer company for the initiative, and said that such will buttress government’s efforts to increase food production.

He said the MoA will partner with TJAL to conduct more trainings for agro-dealers that will help farmers grow what they eat.


  1. The story is great but it left out the address of the company. Would farmers have to call the Ministry of Agriculture to find their address?

  2. Wow, Phil George. You guys comment on every little thing that it has become a spontaneous thing to submit a comment even before taking a little thought. This article is posted on the newspaper website so even if the company’s address was posted, would farmers still know the address knowing that most farmers do not go on the internet for information.


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