Tingban, Yorlay Lock Horns


The Yarwin Mehsonoh University Students Association (YARMUSA) has called on former Nimba County Assistant Superintendent for Development, Teeko Tozay Yorlay and Rep. R. Matenokay Tingban, of District #9 to remain calm in the face of a disagreement that seems to drive a wedge between them.

  In a release issued and signed by its president Andrew Zeabah Freeman, YARMUSA said it is disturbed to hear and read about what seems to be a conflict between the two sons of Nimba County.

 “We are hurt to know that two of our prominent Nimbains seem to be at loggerheads and at each other’s throat,” Freeman said, adding, “ if in fact there is some form of disagreement, we are appealing to them to handle it like men from the same county and country and not as strangers and enemies.”

 Freeman noted that it does not bode well for Nimba County in particular and Liberia in general for Rep. Tingban to leave the great work he is doing for Nimba and engage in ideological fights with another brother from the same county.

  “We’re all different in the way we do things,” Freeman said, “and therefore we should remember that we will always disagree but we must agree in the end.”

 YARMUSA pointed out that Mr. Yorlay made his contribution to the development of Nimba County when he served as former Nimba County Assistant Superintendent for Development and now it is the time for Hon. Tingban, to continue what he is doing for the county to bring development.

 “Hon. Tingban made major contributions to the Ebola fight in District #9 and it helped to protect our people there,” Freeman said. “He also provided food and other items at the approximate cost of more than LD45, 000 and therefore as students we are impressed with his contributions to our district.”

There have been claims and counter claims between the two sons of Nimba, leading to unfortunate remarks against each other in the media and YARMUSA believes it must stop.

 YARMUSA meanwhile called on prominent Nimba citizens to admonish the two men to smoke the peace pipe in the interest of Nimba County and Liberia.


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