Tight Security at Legislature for Justice Ja’neh’s Impeachment Trial

Associate Justice Ja’neh impeachment trial will be held every day, besides Sunday and holidays

Security at the Legislature, the seat of the Senate and the House of Representatives, is expected to be tightened today, Thursday, February 14, with visitors, central administration and staff being subjected to thorough body security searches.

Vehicles of senators and representatives, visitors and spectators are also expected to be fully checked, and heavily armed police officers are expected to be visible at the various entrances around the perimeter.

Today’s reinforcement of security is due to the beginning of the impeachment trial proceedings against Kabineh M. Ja’neh, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. The proceedings will start at 2:00 p.m. at the Joint Chambers of the Legislature.

Therefore, today and any other scheduled day for the impeachment proceedings will be heavily guarded by armed security. Reports say Associate Justice Ja’neh’s impeachment trial will be held every day, excluding Sundays and holidays until it is logically concluded.

Sergeant-at-Arms Toe C. Toe of the Senate and dozens of top brass officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) earlier accessed the grounds of the Capitol Building and the Joint Chambers.

A top police official told the Daily Observer, on condition of anonymity, that the tight security measure at the Capitol Building is necessary. “We received intelligence report that there are planned protests to be held outside and within the Capitol Building,” the source said.

The source continued, “Heavily armed military officers are on standby for support if the situation becomes necessary.”

Last Tuesday, a Notice of Assignment, signed by the secretary of the Senate, J. Nanborlor F. Singbeh, Sr., instructed the Sergeant-at-Arms “to notify the parties and/or their legal counsels to appear before members of the Senate in the impeachment trial at its Chambers in the Capitol Building, Capitol Hill, Monrovia Liberia, on February 14, 2019, at the hour of 2:00 p.m. for the commencement of the trial.”

According to the notice, which was received and signed for by the Legal Counsel for Mr. Ja’neh and members of the House of Representatives, Ja’neh is to face the Senate for impeachment proceedings today, Thursday, February 14.

The impeachment proceedings against Associate Justice Ja’neh were put on the floor at the House of Representatives by two lawmakers of Montserrado County on August 28, 2018, for alleged “misconduct and gross breach of duty” in keeping with the constitutional power assigned to that body to prepare a bill of impeachment and forward it to the Senate for trial.

Accordingly, and in keeping with Article 43 of the Constitution of Liberia, the Senate has extended an invitation to the Chief Justice to preside over the proceedings.

Though sources said the impeachment trial of Justice Ja’neh appears to be well on course, the Senate might not be able to muster votes required to impeach him. Other sources said the Senate is poised to have at least 20 senators, which is equivalent to a two-thirds majority.

Senators Oscar Cooper, Conmany Wesseh and Daniel Naatehn have expressed their opposition to the impeachment trial, and there are indications that Sen. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence will also go against the impeachment of Justice J’aneh.


  1. It is safe to assume that the Senate will put all other matters aside until this impeachment trial is done and concluded.

  2. Actually, the Liberian people want to have a credible Supreme Court. With a corrupt person like this blood-stained war criminal on the Bench of the Supreme Court, it is impossible to have a credible and respected Supreme Court. Let this crook be impeached. He pollutes the Bench of the Supreme Court.

    • This is one reason why Liberia remain the way it is because dark cloudy minded individuals like you still believe in hate and tribalism.

  3. When we talk about bloody war criminals not sitting on supreme court bench, it must also be fair to say that a bloody war criminal like Prince Johnson deserve not to be in the senate

    • So Mr. Jabateh, what’s considered “hate and tribalism” in Kou’s comment? While do the likes of you always cried hate and tribalism when a fellow Liberian who happens to belong to an ethnicity that you adentified with, is accused and tried for acts against the Constitution of our Nation? When do we as Liberians begin to see each others as one people and hold loyalty to the Constitution and the Nation state of Liberia? Until Liberians can step away from protection of individuals who are alleged to have committed crimes and allow due process to take center-stage, our Nation will continue to be backwardly buried in corruption. Corruption will continue to flourished with impunity. Patriotism and love of Nation must be the guiding principles of all Liberians who claimed to be citizens with love in their hearts for this Nation. This is why I believe we need Liberia Nationalist Movement to save our land and guide against hypocrisy, corruption and economic criminals who are currently parading the corridors of influence and leadership in our Nation. Love of Nation and patriotism is currently driving Ghana to prosperity. Let’s learn from our junior sister state, given the fact that Liberia was the architect of independence of Africa from institutionalized colonialism. As Ghanaians usually say, “shine your eyes.”

      • Mr. Leewaye, I honestly appreciate ur level of analogy on the exchanges as per our conversation. Firstly, I like to bring to your attention countless number of hate in Mr. Kou’s comment, maybe it could be attributed to his poor understanding of the matter at hand. Moreover, it’s pathetic to ignore the existing realities on Justice Janeh’s trail. His independent stance on fraudulent and electoral missteps during our past elections speaks volume.
        Such statement as stated by Mr. Gontee,
        “corrupt person like this blood-stained war criminal on the Bench of the Supreme Court, it is impossible to have a credible and respected Supreme Court ”

        Clearly, let’s contextualize this paragraph with intellectual honesty. and it is seemly clear that such statement and open confessions demonstrates hate, trabalism and falsehood. The adjectives use is already conclusive and totally unacceptable in my understanding.

        Could this be considered a verdict ?

        In conclusion, there are lot more constitutional violations that has been ignored and using the culture of impunity as the safest ways to reconciliation. But with selective justice been carry out on certain group of individuals on the basis of tribal, political and economic reasons brings to mind that the spirit of patriotism and loyalty is limited in our society and it’s unhealthy for the forward match of our nation.

        Hope you have a wonderful day .

      • Tony Leewaye, don’t you know these chronicly selfish and tribalist bigots Dingos? For them the truth or the issue is determined by tribalism. Had it been a judge who is not a Mandingo who took away that old lady”s land, you would hear them criticizing the culprit. But now that the perpetrator is a Dingo, the perpetrator is been hated.

        • Indeed, Miss Witherspoon, you have just expose ur true character and limitations but here is what I advise find people of your class and transfer ur aggression to.

          Count me out of ur drama!

  4. Liberia is truly a sad place, Konneh. The US described our legislature as one the most corrupt in the world. This whole impeachment business is nothing but a charade. A house dominated mostly by crooks, with the exception of a few members, wants to remove an associate justice from the highest court because of “integrity” issues.
    To add insult to injury, a sociopath and notorious murderer like PYJ, is going to be one of the jurors. What a mockery of democracy! Now the both the legislature and judiciary will serve at “the will and pleasure” of a very corrupt and autocratic president! I won’t even respond to the rubbish from the previous poster.

  5. As long as fat checks are being paid out to them, nothing else matters. They will pretend as if their charged duties are being executed. But in reality, it’s a joke! Ja’neh will get a pat on the back. He’s one of them.

  6. Well, it’s unfortunate that those referenced as “crooks, sociopath and bloody war criminals are the choices our people elected democratically. While I have serious reservations about the level of corruption by officials of the Liberian Government, it must be noted that Senator Prince Johnson was elected twice by his people, while Justices of the Liberian Supreme Court were appointed and serve at the will and pleasure of those who appointed them in consonance with the Constitution of Liberia. The removal process of Justices as defined by the Constitution is very distinct and different from that of elected officials. And so, comparing Sen. Johnson and Justice J’aneh in the context of positions both men occupied in government is like comparing apples and oranges.
    Additionally, it’s important that we handle this constitutional crisis without raining insults on each other due to differing of opinions.


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