‘Thugs’ Besiege UP Headquarters, Demanding Reversal of Ellen’s Expulsion

Scuffle at the entrance of the conference room

By Gloria T. Tamba and William Q. Harmon

The headquarters of the outgoing ruling Unity Party was on Thursday afternoon a tension packed scene when some individuals described as thugs converged on the UP headquarters to stage a protest against the expulsion of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and few other party members. The protesting group had come to read a statement debunking the expulsions but met stiff resistance from security officers and other partisans on ground.

The protesters who besieged the party headquarters were reportedly imported from various slums communities in and around Monrovia. They were described by party officials as thugs who have no stake in the party but had come to make the vicinity chaotic and bring the institution into public disrepute.

Led by expelled UP Acting Secretary General, Patrick Worzie and several confidantes of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who was booted out of the Party, last week, the protesters stormed party headquarters demanding use of the facilities to hold their press conference.

Some of those protesting were the National Chairlady of UP Women’s Wing, Maceatoh Wreh, former Nimba County Representative, Worlea Saywah Dunah, Assistant Minister at Transport Ministry, Kansualism Kansuah, Deputy Information Minister, Rixch Barsigiah, and several others.

Scuffles erupted when security officers and few UP partisans who were on the ground initially resisted the entry of the group whose members were conveyed by four buses to the grounds of the headquarters.

Fights ensued when the protesters were denied use of the conference room and the outdoor stage  constructed at the headquarters to deliver their statement. All hell broke loose when Mr. Worzie forcibly broke off the locks on the door of the conference room.

It took the intervention of officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) to calm the situation. This was after the security officers at the UP headquarter and the few members on ground had been overwhelmed by the protesters.

Koutuku Sheriff is one of the leaders of the party militant wing. He was also one of the victims of the scuffle and one of the few partisans on the ground who attempted to repel the advances of the protesters. He was beaten mercilessly and his belongings taken away. According to

UP in a  statement last weekend expelled President Sirleaf for what the party says was her meddling in the 2017 elections in which its candidate Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai. Also expelled were River Gee Senator Conmany Wesseh, his wife Medina Wesseh and Patrick Worzie. President Sirleaf has however dismissed the action, terming it illegal.

The Party amongst other things said “The behavior of the expelled persons … constitutes sabotage and undermined the existence of the party” — and they had violated party rules requiring Party members to support all Unity Party candidates in elections. The expulsion of has since gone viral on the international media as well as social media.


  1. Idle brain is the devil’s workshop!!!!

    When I was growing up in Liberia in the sixties, my belated Mother used to say, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” She always told her children to find something constructive do after we came from school (St. Patrick’s Elementary), otherwise we will end up being ‘Gronna Boys”! I took her advice seriously, and I became a productive citizen in Life…… today, I’m enjoying a comfortable retirement in the USA.

    In Liberia today, there are too many idle youths and many unemployed people who have too much time on their hands. If they had jobs, or were in school, or engaged in business or agriculture, there would be little time for such hooliganism and lawlessness in Liberia.

    These young people need jobs or something constructive to do. If not, they will exert their importance in society by any means necessary (this is called negative attention): either through violent political rallies; through foolish political retribution; through mob violence; through illegal demonstration; or, through other negative vices that they can think of.

    It is very costly for Liberia’s security to spend too much time always quieting, or always putting down riots when that meager money and scarce manpower could be used in fighting major crime, and protecting the peace and security of Liberia.

    These idle Minds, mostly unemployed youths in Liberia are the devil’s workshop. President-elect George Weah and his team have their work cut up for them in dealing with all these unemployed idle Minds in Liberia.

    Good Luck President-elect in getting these youths gainfully employed!!!!

  2. This is exactly the problem with this Country. Yes, the LNP intervened but why no arrest was made…?

    Let’s be clear here. The Executive Committee of a political party is the highest decision making body in the absence of Convention. Additionally, there are two most important signatures that give authority to any any document in a political party: the signatures of the National Chairman and the National Secretary. This is not to suggest that their signatures make every document or communication legal. But there are ways one can present their objections to a decision taken.

    So in the event that a person feels a decision taken against him or her by the Party is illegal, said person can seek relief through the National Elections Commission and if need be, up to the Honorable Supreme Court.

    Therefore it was a complete act of lawlessness to see expelled or aggrieved party members overrunning the party’s Headquarters as if we were reinventing April 6, 1996. The LNP should have carried out some arrests regardless of who was behind it.

    Our democracy will not survive if lawlessness and selective enforcement of the Law is the order of the day. This has to stop now or we could face, sooner or later, a catastrophe of monumental proportion.

  3. So what will the thugs do when their Ellen is arrested, tried, and locked up for the numerous economic and other crimes she and her gang committed against the Liberian people for the last twelve years?

  4. A protest is a form of expression. A non-violent protest is an act of civility. A violent protest is against the law. The low-life-scumish young men and women who stormed the UP headquarters in order that the disgraced weak Iron Lady might be re-instated having been expelled from the UP for being an apostate were dead wrong. Their outlandish form of protest was repugnant and without fanfare, they deserve a rebuke. But the truth must be told. The protesters couldn’t have stormed the UP’s headquarters without the prior knowledge of the weak Iron Lady and her cronies. What is also indignant about the protesters is the fact that their timing was whacky. Example, the Weah-Taylor team is days away from being inducted into office. Couldn’t a better time, (possibly after the swearing in) be used to stage a protest? By the way, has the lameduck Iron Lady spoken out against the activity of the protesters so far?

    A few days ago, University of Liberia students did the unthinkable. The university president, Dr.Ophelia Weeks was barricaded by the students for 7 hours because according to them, their demands were ignored by the president. The students have a right to protest (civil disobedience is okay) but they went overboard. As a consequence of their disorderly behavior, law enforcement was called in to maintain law and order.

    Now after the university of Liberia violent protest just a day ago, the storming of UP office came about by a group of so-called “president Johnson-Sirleaf supporters”.

    What happens next?

    The inauguration is around the corner. May God Almighty bring peace. No more!
    Our economy is being left in tatters. The economy needs to be revitalized, but revitalization will not occur if 1% of disgruntled Liberians are hellbent on disturbing the peace.
    Violent Protesters, you will fail. Liberians are ready for business. The days of doing nothing are over.
    May God bless the people of Liberia.

    • Yes they will surely fail. Shame on you Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, be ashamed of yourself!!! Go to court if you think you own UP or Liberia. UP party is not Liberia y’all took Liberia for a ride and ownership, but 12 years was not forever. Brumskine went to court to follow the law and constitution of the land. Go to court and follow UP’s constitution…it is that simple. Ellen you will have all the time on your hands and the corrupt money to spend, go court!! But leave Liberia alone, leave us alone. Baggage you are already leaving behind for president George Weah’s Government…ecenomic woes, deplorable health care , etc. Leave our generation in peace!!! Nobody is fighting your war for you ma Ellen, for them to gain what? They better wake up from their twisted slumber!!! Ellen is no more president of Liberia, your little favoritism and hoodlum ways of doing things are over!!! Go be Ellen’s witnesses in court, this is how you show your loyalty to her, since the few 100 of you must pay her back for whatever she did for u that u think u owe her. You all can climb the stairs of The Temple of Justice everyday as a penance to Ma Ellen, since you all think you owe her. UP party is not Liberia…Enough is Enough!!
      Cece K ( Free Thinker)

  5. I am glad Liberians here have seen that Ellen is again at her game. This woman can’t never get tire of destroying Liberia. This time, we have to say to her, enough is enough.
    Remember what she did after 1985 election – she encouraged Thomas Quinwonkpa to overthrow Samuel Doe and let him down at the last minutes.
    Liberians, beware of Ellen!!

  6. Negative connotations express negative attitude to the referent, whether a person, thing, or idea. So, yesterday’s ‘partisans’ are now “thugs”, while, last year, some of our brightest and best substituted “rifraffs” for the late 1970’s idealized “masses”. More often than not, after a marriage ends in divorce court, hurtful name-calling closes all does to mending fences: Is this trend helpful in a polarized political environment seriously deserving of reconciliation?

  7. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf should be very much ashamed of herself!!! GO TO COURT, IF YOU FEEL JUSTICE WAS NOT DONE TO YOU REGARDING YOUR EXPULSION FROM THE UP PARTY!!!! Ellen, you do not own UP party, nor do you own LIBERIA!!! People broke & destroy properties in your name “Ellen Johnson Sirleaf” is this the democracy you have been fooling Liberians and the world about? When Cllr Brumskine used the judiciary system to express his dissatisfaction, you said LIBERIA’s Economy, democracy, etc have been hijacked. I am not a member of UP, nor LP but am a Liberian who likes to be very objective. If Ellen thinks she will continue to cause chaos , suffering and unrest in Liberia, she is making a sad mistake. Our generation needs peace, prosperity, and unity. Ellen J. S. You have left enough mess for the incoming George Weah’s government to clean up. This thing brewing at UP HQ will not be one of them. Take your case to court and stop sending folks to go demonstrate on your behalf. Lastly, since you have no shame for yourself, advise people to not do these disgraceful and criminal acts in your name or behalf…..Liberians are watching you! The whole world is watching you!! Cece K ( Free Thinker )

  8. Enough is Enough Ellen!!!! Leave Liberia alone. You wanted to be president, you became president by hook or croak. The end result of life is death…you are nearing that end, in your old age. Time to make amends with your conscience, your country Liberia that you have destroyed for decades With WAR, Killings, Unrest and finally when you had Liberia all to yourself for 12 Years, Look at Liberia…Corruption at its highest peak, Nepotism, Favoritism, Untold Sufferings, deplorable health care delivery system, poor education system, bad roads, lack of electricity to the extent that our people are physically blind!! So many blind handicapped people in Liberia, why?, poverty at its highest, no jobs creation, etc your expulsion from UP Party is the least thing on the Liberian people 4 Millions mind at this time. So, the 100 or more people wanting to hold Liberia hostage on your behalf is not going to work this time around. Liberians have learned their lesson, not to fight any politician war bcoz politicians are only there for themselves, family and friends…(this I try to tell anyone who cares to listen). Go to court Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, at least this will give you something to do after you have turned our beloved country Liberia over to our generation’s incoming president George Manneh Weah. No need to invoke violence at this time for this young man to deal with. Jobs, health, education, good roads, corruption, equal opportunities, etc are things our president George Weah is thinking about now, but not your bloodshed that you are trying hard for…Ellen pray for your end days, your old age natural death. You came to power in Liberia through many deaths and bloodshedings. You are leaving power with the hope of deaths and bloodshed in LIBERIA? I Rebuke you ma Ellen , I Rebuke you Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in the mighty name of Jesus, May Allah name be praised!!!! You will not shed Liberian blood, this time around. Leave us alone, leave Liberia alone!!!
    Cece K. ( Free Thinker)

  9. You have been very poisonous from the days of Tubman to Charles. What than you want with peaceful Boakai? What than you want with Weah’s new Government? What than you want with us poor Liberians? Everything you have wanted was paid for to become president for Liberia on two occasions. Weah accepted to give you your days in the highest seat. Oh yes, thank God we had Boakai accepting what you wouldn’t accept doing those 2 terms. I knew you would have said ‘I WANT THE POSITION LET THEM KILLED THEMSELVES.’ Please the bush is not for us any more so don’t go there???? CAUTION……Stay out of trouble Madam

    Day na break!

  10. I want to thank all the commentators of the notorious Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s
    wicked way by assembling those whom she made unemployed to be come
    idle minded young men and women in Liberia. You close my mind and mouth
    to say anything. But her recruiting of the unemployed to disrupt peace is a
    criminal act that she must be made to pay for. It is an action of anti-peace and
    stability in the country.

    Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is a woman who does not care for anybody at all. Otherwise,
    she would have created more environments for creating jobs in the country. Once
    everything was alright with Ellen and family and friends, that was all needed to her.

  11. Cece, the Free Thinker,
    I can imagine you shouting over the weak Iron Lady. Like you, I am non-partisan. But Liberia is home. Irrespective of which county you, myself or other Liberians come from in Liberia, we have a moral obligation to make Liberia a better country. You seem to have steel in your body! If all serious-minded Liberians work together and not against one another, we will buck the trend and Liberia will regain its lost prestige.

    Cece, I am convinced that more could have been done during the last 12 years in Liberia. For instance, Liberia has no coins. Why not? Because during the last 12 years, Johnson-Sirleaf didn’t think that the use of coins is worth our while. Bunk!
    Like their counterparts anywhere in the world, young Liberians go to school and learn math in the lower grades. On any blessed day, the kids’ math teacher may say:

    5 pennies = a nickel.
    2 nickels = a dime.
    2 dimes + one nickel =a quarter or 25 cents.

    Now listen. When our kids go home from school, there are no coins in the country. Our paper money (currency) is dirty/mutilated. That’s because the money passes from hand to hand everyday. In some contemptible situations, people refer to currency as coins. When I visited Liberia a few years ago, I gave my little neices some quarters. One of my neices said she had no use for “American coins”. So I asked, “do you have Liberian coins”? She said to me “I na know uncle”. It may be sound funny now, but I was disapointed, not at my neices or the Liberian people, but of course, very outraged at our leadership! Because of improper planning or a lack strategic planning, Liberia has a ridiculous distinction of being a country among nations without coins.

    You touched the subject of Education. That’s my specialty area. The country’s premier university, UL, does not have a lot of trained Liberian chemists, economists, mathematicians, and the list of “don’t have” progresses. Liberians are not dumb or stupid. If the brightest of our youth had been sent abroad to specialize, the university would have been in a much better position. In other words, there was no significant educational investment in our youth during the past 12 years. I am sorry to say this, but it’s the sad truth. Some, and not all of our UL graduates today cannot write a good letter. But, take a listen. At a time when investment should have been priority number one in education, members of the Liberian National Assembly and Ministers in the GOL, are usually seen with expensive automobiles. I guess it makes sense for the country’s poor financial resources to be squandered by top officials, but schools should take the boot.

    During the last few months, Johnson-Sirleaf has shown her true blue colors. She proved to be perfidious and indomitable. Example, she refused to be seen with VP Boakai on the campaign trail, refused to endorsed him and did all that was possible to keep her distance. Johnson-Sirleaf aligned herself with a presidential candidate, George Weah, who mesmerized her son during a run for the position of senator for Montserrado county. It would have been the ideal thing to do if she had endorsed VP Boakai. No one knows if her endorsement would have changed the outcome of the election. But one thing is clear……, Johnson-Sirleaf would have spared herself one load of trouble if she endorsed the guy who stood shoulder to shoulder with her from the get go. Instead of doing the endorsement thing, she made herself to be a turncoat. That’s one typical example of her true blue colors.

  12. This what can happen to a country whose Laws are not enforced to the letter.
    When Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf organized, financed, manned and executed her
    war against the Republic of Liberia, that was a glaring violation of the Constitution
    of Liberia. She should have been punished for organizing, soliciting and financing
    a war against the Republic. The Liberian people should listened to the Findings of
    the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that said that Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
    was qualified to hold public office for 20 to 30 years. How come she was elected
    to the Presidency is anybody’s guess!

    The late Representative Fayiah T. Johnson and I met with the former Minister of
    Defense Hon. Harry A. Greaves. Mr. Greaves vowed that even his son, the late
    Harry A. Greaves, the late, would be the first to prosecute aligning himself with
    Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and spending all his money on her war which is a violation
    of the existing Constitution then and now. Hon. Greaves and Johnson died in
    Trenton, New Jersey where they were buried.

    The point I am trying to get at is, after destroying the country with her war,
    ignored the TRC Findings corrupted the country to point of no turn back, leaving
    the country which is suffering from little over 85% unemployment and almost
    empty the national finances, she, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, is at it again
    for threatening the relative peace and calmness of Liberia by recruiting and
    providing transporting the thugs to Unity Party Headquarters to disturb the
    peace and tranquility of the people of Liberia.

    That was also a serious challenge to President George M. Weah as an example
    that the CDC led Government will not let anyone including President Ellen Johnson-
    Sirleaf threatened the peace of the Liberian people and go unpunished! That is
    the obligation of Government!

    By the way, who recommended Gbezohngar Findley for Foreign Minister? He was
    honest and said that he has no experience at all!


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