Three Nurses Survive Ebola in Margibi


Authorities in Margibi County say three nurses of the C.H. Rennie Hospital have triumphed over the deadly Ebola virus in the county. The three nurses were among 22 persons who tested positive with the virus and were taken to Monrovia for further medication.

After several treatments and tests, they were later diagnosed negative of the virus. Among the 22, 13 nurses have so far died of Ebola.

Speaking the Daily Observer in Kakata, the County Inspector Hon. Tarr N. Sackie said three nurses have been declared free of the virus and they (nurses) are to return home to live normal lives.

The Margibi County Inspector General named the three survivors as Mr. Lawrence Tumah, Lab Technician; Mr. Siafa Gbollie and Sumo Tokpah, all of C.H. Rennie Hospital in Margibi.

According to him, the news of the three nurses having tested negative and survived the deadly virus has given residents in the county more hope and confidence as opposed to the earlier belief that no one could survive the virus no matter what level of treatment its victim may receive. 

Hon. Sackie, who also serves as an Ebola Taskforce official for Upper Margibi, said the progresses made to enhances the fight against the deadly Ebola virus.

 Currently, Hon. Sackie, explained that Dr. Adolphus T. Yeiah is now serving as Acting County Health Officer of Margibi along with Dr. Julius Gilayeneh and Dr. Francis N. Kateh, Medical Director of the Jackson F. Doe Memorial Regional Referral Hospital in Tappita, Nimba County.

 According to him, two Ugandan Doctors were also sent into the county by the World Health Organization to help beef up the medical strength in Margibi County.

With the presence of these senior medical practitioners, Hon. Sackie maintains that Margibians stand a better chance at getting the good medical services that they (citizens) have needed for a long period of time.


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