Three Alleged Liberian Mercenaries Killed in Ivory Coast

Weapons and personal effects retrieved by Ivorian authorities from one of the alleged insurgents.

The Government of Liberia has expressed deep concerned over an incident where some men believed to be Liberians launched an armed attack on a military barrack in neighboring Cote d’Ivoire.

According to the government, passports and other documents purportedly belonging to the assailants who depict Liberian nationality were put on display by Ivorian authorities.

“The Liberian government strongly condemns any act which disrupts the peace of its neighbors and the region as a whole,” the government said in a press statement. “The government reiterates its commitment to ensuring that no inch of its territory is used as a launchpad for insurrection.”

However, the government has disclosed that it has initiated contact with the Ivorian government to understand the incident and get all facts clearly.

“The government has initiated contacts with its Ivorian counterpart in order to determine the full extent of the reported incident. Additionally, both governments have committed to strengthening the joint border surveillance mechanism.

The three Liberians, according to reports, were shot and killed in Anyama in Abodo, in the Ivory Coast.  Confirming the attacks, Ivorian media reported, citing security sources, that two of the assailants were found dead with Liberian passports and driving licenses. The attacked took place on the night of April 20 to 21, 2021, at N’dotré, a military base in the north of the city, the municipality of Abobo.  It left one solider wounded.

A Liberian driver’s license retrieved from one of the dead mercenaries.

“On the night of April 20 to 21, at around 1 a.m. local time and GMT, unidentified individuals opened fire on the guard posts of the N’Dotré military base in the commune of Abobo, with the ‘certain intention to enter by force. The immediate reaction of the sentries on the faction gave rise to heavy exchanges of fire, forcing the attackers to flee, “said General Lassina Doumbia, the chief of the general staff of the Ivorian armed forces in this press release.

The statement added: “the provisional toll shows a slight wounded friend side, three killed and one wounded taken prisoner on the enemy side.”

The news of the Liberian alleged mercenaries’ death comes more than four years after 13 Liberians were sentenced to life in prison for “mercenary activity” in Ivory Coast. The men were convicted for their role in attacks on villages in western Ivory Coast in 2011 and 2012.

By then, the Ivory Coast was rocked by months of post-election violence after former President Laurent Gbagbo refused to step down despite losing the November 2010 presidential runoff to Alassane Ouattara.

Other weapons and ammunition retrieved from the bodies of the dead mercenaries.

Three weeks after deadly double assault

The attack on N’Dotré military base, according to Ivorian media reports, comes three weeks after a deadly double assault on the defense and security forces, attributed to jihadists, in northern Côte d’Ivoire, bordering Burkina Faso, a country ravaged by the atrocities of many Islamist groups. 

The media report said, on March 29, “around sixty heavily armed terrorists from Burkina Faso” attacked an army position in Kafolo, while the second attack targeted a gendarmerie post in Kolobougou, a locality also bordering Burkina Faso.

‘Joint Security’

Meanwhile, the statement added that the administration of President George Weah has worked tirelessly to build on the sisterly relationship the country has with the Cote d’ Ivoire, including the President’s personal connections with the Ivorian leader.

“The Liberian government recognizes that conflict in any of the Mano River Union countries doesn’t serve the best interest of Liberia. President Weah has therefore announced his intention to shortly dispatch a delegation to Cote d’Ivoire to meet with the Ivorian authorities,” the statement said.

The statement added that both governments expressed commitment to strengthening joint security surveillance along borders.


  1. May the soul of 3 of our INNOCENT brothers rest in perpetual peace!
    To the parents of those 3 innocent souls, my sincere condolences. To me, they are innocent. They may have been criminals or not, but they are innocent in this act for which they were coldly killed.

    Food for thoughts:
    – Can 4 people attack an entire army barracks? To obtain what? Are they Rambo or Chuck Norris or Tarzan?
    – If they are Rambo or Chuck Norris, can 4 people attack an army barracks with 1 AK47 and 3 cutlasses?
    – Look at the Driver License of one of the supposedly assailant, in the profession column, it is written “Chauffeur”. To those of you who establish our driver license in Liberia, do you write the profession of “Driver” as Chauffeur?
    – Can a mercenary go to war with his contract containing the terms of his remuneration in his back pocket?
    – Can a mercenary go to war with his passport in his back pocket?

    According to information from a credible independent investigative journalist under the avatar Chris Yapi, those 4 were among our brothers who escaped prison in Maryland during demonstration leading to the ritualistic killing of the motorcyclist. They were arrested and imprisoned in the Ivory Coast, precisely in Tabou.

    According Chris Yapi, sometimes between the 16 and 18 of April, they were exfiltrated by hooded men who told them that they were being brought to Abidjan to be presented before the courts for illegal possession of drugs.
    How can they became rebels to attack an entire army barracks is yet to be elucidated. I wish we had a government of the people to investigate this other mysterious killing of our compatriots.

    Liberians, let’s vote for people who can provide jobs for the children of Liberia. We are suffering and always looked down upon in the sub region. We are given the etiquette of mercenaries or professional fighters. Let’s keep our children in school and provide jobs for our adults to take care of their families.

    Weah will NEVER undertake a serious and impartial investigation. These people are his friends. He looks up to them for advice. He looks up to them to concoct and execute his diabolic plans in Liberia. Our people are lingering in dire circumstances in the sub region, let’s someone credible restore respect and hope to Liberians.

    May 2023 begin the restoration of the dignity of Liberia, Amen!

  2. They are trying to black Mail us and our country. The government have to do something about it or something else can happen more than it.

  3. Well, I am less than 10% certain about the fact that Liberian mercenaries did something like that in a foreign land. It is not impossible, it’s just highly unlikely. First of all, does Liberia have mercenaries! If there are Liberian mercenaries, they are not state-sponsored. In order for the story to be believed beyond a reasonable doubt, an investigation by both countries is needed. Yet I am not a wimp! There will never be any in-depth investigation. I will just go on believing something is not right.

  4. We (Liberians) are being used as scapegoats in an unsanitary and dirty political game. Those compulsive liars and murderers have clamored all around the world that the former president was a dictator, just to usher in their satraps. Now that the former president has been cleared of all crimes and is to enter his country, given the illegal 3rd term which is being tactfully refused by the Ivorians, they are again fomenting lies to arrest the old man upon arrival in the country, which may likely spur another conflict.
    Wicked African satraps! I hope Deby Itno can visit them in the dream.

  5. Liberians are the only Nationals on earth, who any body can kill and go free at 100%.
    Why Liberians are forsaking each other?

  6. Petarus, I was thinking the same thing. First of all, military bases are not soft targets by virtue of the number of forces, fire power and other capabilities. The idea that four poorly equipped men would mount an assault on a military base raises a red flag that the Ivorians are up to something nefarious. I mean, what’s up with those three machetes? One Kalashnikov and three large knives! Talk about literally about taking a ‘knife to a gunfight’!

    As much as this story raises more questions than it provides answers, what the Liberian government is certainly not going to do is ask some simple questions so as to verify what their counterparts in Abidjan are claiming. Rather, their main effort and focus in this matter would be distancing themselves from the alleged terroristic act and coming up with statements of solidarity between Cote d’Ivoire and Liberia.

    Dangerous times for young men of military age to be found on the Ivorian side of the border between the two countries.

  7. Liberia’s porous borders have been causing deadly consequences to the national security of the nation for little over the past three (3) decades. When we say the national borders, that also includes our national ports of entry which, in addition to the line of demarcation separating us from our adjacent neighbors, are the points of entry into the country.

    The over fourteen years of civil conflict began when rebels infiltrated into Liberia from neighboring Ivory Coast across the border. The rebels may have been aided and abetted by the Ivorians and Burkinabes, who have had good neighborly relations with Liberia historically. That civil conflict caused the lives of about two hundred and fifty thousands (250,000) Liberian citizens and foreign residents!

    In 2014, the Ebola Virus, which at the time was practically an unkown disease-causing pathogen in the Mono River Basin, found its way into Liberia by way of the Liberian-Guinean and Liberian-Sierra Leonean borders. The resulting cost to Liberian lives is put at four thousand eight hundred (4,800) deaths.

    The total cost to the Liberian economy caused by these two episodes could be astronomic if compared to the size of the country and the national GDP! The latest threat to national security and was imported into the country is COVID-19. The Coronavirus came in through the international airport which is a port of entry. Its entry was facilitated by a government official who flew back into the country from a foreign trip on a “national mission”. You could also add the national cost of the consequencies of COVID-19 to those of the civil war and the Ebola Epidemic in Liberia.

    When one travels to a foreign country he/she has to go through immigration and customs. That procedure is set up primarily in order to protect the national security of that country’s people and the national economy. Come to think about it, that is why an act was passed in Liberia’s Legislature and signed by the president to create the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization. It is to make sure that all our borders and ports of entry are protected to the teeth, so that our country and its people are fully protected. This includes the national economy. DOES IT WORTH IT TO PROTECT OUR NATIONAL BORDERS FOR REASONS GIVEN ABOVE AND for THE LATEST, SEEMINGLY, CROSS-BORDER INCIDENT?

  8. The Ivorian government says she will ride on our country name like her horse and nothing will come from out of it.

  9. Twelve (12) accomplices in the attack on the Ivorian military camp of N’dotré, leaked, were arrested by the Ivorian national gendarmerie, this Sunday, April 25, 2021 in Daloa, in central western Côte d’Ivoire.
    They will be questioned in order to give the names of all their sponsors, both Ivorians and Liberians.
    Thank you.

  10. I miss Charles Taylor, because Mr Taylor will never be a president of Liberia, and this kind of thing happen, let lunch war on ivory coast if the is no concrete reason for killing our brothers. George weah if you let this go free, you will not go for second term. How can three men attack malitery base? Is that possible? Let president George weah call for the American intelligence to look in to this seriously. Nonsense

  11. Sylvain, my Ivorian brother, this masquerade your government has put up is to arrest GBAGBO’s supporters and sympathizers, which is currently underway.
    You know the military camp in N’Dotre, a camp formerly occupied by ONUCI. You know how it is strategically situated, from the military point of view. How can 4 men be brave enough to go on such suicide mission? And with 1 AK47 and 3 machetes?

    The CDC government is corrupt and weak. If not, it should seriously get involved and give account of our innocent brothers. They were foolishly and gruesomely murdered for stupid political greed and vendetta.
    It’s time to go, go and leave the people alone. Why strive to create religious war at all cost?

    Liberia must seek clarification in this case. Liberia must get answers.


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