‘Assassination Plot Against Weah A Threat to National Security’


CDC wants Gov’t to conduct immediate investigation

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has said that an “alleged” assassination plot on the life of its standard bearer, Senator George M. Weah, is not just a threat on the life of their political leader but also a threat to national security and as such, has called on the national government to launch an immediate and robust investigation to ascertain the facts surrounding such “an unwarranted situation.”

At a press conference in Monrovia Sunday, the Governing Council (GC) of the CDC,  confirmed an attempted assassination plot on the life of Senator Weah—a plot that was initially unearthed or brought to the public by the Youth League of the CDC when a high-ranking member of the league addressed a press conference at the party’s headquarters.

At that press conference last Wednesday, three men, who are purported to be notorious criminals, alleged that they were contacted by Defense Minister Brownie J. Samukai, Jr. and businessman George Kailondo to disrupt the CDC’s official campaign launched on Saturday, August 19, 2017. The men alleged that the disruptions were planned to start with Weah, during the CDC procession on the day the party launched its 2017 campaign.

In their confession, the men said that the purpose of their engagement was to disrupt the procession of the campaign rally and create a state of confusion, thereby opening a corridor for an alleged assassin to attempt taking Senator Weah’s life. The men who made the confessions are Oldpa Web alias Long John, George Ousumana alias Ivorian, and Mustapha Seasay, alias Mustapha. The men stated that their engagement was consummated at a hotel owned and operated by Kailondo prior to the date of the launch.

But after a barrage of condemnation from the public, not just about the credibility of such a grave allegation, but for it to be addressed by the Youth League of a party and not by its hierarchy, the GC yesterday held a press conference in Monrovia calling for an immediate investigation of the allegation from national security apparatuses.

“Because of the gravity of this matter and the threat it poses to the life of the standard bearer, and in view of the history of similar experiences affecting the same CDC in 2005, 2011 and 2014, wherein the CDC experienced death and life threatening injuries to a number of its partisans, the Governing Council of the coalition considers this matter very seriously,” Professor Ansu Sonii, who addressed the conference, said. Prof. Sonii is the campaign manager of the CDC.

He said that the CDC GC is calling on the government to institute an immediate investigation into the alleged threat, and is also calling on UNMIL to impress on the Government of Liberia to do so. He indicated that the assassination plot is a serious threat that must not be ignored by anyone as it has the propensity to drag the country back into conflict, thus making fruitless all of the efforts that have been put into the country’s peace process.

“We all know who Senator Weah is. Any threat against his life is a national security threat. This matter, if not remedied effectively and timely, has the propensity to threaten the peace and stability of the Republic of Liberia, especially during this electoral period. In the meantime, the GC and the CDC are calling on all partisans, supporters and well-wishers to exercise restraint and control while they exhaust all avenues to bring this matter to a logical conclusion. In view of the alleged threat, the GC called on UNMIL to provide additional security for the standard and vice standard bearers of the CDC.”

However, businessman Kailondo has already rubbished the allegation, terming it as baseless. Addressing a news conference hours after the allegation was made, Kailondo said the allegation by the unknown men is an evidence of fear from opposition political parties. “I’m a peace loving citizen who will not get involved in activities to destabilize the country in which he has several investments,” he said. He said he will not give the allegation any credence because it has no iota of truth. “I have investments of over eight million United States dollars around the country. How can I get involved in something that has the propensity to destroy my investments? This is total nonsense,” he said.

Kailondo claimed that opposition political parties are aware of his hard work and would do everything, even make baseless allegations, to deter him from doing what he’s doing. “We will continue to mobilize for the Unity Party, no matter what they say. We have pledged a first round victory. This is why they are scared, but we are committed to the fight,” he concluded.

Defense Minister, J. Brownie Samukai, also rubbished the report saying that an institution like the CDC “that fabricates lies” should not be given state power, as it would use lies to crackdown on innocent people.


  1. If there is enough evidence, this is time to put search matter in court. The security of the nation will not be threatened by any personal or minority fight. As a matter of fact, the silent majority will not allow any violence to disrupt this election. We will ensure a smooth transition of Presidential power regardless who actually wins the presidency. Liberia is a free and independent state, the oldest democracy in Africa with its own sovereignty, no more war, with strangers nations and peace keepers observing this election process. Liberians will this time select their own leader by actual votes and in abstinence based on their own conscience and choice. Anyone, any party, or organization formed to cause riot and disrupt this election process will be dealt with under God with the power and weight of the 57% now in control of the presidential power of last electoral registered voters in the interest of the entire people of Liberia who are equally protected under the constitution. Talk all you can talk and write all you can write. BUT NO MORE PHYSICAL FIGHT WILL BE ALLOWED.
    Gone in silence. Tell the Liberian people.

  2. If Browny should be a credible witness against government crackdown, let see and review what happened in West Point during the Ebola crises when armed government soldiers moved on West Pointers at the height of their desperation.Llet also examine the unsubstantiated pronouncement made by the Minister of defense as to the cause of death of little Siaki. While I agree that government crackdown is not a good thing, he stands not credible to accuse anyone else or forecast it because the very government he serves in has done it even at his direction.
    Edwin N. dennis

  3. Nonsense, criminals are now CDC reliable informants. Such rubbish, why kill Weah? Not a good look for a wannabe ruling party. Complete numbskull accusation.

  4. In Africa, anything is possible for power struggle. Whether the story is true or not, the living bodies of Long John, George Ousumana and Musthapha Seasay physically exist in Monrovia, why not encourage the Liberian Security apparatus to initiate an investigation? This is not only about Amb Weah,but it should be a concern to every Liberians because this allegation has the propensity to plunge the nation into serious chaos especially during this time of election. Minister Samukai and Kailondo rubbishing this allegation is not enough but an investigation will clear and resolve this matter. Lets us all exercise restraints and patience while the security apparatus investigate the allegation.

  5. George Kalondo killed a Fulani who was a million between Sierra Leone and liberia after prince Johnson asked he and peanut butter to escort this guard to Sierra Leone. Kailondo is suspected of killing his Nigerian business partner who he claimed to have got drawn in the sea, Kailondo is suspected of killing Harry Greaves and some other. This Sierraleonian liberian who was brought to Liberia to fight war has killed some good people in liberia.
    He is not someone to deny his plan and action. If he agreed to killing this millionair for his money than what you Kailondo is not capable of? stop denying and investigate.

  6. Reading this story is bring questions to my mind; why most George B. Kailando name always be mentioned in murder cases or suspected murder case? Is this how he has built his business?
    What I have also observed since the Nigerian G.T. Bank manager died during a boat ride with him, Kailando business has expanded. Where did he get the money to expand the businesses from? if he says he had the money before now, why were his businesses not expanded before the death of the G.T. Bank Manager?
    The source of wealth must be investigated and LNP should show that they are really professional at this time no matter who is involved.

    With this latest news involving the name called George B. Kailando, a lot of questions need to be answered by him.

  7. This is one opportunity the NEC, opposition parties, government of Liberia, other stakeholders ought to use to demonstrate to all of us that they mean business and as such, will not tolerate any foolishness by any participant in this election bent on fomenting chaos to disrupt the process. An opposition political party allegedly uncovers a plot to assassinate its political leader and the matter will be deferred to its “Youth Wing” to address, instead of lodging a formal complaint with the government and other stakeholders? It is clear the CDC is using this “wolf” cry as a test of the system. But more than that, this obvious fabrication is the CDC’s way of forewarning us of things to come. A tip of the diabolism they have in store for us throughout this entire electoral process. And it is pathetic how some of our compatriots will be so gullible to not see through such threadbare nonsense. Or could it be because of selfish interests or partisanship? We might as well gear up for another round of bloodletting if that’s the case. If everybody, every side will turn blind eyes to objective reality but rather side with their party or candidate against fidelity to the country.

  8. Part-II

    Remember this same CDC threatened the electoral process in 2005, with the allegation of “vote rigging?” They allegedly “caught red handed” a voter or group of voters with multiple ballots. What did they do? Instead of taking the “fruit of crime” and culprits to the NEC, the governing body over the election, they took the so-called evidence to CDC HQ for “processing?” So this other allegation of “assassination plot” seems to be a page from that same playbook. And thier evidence this time: 3 self-described criminals seemingly heavily intoxicated with some type substance, and could not complete their own sentences without constantly being interrupted by party foot soldiers on what to say by beginning or completing the sentences of the “assassins.” You want to say the people who were part of this alleged plot could not recall the details better, but had to be coached by CDC Youth Wingers on what to say? But even more than that, one wonders how did these guys really qualify to have been selected by their handlers for this job? Have they collaborated on other jobs of this nature in the past? And where were they going to get the weapons? Or could there be a cache of weapons somewhere these guys were going to get their supply? How about the t-shirts, how did they come upon this amount of “UP” t-shirts? Could this be a revelation that the CDC can produce or duplicate the paraphernalia of other parties? The ballot rigging allegation in 2005, with a picture of the duplicated ballots is an eerie reminder of just what this CDC and opposition political parties are capable of doing under these circumstances. Let us not take for granted that some of these opposition parties have deeeep external connections, with all the “expert” advice they could get to wreck whatever havoc they could if things don’t go their way. The number and size of the logistics currently being deployed by parties who could barely afford their monthly rents should serve as a cue accordingly.

  9. It is easy to dismiss such allegations with the customary “wolf, wolf”, but as any security detail to a VIP or a criminal investigator would tell, each report should be carefully investigated on its own merit. The US Secret Service must have received over 2000 assassination tips or threats against Obama for the eight years he was president, and not all were bogus or frivolous.

    What’s mind-boggling about the past two assassination reports from the Youth Wing of the CDC is that the name of the Defense Minister usually crops up. Defense ministers in Africa often seize power by force, they seldom go around assassinating opposition political parties’ leaders. Well … investigate folks.

  10. The “wolf” analogy in my earlier post was a spinoff or extrapolation from the feeble, unconvincing, implausible, far-fetched and unlikely fabrication weaved by the CDC in their attempt to impress us they had a case. The so-called evidence adduced by the CDC Youth Wing as fruits of crime in this already botched case, prompted that ascription. And I may not have any detective or law enforcement background as such, but for such a plot with serious ramification for the country if successful (God forbid), to have been arranged in the flimsy and careless manner described by the three ruffians presented in this narrative as the “professional assassins” hired to carry out that dirty job, was another rationale for my “wolf” analogy. Then add the tomfoolery for some collaborators to wear “UP” t-shirts to stir up the crowd as a pretext or perfect opportunity to carry out the diabolism, that too, was another justification for that analogy. Except in that case, if the concern was not to hide the identity of the plotters represented by such t-shirt-wearing hoodlums, so long as the job was done. Then consider the standing of the VP and George Weah in the polls right now in Liberia, wherein all eyes are focused on the VP as heir apparent. In that case who would be targeting the other for elimination in a typical African competitive bid? From the little we know of these things, the party unsure of its chances in these instances, is the one most prone to confusion and anarchism. And we can smell it all over the place, just lurking and waiting for us to let our collective guide down. But we will remain vigilant, ever mindful of its replete arsenal of mischiefs, even with one eye open while asleep.


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