Thousands Rally to CDC in Southeast

In continuation of membership drives

Southeastern CDC supporters turn out in droves for the rally.

By Ishmael F. Menkor

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has carried out a massive rally in the southeatern part of Liberia in continuation of its membership drive in preparation for the October elections.

The CDC rally recently hit southeastern counties where thousand of citizens pledged their support and immediately obtained membership cards.

As the CDC rally hit Grand Kru County, many of those who pledged their support distanced themselves from the recent endorsement of Vice President Boakai’s presidency by 19 Senators.

The citizens said the Senators who endorsed Boakai’s presidency were doing so for their own selfish interests, and not in the interest of the country.

“These spontaneous actions by the citizens of rejecting the Senators’ action are not just roadblocks thrown in the way of the 19 Senators, but the huge public dissent backpedals their political moves, also exposing their weaknesses as residents rebelled and issued threats,” said Mr. Murlu on his Facebook page.

“We struggled to dissuade and calm residents down as they threatened to ‘sit-in-wait’ to attack their Senators whenever they return to the county, an unwarranted reaction we cautioned against, calling on all to remain peaceful and law-abiding.”

“We couldn’t find a single person in these counties to stand with the 19 Senators’ endorsement of Boakai,” added Thomas Fallah, a member of the mobilization team.

In their recruitment bid, the CDCians visited several parts of Grand Kru, including Barclayville, and several villages along the road from Sinoe.

Harper, Maryland County was abuzz when the mobilization team hit the city with thousands of citizens from all walks of life leaving their duties to register once word started to spread that ‘George Weah’s people’ were in town.

“In 2011 I voted for Ma Ellen with open heart but they let us down. I have come to join the CDC so that I can vote for George Weah, because he is one that will deliver this country,” said a market woman in Harper.

Southeastern CDC supporters in high gear1

“Whether in the bustling slum of Soniwein or the historic city of Harper, the power of the CDC still remains the same,” said a CDCian.

In River Gee and Grand Gedeh counties, the recruitment team received overwhelming support from the mobilization team, which is commonly know as ‘the blue helmet,’ headed by Mulbah Morlu, when a mock football match between Boakai and Weah produced the obvious winner.

“This is the clear sign of defeat for the Unity Party and the Boakai team,” said one Moses who was standing by.

“We’re penetrating the hinterland with a one-round message; and with the momentum, we are now also identifying and recruiting possible poll watchers in the villages even before the campaign season starts,” one of the mobilizers said.

The Coalition for Democratic Change (previously Congress for Democratic Change) is said to have more support in the southeast, as it was during 2005 and 2011 elections, owing to the momentum of their recruitment process.

Most of the citizens said Goerge Weah is the solution for change, and someone they see as the only candidate that would build roads, schools and clinics and drop the price of rice.

“Frankly, it was a little unexpected when residents of Tiama (Putu), fully assembled at a mass meeting, declaring support as most were new members joining the coalition for the first time,” said Musa Konneh, mobilization chair.

He said the turnout has been very high in Putu, with a similar experience taking place in Konobo.

“In these constituencies, the popularity of the coalition and its illustrious leader, Sen. George Weah is high,” he said.


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