Thomas Kojo Sets Record in Mauritania


Deputy national soccer coach Thomas Kojo proved that he has a future with the national team, Lone Star when his boys defeated Mauritania 1-0 yesterday in the return-leg of their home-based African Cup of Nations tournament, a report confirmed by LBS radio.

Liberia lost 0-2 a week ago in Monrovia and many Liberians thought the team was going to Mauritania to be humiliated.

However, aware that securing at least three goals, was somehow difficult, Coach Kojo took lessons from the first leg and provided a wide organized team, from the defense to the midfield, and reports indicate that the Liberians took command of the game.

Fighting as if their lives depended on the results of the game, the Liberians threw caution to the win and played a well-coordinated game, that left many Mauritanians to wonder how their side defeated the same team 2-0 a week ago abroad.

Though Lone Star is out of the Zone West A CAF competition, they gained a lot of respect in Mauritania with their 1-0 victory over their national team.

Coach Thomas Kojo and his boys did the nation a memorable performance and they are returning home with the hope that they can build on the current team for the future.

The national team did not have adequate preparation and in the first leg went against a team that was well prepared to play abroad. The same was what happened to the Mauritanians and so it may be assumed that had the Liberian side been well handled to meet the first leg; they would have triumphed in Mauritania.

The lesson here is that Thomas Kojo did a good job and he and his boys deserve our commendation. We must learn from the past and prepare our boys ahead of the game that is if we want to win, which it goes without saying.


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