CDC: ‘Liberian Presidency is More than a Debate’

CDC says its standard bearer George M. Weah (center), is qualified to lead because he loves Liberia.

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) of Senator George Weah has said that the Liberian presidency is more important than just taking part in a debate.

In a press release issued yesterday, the CDC said, “the advent of 2017 Presidential and General Elections has brought about exciting times for Liberians both at home and abroad.”

That excitement, said the party, stemmed “from the fact that for a lot of Liberians, this is a time where one can freely choose sides and express their political will (of sorts). Of recent, we see lots of people distracting themselves from the key strategic imperatives of the 2017 elections, and are rather focused mainly on debates as if debates can make someone win an election.”

The CDC said if debates were more important, Hillary Clinton would have won the US election, because she won all the debates, yet ended up losing to Donald Trump in the presidential elections.

The release, which came after Sen. Weah failed to attend yet another presidential debate that would have given him the opportunity to speak on what his party would do on several pertinent issues, explained that a “debate swings 1% of those paying attention, because most people attending debates have one or the other taking sides among the candidates.”

“What is more stupefying in Liberia is that fewer than 10% of the electorates really pay attention to debates of any kind,” said the release, though the CDC did not explain how it arrived at the percentage of listeners it quoted.

“If we want to decide the elections by debate, we say please end the process and give the presidency to Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh, simply, nobody among the 20 candidates can stand Dr. Fahnbulleh in any kind of debate,” CDC said. “Even if the debates were in Kissi, Dr. Fahnbulleh would win Joe Boakai or if it were in Bassa, he would win Brumskine.”

Arguing further, the CDC explained that Dr. Fahnbulleh is a person “with a history of the struggle, and understands the issues that confront us. But is he a leader?” the CDC questioned.

“If leadership is not by educational attainment or oratory skills, then let the Liberian people decide, who is a better fit to lead them; and from some internal polling that we have seen, the Liberian people seem to be looking for someone who they believe loves this country.”

Yet, in the same frame of reference to Dr. Fahnbulleh’s oratory prowess, the CDC failed to explain how Senator Weah’s love for country proves to leadership ability.

“In such a case, there is no amount of debating that can make that case; the people have lived with each of these candidates and have followed their track records and know whose life story demonstrates love for country; and the ordinary people believe that if someone loves this country, everything else will fall in line,” said the CDC.

The CDC, meanwhile, urged its supporters and all Liberians to stop spending their energy on “the least important things,” and focus more on what matters. “Most, if not all of the debate coordinators have partisan leanings and all the responses at the debates are rehearsed anyway – so what is all the fuss about?” the CDC wanted to know.

But contrary to the CDC position, yesterday’s debate was a display of exciting ideas from the participating candidates, and Liberians were able to understand what each candidate stands for and how he or she would tackle the most pressing issues affecting the country.

Meanwhile, it is on record that yesterday was the second time CDC’s George Weah failed to show up for a debate to articulate his position on pressing national issues.


  1. These junkies will never stop entertaining the public, with their spineless attempts to idolize an incompetent presidential candidate. Sen. Weah has never missed an opportunity to publicly declare his incompetence. His catastrophic usage of the English speaks volume. This guy is an embarrassment to our political process.

  2. I think the statement is disingenuous with the comparison of Clinton versus Trump. Trump took part in all the debate and didn’t skip any of them like you inept leader. Weah is not fit to be president and stop wasting yourself with a PR that will not work.

  3. I think the statement is disingenuous with the comparison of Clinton versus Trump. Trump took part in all the debates and didn’t skip any of them like your inept leader. Weah is not fit to be president and stop wasting yourself with a PR that will not work.


  4. I think Liberia and Liberians are above such statement by the CDCIANS, debate is a visual image of Political party and candidates…

    In short, we want to understand the central role in constructing all candidates and their political images. We pay particular attention to not only what the candidates says but what the Liberians, say and all opportunity to satisfy their curiosity. We don’t want a strong leader but a leader, with Clarity of goals and objectives, essential for success. CDC, please understand debate is an important strategy for creating image. It can be used as a clear impact on voters and judgments regarding a candidate’s Consistency. We love and admire all candidates, with respect to their involvement and commitments in this historic process. Remember, we are all winners but let us not forget the opportunity to set precedents, for our future generations. It’s about them, and our tomorrow in their hands…Good Luck to all the political parties, Independents and let Liberia.

  5. Please go smoke some weed with your weak and let us be. We will not be ruled by junkies wrath afraid of his own shadow. Can’t speak a coherent sentence

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