‘This Will Be My 2nd Time Voting’


The political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings, yesterday did his voter registration at the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Sinkor and urged all eligible persons to register to vote.

Cummings said that the last time he voted was when he was “around the age of 21,” which, considering his present age, took place in the mid to late 1970s. The closest election to that period, according to multiple historical accounts, took place in 1975, when Cummings would have been about 19 or 20 years old. That year William R. Tolbert ran for re-election unopposed, after having completed the term of his predecessor, President William V. S. Tubman, who died in office in 1971. The 1975 election is also significant because it was the first one after the eligible voting age was reduced to 18 years.

Cummings, who presented his Liberian passport yesterday for the NEC staff to record his name and other personal information, said the ensuing elections will be his second opportunity to participate in political affairs in Liberia.

“The ensuing elections will be my second time voting, and most especially for myself as a political candidate vying for the presidency. I am extremely excited that I am back home to contribute to the rebuilding of our country, and particularly through the application of better ideas,” Cummings noted.

In his appeal to all eligible voters, Mr. Cummings said “From now until March 7 when the VR ends, you have the opportunity to help create the Liberia we deserve.”

He urged all eligible voters not to be idle, adding: “Do not stand and wait until you no longer have the opportunity to make a decision about your government and who will best serve our country.”

Mr. Cummings said as he runs on the platform of change, he believes that every Liberian deserves a chance to succeed and he is determined and dedicated to ensuring that no Liberian is left behind during his presidency when elected in October this year.

Desmond Doe, 22, a first time voter who also registered along with Cummings, said the aspirant’s presence has inspired him to participate in the ensuing elections.

“Initially I had no interest in voting, but ABC (Cummings) has inspired me. He is not like other politicians. He is a different kind of man and his day-to-day efforts geared towards impacting lives are encouraging to us the young people who know him already” Doe said.

He said Cummings is the only hope for the young people of the country to move forward after the elections.

Explaining the process at the St. Peter Lutheran VR Center to Cummings, NEC staff Mr. Robert S. Cooper said he and his team have neither experienced camera failure nor ineligible voters attempting to register.

“Our disappointment is that since we started on February 1, only 500 eligible voters have been registered, even though we are expected to register up to 3000 before the VR deadline on March 7,” said Mr. Cooper.

Students of the St. Peter Lutheran High School followed their teachers and administrators to welcome the ANC political leader and wished him well in the ensuing elections.


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