‘This County Tour Makes Me to Realize That Liberia Needs to Be Developed’

Grand Gedeans turnout in numbers to welcome President Weah.

— Says President Weah as he breaks ground for US$15.5M referral hospital

The first county tour by President George Manneh Weah since he took the helm of national leadership has brought him to the realization that Liberia needs development, having for the first time seen the deplorable and impoverished living conditions of the vast majority of people in the country, especially in the southeast.

Even though, during the campaign period during the 2017 elections, he and his campaigners went throughout the country promising to bring “Change” to them, his statement about the need for development in the country suggests that he is now reminded to set his sights far beyond Monrovia, seeing what rural Liberians endure on a daily basis, in terms of poor infrastructure, and sub-par economic and social development.

President Weah, making the statement during his citizens’ engagement forum on Saturday, February 21, 2021 in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, assured citizens that he will not rest until Liberia is developed. The President’s assurance also comes mid-way through his 6-year term — after exhausting three years of his presidency in Monrovia and out-of-country travels.

“It’s important to light every city and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led government will do her best, and we are working with Senator Zoe Pennue to electrify your city and everything promised will be achieved together,” President Weah told the residents of Zwedru.

Although other counties except Lofa gave the President votes that got him victory with 62% during the runoff election between him and former Vice President Joseph Boakai, Grand Gedeh has been supportive of his leadership to the point that people from there had demonstrated it by violently chasing out from their county opposition politicians Alexander B. Cummings and a staunch critic of President Weah, Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah,.

“I will make sure that the confidence reposed will not be wasted. We will do the best things for you and our country. You are special to us and I know we are also special to you,” President Weah said.

The President told citizens that the Government of Liberia in collaboration with partners has set aside millions of United States Dollars to support Liberian farmers and businesses as a means of improving these sectors.

“If I will not achieve anything in my Presidency, I can assure you of building this road from Zwedru to Tappita because the road from Ganta to Tappita is being worked on already. We want you to work with your lawmakers now because development starts from them,” President Weah said.   

President Weah’s entrance from Toe Town, the first major town from Nimba County, to Zleh, Ziah Town, Tuzon and Zwedru, witnessed hundreds of Liberians who lined up at major corridors to welcome him.

Commenting on the attack on Mr. Cummings and Rep. Kolubah saga, President Weah urged the citizens not to allow anyone to take away their kindness, respect and love for each other.

“Let’s us not chase people out of our city whether during campaign time or not. If you don’t want to listen to them, you can stay home, but do not allow anyone to take away your good image,” President Weah said.

He told the audience that there are some in the country who do not respect elders because of their orientation, and urging the Grand Gedeans not to allow themselves to be put on record as those from the villages are noted for disrespecting others.

On the issue of the presence of Burkinabes in Liberia, President Weah urged citizens of Grand Gedeh to work with citizens of other countries, stating that Liberia respects international protocols.

He said the ECOWAS protocols, which Liberia accedes to, allow free movement of citizens from one country to the other.

President Weah also announced plans to work with the national Legislature to place a loan scheme program for local farmers in the national budget.

Earlier, shortly after he arrived in Grand Gedeh, President Weah broke ground for a 160-bedroom referral hospital to be funded by the Governments of Liberia and Germany through the German Development Bank (KFW) and Implemented by Welthungergilfe (WHH) Liberia.

President Weah and German Ambassador Hubert J. Jäger break ground for the US$15.5 referral hospital in Grand Gedeh Conty.

The $15.5 million project is in support of the government’s development agenda, the PAPD. The hospital is expected to will occupy an area of 8,513.84 square meters and benefit around 160,000 persons. Construction works are expected to last about 48 months.

During the groundbreaking held on Saturday, President Weah expressed gratitude to the German Government through its Ambassador, Hubert J. Jäger, indicating that the project is an outcome of the peace that exists in the county.

“We appreciate the partnership between us. Hope you will work tirelessly for the project to be completed,” President Weah said. He also dedicated the newly constructed annex of the Grand Gedeh County Community College (GGCC).

In a related development, President Weah has dedicated the 7th Judicial Circuit Court Complex on the outskirts of Zwedru, Grand Gedeh. The Court Complex project began under the former administration and was completed in 2018, the year he was inaugurated.


  1. “This County Tour Makes Me to Realize That Liberia Needs to Be Developed” Did Weah really say that?? So he didn’t really realize the extent of Liberia’s underdevelopment? that? Wasn’t development embedded in the so called “pro poor” agenda?

  2. “This County Tour Makes Me to Realize That Liberia Needs to Be Developed” Did Weah really say that?? So he didn’t really realize the extent of Liberia’s underdevelopment? Wasn’t development embedded in the so called “pro poor” agenda?

  3. If Liberia fell to the poorest nation on earth. How could dumb Weah not realize Liberia needs to be developed. duh duh duh

  4. Is Weah joking, or is he really trying to re-enforce the stereotype many of the citizens hold of him that he is clueless in the first place to play a critical role as a president of a broken and underdeveloped country like Liberia?

    Besides being clueless, he is extremely enamored with greed and power to the extent he can move hell and heaven against anybody to pursue these ends. His core beliefs and values are some of the contributing factors that are keeping the country from forging ahead.

    Why should Liberians experience the tragic murders of their sons and daughters in the quest of one’s self-aggrandizement and reckless aspirations to become what he/she is really not prepared for? Why should they experience larcenies of all sorts committed on their national treasury with impunity, with no transparency neither accountability, and when the stark realities of national disasters are demanding the use of their nation’s resources?

    How can an individual feel the pains of others if he refuses to wear their shoes even for a moment? The only way to know the country is underdeveloped is to travel to the rural counties and see the living condition of the ordinary people. However, since the inception of his presidency, he had spent a major part of his time traveling between Monrovia and Ghana.
    That a president would tell the world he really loves his country and cares about his people, and, yet, fails to understand their plight cannot be fathomed by the human imagination.

  5. Cheeey my people, I wonder if this president can think before he talks?

    So, you are from the South eastern region and don’t know how ancient that part of Liberia is? This president needs to tell us if he’s really Kru from Grand Kru.

    What then, did you see to promise the FIXES?
    I think FIXES means “Our time to chop ooooh”. How can this dude fight his way throughout to become president, claiming he came to improve the lives of people, yet does not know the plight of their underdevelopment?

    I pray that Liberians objectively vote in 2023, without any room for tribalism, nepotism or religious affiliation.
    Liberians, do not vote for people who, after even attempting to stage coup d’état to excel to power, cannot even diagnose your ills, how then can they identify the rightful remedies to cure the plagues?

    Weah and thugs are disco dancers, jokers and additional plagues or problems that Liberia, under Cummings, needs to contend with.

    Our beloved president said, “development will come through your senators and representatives, cheeeeeeeey, preso!
    Look, if you no longer wish for the people to look up to the central government for development, which I support, decentralize our administration.
    Submit a bill to both houses to give superintendents developmental roles and let them be elected by the people of the various counties. Then define some taxes that should go to the central government and some to local governments. In so doing, Liberia will develop overnight, just trust me and try it preso.

    Mr. President, please try my suggestion! You will render great service to Liberia.
    If we sit by and watch your snail-paced development with your meagre budgets, you can be given 50 years, Liberia will NEVER move an iota.

    • Mr. Dolo, your suggestion will not work either. During the regime of EJS, an attempt at Decentralization was tried and what came/ is coming out of it, nothing! The County Development and Social Development funds were created for that purpose, is it working? No.
      The CDF is allocation in the National Budget for each county to prioritize their infrastructural needs and have them implemented. likewise, the SDF, is the royalties(taxes) taken from those concessionaires located in each county to also assist with infrastructural developments in the county. Isn’t this a good paradigm to curb some of the infrastructural deficit found in the various counties? perfect model!
      What became of it or what is becoming of it? corruption! the very Senators, Representatives and other officials have become companies owners and carrying out so-called projects, some received money and failed to undertake any work, but distribute projects money among themselves. Reports have it that since 2018, Bong County received more than one million dollars from this initiative, but nothing to show for it.
      During the Administration of EJS; millions were received for the Bong County Technical College construction, up till now, that college is uncompleted; this happened under the leadership of George Mulbah, etc.
      So, you see, decentralization cannot even help us.

      • Mr. Flomo, your examples of Bong receiving 1 million and millions in CDF is laughable!

        Look brother, the people have decided to just turn the chopping upside down. Do you know what they have done? They have decided to pretend to send the money to the various counties, then go after it through their own companies and relatives, and fly with it to the USA, simple as that. And guess what, they know how much they voted, what it should be sued for, and they audit or question themselves. So, tell me brother?

        Instead of remittances coming from the USA to Liberia, like most third world countries, remittances were/are leaving Liberia to the USA, what a country Liberia!
        I hope you did not expect something straight and fair that can benefit all Liberians from Ellen. She can spray pepper into your eyes and take a wet towel to clean it, then you will think she’s the most tender mother for any child.

        The decentralization I am referring to will be the best solution for Liberia. It works in many countries around the world. Nigeria is a beautiful example, but I want us to adopt the Ghanaian style. The Ivorians call theirs “Les Conseils Généraux »

        In our country, the County Development Fund, in itself, is not sanitary. It is biased and may provoke another conflict or war in the near future.
        Because Nimba has 3 or 4 concession companies operating and the transportation is done through Bong to Grand Bassa, and so Nimba must get most of the money, followed by Bong and then Grand Bassa, Nooooooooooo, this is wrong my people!
        It is not because we are mining oil along the seacoast of Grand Kru and so only Grand Kru should benefit from the proceeds, WRONG!
        In economics, we talk about the equal distribution of wealth, NOT the unequal distribution of wealth.

        We are all part of an entity, like the human body, called Liberia. If a toe on the body is aching, the entire body is uncomfortable. Therefore, if the children of Kongo (Grand Cape Mount County) are not having at least one balanced diet a day, people in Ganta should be upset to belong to the entity called Liberia.
        If mining is done in Yekepa, Nimba County, the people in Nipu (Maryland) must benefit from income from such mining activities PROPORTIONATELY. It means we must consider the population density and land area of a county before the apportionment.
        Then, allow political parties in each county to tell their people what they can do with the county money, let the people vote the best idea/s for development and then allow the winner to execute his project/s.
        Of course, there are major projects that will be left with the central government, like major highways, electricity grids, water dams, healthcare infrastructure, etc.

        Let’s decide, as a people, to try this in good faith and see if Liberia will not develop overnight. We are wasting our own time, my people.
        Beleaguered Weah has started touring the country saying imbecilities as campaign rhetoric, just for reelection. Let’s endeavor to making everyone happy, not the privileged few.
        How can you fight for more than 15 years to become president of a country and don’t know how underdeveloped the country is? Why did you fight to become president? Sad indeed for Liberia, disfigured and raped by her own children.

        I pray that the ANC will be given a chance to propose something different from everyone come 2023!

  6. Come to think about it, since 1847 to today, the Republic of Liberia and our people are not developed and cannot make progress due to the foregoing critical and real reasons:

    1. The establishment of a political party and the holding of free and fair elections in Liberia,
    whether it be Representative, Senatorial, or Presidential elections, do not mean bringing development, advancement, and opportunity to Liberia and its citizens; but elections in Liberia, are merely a business venture for the people of Liberia to replace one group of committed professional thieves with another group of committed professional thieves.

    2. Liberia’s National Budgets year-in-year-out, are enacted into law by the Senate and the House of Representatives, to simply uplift and enrich this same shameless group of committed professional thieves that finds itself elected or appointed to power in Liberia after Representative, Senatorial, and Presidential Elections are had in Liberia. By lies, misrepresentation, and deception, the Liberian people are fooled to year-in-year-out, elect this committed group of professional thieves after committed professional thieves to power.

    3. This committed group of professional thieves after committed professional thieves, elected as Liberia’s Senators, Representatives, and Presidents, year-in-year-out, simply have no fear of the impact of Liberia’s Constitution and Statutory Laws, and thus, its members treat Liberia like their private farms and the people of Liberia, as their subjects.

    4. From July 26, 1847, to today, Liberia’s National Budgets, nearly every dollar, and cent enacted into Law by Liberia’s Senate and House of Representatives and signed by the Presidents of Liberia, creates riches for one committed group of professional thieves after one committed group of professional thieves, with Liberia never put FIRST.

    5. Government after Government, elected in Liberia, deceptively and regularly reach out and with the highest determination, publicly commits financial and economic crimes with impunity, and this same group of committed professional thieves, after a group of committed professional thieves, usual goes unpunished. Liberia’s Minister of Justice and our Courts dare not independently indict, arrest, and prosecute financial and economic crimes in Liberia without the prior consent and approval of the Presidents of Liberia.

    6. To simply uphold and continuously facilitate financial and economic crimes in Liberia with impunity, Government after Government, elected in Liberia, puts Liberia and its citizens LAST and its members’ personal, financial, and family’s interest, first over Liberia’s development, advancement and progress.

    7. Since Liberia bitter civil war ended in 2003, with War Crimes, Crime against Humanity, and Financial Economic Crimes being accorded priority by Liberia’s Warlords and Economic Criminals, Government, after Government elected or selected in Liberia, to include the CDC-led Government and President George Manneh Weah, has had no courage and moral will to indict, arrest, prosecute, convict, and sentence its predecessors.

    If President Weah and his CDC-led Government want the 15 counties of Liberia connected by roads, build hospitals, schools, bring water and light to homes, and commit to what he calls development, he and his Government, need to de-centralize governance in Liberia, equally share Liberia’s revenues and resources, and change Liberia’s elections laws to have our people elect their superintendents, District Commissioners, and local leaders.

    President Weah and his Government, need to swiftly commit to prosecuting financial and economic crimes, irrespective of status. Start with the Reports of Liberia’s General Auditing Commission (GAC), and swiftly put in place independent-minded prosecutors at the Justice Ministry and disempower Liberia’s current Justice Ministry from prosecuting financial and economic crimes, without the slightest thought.

    Completely dissolve Liberia’s Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) and replace this agency of government, with a statutorily created National Assets Recovery Commission (NARC), and vests judicial and prosecutorial authority in this commission to exclusively arrest, indict, prosecute, and sentence financial and economic offenders, forthwith.

    And lastly, work with the Senate and House of Representatives to enact into law, Statutorily created Immediate Appellate Courts to be known and called:

    1) First Judicial Immediate Court of Liberia – to sit in the City of Monrovia, Montserrado County;

    2) Second Judicial Immediate Appellate Court of Liberia – to sit in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County; and,

    3) Third Judicial Intermediate Appellate Court of Liberia – to sit in Gbarnga, Bong County, Republic of Liberia.

    Appeals originating from Liberia’s Circuit and Specialized Courts, and National Assets Recovery Commission, must lie at Liberia’s First, Second, or Third Judicial Intermediate Appellate Courts, provided such appeals originated in such judicial appellate region (s).

    Liberia is not developed and 99.5% of its people are poor because Liberia’s Revenues and Resources are continuously abused and stolen by the power that is with impunity.

    President George Manneh Weah lived and grew up in places like Westpoint, Claratown, NewKru Town, and Logan Town, and claimed to not know that Liberia, is not developed?

    • Cllr. Jayweh, you have really been out of touch with your colleagues in the profession and have come to conclusion as if they count for nothing; your comment about the MOJ and the ability to fight economic crimes, why you think those institutions were set?
      your suggestion about setting up appellate courts in these various regions is at the foundational level and is being tested in Gbarnga; with a model called Gbarnga regional security Hub, similar one was being set up in the Southeast, with based in Maryland, all of these were experiments to be carried out for what you are suggesting. Your promised soon to be Vice- Standard Bear of the CDC(Francis S.Korkpor), is not paying attention to actualize this, but is now dancing the CDC songs as if no one can do.
      His point man Yarmie Q. Gbesaiy, Relieving Judge, who declared Brownie J.Samuai, Guilty at the Circuit Court, and one time Electoral candidate for the CDC in Nimba County in 2011, is vigorously mapping this.

  7. Frederick, Allow me to ask you a question on Point 7.
    Will Weah ever dare indict, arrest, prosecute, convict and sentence his predecessors if he himself (Weah) came to power with the same stolen money?
    Do you know who financed his campaign?
    Do you know how he built his 4 mansions in 1 year?
    Do you know why he killed the 4 auditors?

    We must get on our knees to pray for Liberia. It has now been extended to even personnel of the EPS.
    Some people are working in Liberia and being regularly paid, while others are expected to understand and bear with the situation, just because they are not part of that clique within the CDC-killing machine.

    Listen to Weah’s comment in Grand Gedeh; he’s again sowing seeds of discord to make way for any foolish fratricide.
    He knows he cannot win the upcoming elections, he knows he cannot get most South Easterners to join another carnage resulting from rigged election in Liberia, and so he’s started forming and inciting thugs.
    Weah should be warned we are following every word and deed he speaks and does!

    No more war in Liberia, we beg you Weah!
    Small shame is better than big shame oooooooooooh!

  8. Mr. Flomo,

    Come what may and frankly speaking, I have nothing personal against the Justice Ministry, its current setup, nor the professional capacity or incapacity of the Attorneys and Counsellors in charge of the MOJ at this stage. Objectively speaking, my policy suggestions and/or recommendations encouraging Liberia and its Government to statutorily setup three immediate appellate courts to judicially sit in the Counties of Montserrado, Grand Bassa, Bong, and also asking the Government to enact into law a policy that dissolves Liberia Anti-corruption Commission (LACC), and bring into being a statutorily created National Assets Recovery Commission (NRAC), has much to do with Liberia’s age and the need for the Republic of Liberia to ensure Judicial reform and progress for the good of Liberia.

    I need not remind you that the current setup at the Ministry of Justice and its key officials, the current Minister of Justice, Solicitor General, and County Attorney, respect or discount them, the AG, SG, and CA, are from top to bottom, highly conflicted. While in private practice, Liberia’s AG, SG, and CA, worked for and were private attorneys and retained Counsels for a good number of those indicted and charged in the Reports of Liberia’s General Auditing Commission. Economic and Financial Grimes Cases, have been assigned and terminated by these key authorities at the MOJ. Today, Liberia’s GAC’s Reports are not and cannot be reviewed, indictments found and former officials of Government can not dare be indicted, arrested, and prosecuted because of such conflict of interest surviving daily at the MOJ under the current authorities, referenced.

    So there is real need to by policy and for the good of Liberia and its residents, the need to statutorily disempower and downgrade the MOJ’s authority to indict, arrest, and prosecute all crimes and legally vest the power to indict, prosecute those charged with Economic and Financial Crimes in a statutorily created National Assets Recovery Commission (NARC). Economic and Financial Crimes will be swiftly prosecuted and Liberia will have much to gain if Liberia should have an NARC brought into being, counting on exclusively leaving the MOJ and its key powers out of prosecuting Economic and Financial Crimes. Let independent-minded assume this unique role.

    My third reason of bringing into being the three intermediate appellate courts, has much to do with the Republic of Liberia being 75yrs and more years old, she cannot afford to continue to have the structure she has had and Liberians should be proud of their judiciary, with little or no reform and Judicial progress. As the structure of Liberia’s Judiciary stands today, all appeals as a matter of law, must travel to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia. And all remedial or intermediate processes under our law, except for bill of information, and petition for a Writ of Error, all other intermediate processes, must be filed and heard by a lone Associate Justice presiding in chambers in Liberia.

    To have a lone Associate Justice presiding in chambers to reject, decline, or cause a writ to be or not issued, constitutes immense power to be entrusted into the hands of a single Justice, presiding chambers. I may add, this practice or cloud of Judicial limitation or restriction, violates the legal and human rights of all Liberians and party litigants. Thus, statutorily creating three appellate courts to sit in Montserrado, Grand Bassa and Bong Counties, where cases on appeal that travel from Bong, Nimba, Lofa, Grand Gedeh, and River Gee Courtise, are heard and decided by the Third Judicial Intermediate Appellate Court, makes common policy sense.

    And cases that travel on appeal from MarGibi, Grand Bassa, River Cess, Sinoe, and Grand KRU, counties are heard and determined by the Second Judicial Intermediate Appellate Court, is progress and constitutes Judicial reform. And cases that travel on appeal from Bomi, Grand Cape Mount, Gbarpolu, Montserrado, and Maryland counties are heard and decided in Monrovia, Montserrado Counties by Liberia First Judicial Intermediate Appellate Court, enhances Liberia’s Judicial image and attaches international credibility to Liberia.

    Mr. Flomo, I am certain you have read Cllr. Yarso Weh Dollea’s book, Decentralization of Governance, Power Equal Revenues and Powers Sharing in Liberia. If you have not, may I encourage you to do so. Cllr. Yarso Weh Dollea’s book on governance, revenues and powers sharing in Liberia, come what may, is an excellent policy tool for good governance in Liberia. But Mrs. Ellen Johnson and Dr. Amos C. Sawyer, were overwhelmed by this book, and chose to the latter, so-called Justice Hub. Why? Because President Sirleaf and Dr. Sawyer, got threatened.

    Governance, Revenues and Powers sharing are possible in Liberia. But Liberians and residents need honest and responsible partners.

    That is how I see it and from where I sit.


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