PYJ: ‘Liberia Will Go Back to War If Weah Becomes President’

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Sen. Prince Yormie Johnson

Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson has described Senator George Manneh Weah as someone who is unable to control his followers, and as such, any decision to elect him as President of Liberia will send the country back to war.  “I am appealing to Ambassador George Weah because you have not become President yet, but you turned loose your men on people to stab them. When you become President, this country will go back to war,” he warned.

Sen. Johnson, standard bearer of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction, in an interview over the weekend on the recent fracas in Sanniquellie, Nimba County between members of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and Liberty Party (LP), said it was unacceptable for anyone to go to his county, Nimba, to shed blood.

Senator Johnson said based on communications he received from the National Elections Commission (NEC) and its magistrate in Nimba, Liberty Party was granted permission to have a rally in that area.

“I cancelled my scheduled September 20 trip and rescheduled it for the 29th because as one seeking leadership you should exercise all restraint by making sure that our elections are violence free. It is not anyone’s birthright to be President,  therefore Senator Weah should not impose his will. I think the CDCians headed by their leader George Weah were in the wrong.”

Liberty Party pickup blocking the way, preventing the CDC pickup from passing through in Sanniquellie, causing huge commotion between the two parties and resulting in the stabbing of one person.

Senator Johnson, who considers himself the godfather of Nimba, lamented that it did not matter whether the individual who was reportedly stabbed belonged to Liberty Party or any other party, “the fact is that he is a Liberian and from Nimba.”

“Mr. George Weah wants votes that include also Nimba, if they love him. He has gone to my county to shed my people’s blood and this is unacceptable and the people of Nimba and everyone will be informed not to ever vote for George Weah. Our people are mad and very angry and until an apology is extended to us, we will tell all Nimbaians (1.2 million) not to vote for Weah.”

The controversial Nimba strongman emphasized that Senator Weah has no control over his men, “just as Charles Taylor had no control. I had control over my men in combat.”


  1. Why the NEC has not come out with a penalty for this provocative and violation of the code of conduct governing campaigning amongst political parties is not reassuring at all. The NEC supposed to use incidents like this to levy the appropriate reprimand agreed upon by all parties in this election, in order to serve notice on other would-be hooligans that such maladaptive behaviors will not be tolerated in this election. These are the little misconduct when not condemned and censured right away could mushroom into greater anarchism beyond the control of the NEC or government in general.

    • This is serious, Liberians! It does not matter which political party or presidential candidate you support. Threatening the peace of Liberia is no, no. And again, it does not matter who the threat comes from. In this case, it is coming from a proven and well known killer of innocent Liberians and foreign residents in Liberia. Mr. Prince Johnson was on the list of people who have committed crime against humanity because of his acts and commands during Liberia’s nightmarish civil war . With his history and background, he was not only allowed to walk free but was given the green light to contest and win a seat in the honorable Legislature of the Republic of Liberia as a law maker!

      I believe he is still a sitting senator in the Liberian Senate. Where is the Liberian Senate Pro-Temp to order Senator Prince Johnson before the Senate’s Judicial and Disciplinary Committees for such pronouncements. Maybe Mr. Johnson does not know, but the wounds of the Liberian Civil War, in which he was a principal instigator, are still fresh in the minds of many, many Liberians. For one of the brutal war lords of that war to still be walking the streets of the country free and also be supported by the taxes of the Liberian people, his victims, is unconscionable!! His arrogance and boldness to threaten the peace of the nation speaks a lot about the state of national security of Liberia under Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who was indeed a partner in war to Mr. Prince Johnson.

      All Liberians should air their condemnation of this callous behavior towards the national security and peace of the Republic of Liberia. Mr. Johnson needs to be brought before the judicial system of the nation to explain to law enforcement and to the Liberian people the meaning of his pronouncement.

      Yes, the blood of every citizen of Nimba County is secred, and so is every drop of blood of every Liberian. All the presidential candidates need to condemn openly the war-mongering statement of Mr. Johnson.

    • ‘Liberia Will Go Back to War If Weah Becomes President’. And he PYJ ended up being the campaign manager for the very Weah in his very PYJŚ county. In politics, there are ONLY PERMANENT INTERESTS; AND NOTHING MORE!!

  2. Senator Johnson is been bias in his approach in the recent confusion in the City of Sanniquellie. The story said, Liberty Party Pick Up blocked the road and prevented CDC Pick Up from passing through Sanniquellie. What does the word through means? It means CDC was passing through Sanniquellie going somewhere to do their campaign activities. It was wrong for Senator Johnson to accuse CDC of coming to Nimba to Stab someone. I think LP provoked the situation. CDC has the right to campaign throughout the length and breadth of Liberia. As far as the stabbing, it has to be investigated by the Liberian National Police.
    Liberian just don’t understand politics. What is wrong with two or three political parties been in the same city at the same time? It is not a violation for so many parties to be in the same city or county at the same time. I hope Senator Johnson will take time in the future when he makes those kinds of public statement that has the propensity to cause chaos in Liberia during this critical time of election. Liberian have learned not to engage or think about war anymore.

    • D.W; it was “Libery” that was granted permission at this particular time; not CDC. The CDC should have waited their turn. Except(perhaps) to make troubles, CDC shouldn’t have been at the EXACT-SAME location at the same time; as Liberty, for the same purpose. Remember! These are two rival political parties. This is about respect for the “AUTHORITY/LEADERSHIP” of Nimba County; nothing else.

      • well said Mr. Freeman. I think the CDCians should have turned around for the sake of peace. If you cannot control your supporters then that’s a very BIG problem for us Liberians. LIBERIA CANNOT GO BACK TO WAR!!!!!!!!!

    • You speak like a fool, sorry to say that..are you happy for the blood of Liberians to be shed in the name of George Weah; George Weah will only become president in his dream!!


  3. Why P. Johnson continue talking about war?
    This is not politics but i know what PYJ making this comment for.
    He knew very well that if Unity party don’t win, there will
    be no protection for him(PYJ). He will be sent to court immediately
    next year. PYJ very smart but this time around no way.
    Unity party give him twelve years protection.
    So let him go to the drawing board. The next government will
    turn him over to the ICC. Not he alone so no need to worried now.

    • Tell them. He should not forget that, the evil that do will live after him. What fuck this moron continues to preach about war? He will be joining Charles Taylor.

  4. We don’t really blame so call PYJ or what ever…they all destroy our country…and today He is moving sky free…so he has the right to threaten the peace loving people of Liberia…bcuz of fear that the next government with the exception of unity party..will definitely turn over to ICC

  5. News and polls are part of political gimmicks too. Sports is not politics. Neither is politics sports. The only numbers we know at this point is the true calculations, with actual conscience. As long as you are yourself, the public will accept you for what you are. Concentrate on the actual factual count of the Presidential election and there will be no need to fear. The silent majority has the power of the Liberian people right now. What instruments do you have to fight the messenger of democracy? No formal reboes or rebel ex-divorced wives, present tyrants can see the holy matrimony of the Presidential chair. They can no longer scare the Liberian people. They can no more force them to vote. They can no longer fool them with money, guns or food. The incumbent was not able to see it with 34% register votes who can see it this late few hours? There will be no more war in this nation. If we must vote one head out to keep the peace, we will. If one or two parties or individuals will be destroyed, 57% will force them out to keep the Liberian nation from another more blood shed. Do not panic. If it does not go that way, chose one and do not return. The Church or the State. No one will know before time who the next President will be until the accurate checking. The Liberian people will tick this exact count and this new President will be properly accepted with a smooth transfer. If you want to know what smooth transition is and who this President will be before time, look at the design of the people’s power equipment pointing at your head right now, or ask God.
    Gone in silence. Speaking Liberian. Talk to the People.

  6. The ends of democratic participation is inclusion of all strata of society in equally and peacefully negotiating competing ideas towards achieving desired national goals. This is why the backpedaling on national reconciliation was a grave mistake.

    Senator PYJ should be the last person to blame misbehavior of a handful on the leadership of an organization: Guilt by association. Many believe his main problem is that he’s leery of certain segments of society for personal reasons. In 2011, for example, CDC was his greater of two evils, so to speak, because many Grand Gedeans were supporting the ticket. This year, apparently, the ticket could provoke war since Mrs. Jewel Taylor happens to be Weah’s running mate. Thus PYJ’s continual raising of the scepter of war serves a political purpose; it reminds Nimba constituents that without his wherewithal as protector, the county has no hope: Wedge politics is survival mode not only in the US.

    Folks, until we carefully survey the path to national cohesion, it would be impossible to move the stumbling blocks to lasting peace.

  7. I’m very mad at Hon.Prince Stupid Johnson about the comments made against the good,and intelligent Senator George M.Weah concerning the rally violence that took place in Nimba county between the Liberty Party,and The CDCs member which resulted in to blood shed.But,my point is,has Senator Johnson not shed blood before in Nimba,and have he forgotten when he was killing and slaughtering Nimbains in the same Nimba county,and as to when the blood shed in Nimba county have come to be a law?Or,is it because of Weah going there to seek votes from his county?. what he should note,and remember from today on is,Nimba county votes alone can not make anyone wins the Election even including him,and if he believe so,then I suppose that by now,he should have been made President long time.Who are Nimbains that blood can not be shed,when here in our county rural areas they are all in our bushes killing,and fighting others as people in Animals.So,let him stop fooling himself,and come down by joining to convince people in other counties as to why he must be voted for as President,and must not always think that,Votes alone from Nimba county can make him a President…

    • YOU ARE 1000% RIGHT. There should be no exception, if PYJ was in jail like Charles Taylor, no idiot or former rebel commander will be threaten the peace of Liberia. But it seem that our country is curse, they always loves evil and reject the light. PJY and all former rebels commander should be in jail with hard labor. Next time, no mother fucker will threatens the peace of Liberia. May God invoke incurable diseases on anyone that have bad intention for Liberia. AMEN.

  8. My fellow country men give me your eyes. Please don’t let this country goes back into the hands of Congo people again. I have you forgetton when your children were denied entry into universities? Have you forgotten that if your name was not related to Henries, Philips. Tolbert, Tubman. Weeks, and Parker, etc. no good jobs for you? Have forgotten so soon that only their children attended the best schools? Have you forgotten that foreign scholarships were only awarded to their children to study abroad? Have forgotten so soon that country sons could not marry to Congo men children or daughters? When Will Harrison Kanweay , Duopue, and Ambassador Solunteh come to their senses and resist from being marginalized? You are more qualified than those guys to serve under them. Come on board and join Unity Party or form your own party like Senator Prince Johnson.We are tired of answering YES SIR.

    • This country is not about Congo or native men ruling Liberia. Liberian are more educated than in the 60s. Liberia need God fearing leader. How many Congo men serving in the senates and the house of representative now? Majority are corrupt native bitches that has no love and compassion for the people that elected them. We need God divine intervention to give us a leader that fear God and put Liberia first. So ET pray to our Lord and Savior to give us a leader that fear Jehovah and not stop preaching tribalism.

  9. There is only one way in and one way out of Sanniquellie.

    PYJ is right. One party at a time to campaign in our one-way cities. Shedding blood in Nimba by outsiders reminds us of those dark days. Its a nightmare.
    The Senator is right to protect his county and people. They elected him to protect them….always!

    • I disagree with you. That moron is not right. He is an idiot, he should be that last person to talk about war. He is building more evidence against himself. because he is not free yet about his crimes against humanity. In the USA, the Democrat and the Republican parties can campaign in the same at the same time without problem. His days are number to join Charles Taylor and other war lords in the ICC.

  10. Negative stereotyping of Liberian youths and those who support George Weah is another strategy introduced to misrepresent the entire CDC to the world. Predicting war in Liberia if xyz party wins come October is very ugly and all standard bearers MUST desist immediately.

    Thank GOD for ECOMOG, no one ever nvisage war and I don’t support enegative stereotypes of any sort

  11. Prince Johnson has a history of being a rebel leader and killing our president Samuel Doe, not Sen George Weah. If anyone should be afraid of violence, they should be afraid of Prince Johnson. Prince Johnson should be facing justice for the war crimes he committed in Liberia and not be in politics in the very first place. George Weah has always fought for peace in Liberia.

    • I agree with you my brother. That idiot supposed to be in jail and not be in Liberia preaching war. What the fuck wrong with him. Who he think, he is? It is about time, the ICC get that bitch to his rightful place. (JAIL).

  12. It’s take confusionates to want to past through the one entry and one way out City while other party is launching. These are some of the foolish problem we will face with uncontrollably, unorganized, irresponsible and the football club of no system.

  13. Actually, I rather think Prince should be thinking about his future after his term of office runs out.
    Probably he doesn’t know that he will be arrested whenever he leaves Liberia. He is exposing himself more whenever he makes such reckless statements.
    It has been 27 years ago since these kinds of threats meant something to the people of Liberia.
    A child that was born in 1990 is now 27 years old today. Does Prince think he can scare that yound man or woman by saying run!! run!! SANTA is coming?
    The Liberian people will not raise any issue against him for the atrocities he committed against the Liberian people but, the international community will.
    If I was prince, I will keep quiet and stay in my comfort zone until my judgment day comes.
    Make no mistakes Prince, your judgement day is coming and it will take place right here on earth before the Liberian people.


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