Thinkers Village Residents Pledge Support for Dr. Jones

Madam Reeves (first from left) MOVEE vice chairman Dr. Reeves, Dr. Jones, District #6 rep. aspirant, Madam Rufus and MOVEE chairman Kemayah

The Macedonia Church in Thinker’s Village was thronged by residents and marketeers from the area and surrounding communities who came to pledge their staunch support to the political leader of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Dr. Joseph Mills Jones. In their statement to Dr. Jones and his vice standard bearer, Dr. Reeves, Pastor Josiah Gweh Wilson, mobilization chairperson, said they took the decision as part of their constitutional right based on Dr. Jones’ numerous works and efforts across the country, as well as his dedicated service to many Liberian citizens.

“So, we are proud to let you know that due to your dedicated service to the Liberian people, especially to the marketers, we the residents of the Thinker’s Village Community will stand by you in your quest to take the mantle of leadership as President of the Republic of Liberia.”

Wilson assured Dr. Jones that they will gather en masse to support and campaign for him during the election process to ensure he wins the presidency. He noted that the only way the condition of Liberia and its people will improve is by trusting Dr. Jones, who is popularly known as Poverty Doctor, with the leadership of Liberia, so he can “deliver his people from Egypt, which we believe he is capable of doing.”

Furthermore, Wilson said, the residents of the district believe in Dr. Jones’ vision, and will ensure that he wins the presidency in October. “We trust you because that is your area. And this election will be about trust, not empty promises. We believe that you will use the qualities of honesty, fairness, thoughtfulness, and trustworthiness to create a better balance between the high and the low,” he added.

The occasion was Dr. Jones Jones’ official visit to District #6 to call on the citizens there to vote for MOVEE representative aspirant Madam Esther Rufus.

In response, Dr. Jones expressed appreciation to the residents and the marketers for taking time from their busy schedules to pledge their support to MOVEE as well as his candidacy, adding: “It is a great pleasure for me to be with you.” He told Thinker’s Village residents that as  campaigning progresses, they will have to decide the kind of leadership they want in a new Liberia. “If you want to vote for somebody who is popular, you will get a government of popularity. If you want to vote for people based on promises, or because they can gave you US$5, then you will get a US$5 government,” he said.

The MOVEE political leader appealed to the people to vote for somebody who has the country and its people at heart, “and that person is no one else but from the Movement for Economic Empowerment,” he said.

“We are the ones that care, because we have shown it to the Liberian people before, and we will do it more for you because we were the ones that told you that poverty is not your destination and the time has come to empower Liberians.

sWe are the ones that said Liberians must be major players in Liberia’s economy,” he said. “And not only did we say it, we acted upon what we said. And many of you are saying today, we have to fight the very people that represent you in government to do what needs to be done for you. Every step of the way they were fighting us. But that didn’t move us, because we need to empower Liberians.”


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