Think, Love, Build Liberia

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Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai last Wednesday evening returned to the country, after being in the US for more than a week, with a new patriotic slogan: “Think Liberia, love Liberia and build Liberia.”

While addressing the media and those who were at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) to welcome him back home, the VP urged every Liberian, whether in the Diaspora or at home, to always put the wellbeing of their nation first.

He told the gathering that there is a lot of goodwill that is coming for Liberia and that as he did on Wednesday he had also told Liberians he met in the US to subscribe to the new slogan: “Think Liberia, love Liberia and build Liberia.”

“Whatever we do, whether it’s a little child or a market woman or any other person out there, we must ‘think Liberia, love Liberia and build Liberia,’” VP Boakai emphasized.

To further strengthen and broadcast his new patriotic catchphrase, Mr. Boakai said he had it printed on T-shirts he brought home from the US that would be distributed to Liberians “very shortly.”

While in the US, Ambassador Boakai held a series of meetings with Liberians in different parts of the United States. “All the Liberians I met were very supportive of my presidential bid for 2017,” the VP recounted.

He said he had overstayed in the US “because, while there, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf called and instructed me to stay and witness the signing of the Millennium Challenge Cooperation (MCC) between the Liberian and US governments.”

The total amount involved in the MCC grant is US$256.7 million.

The landmark financing agreement with the United States MCC would see much needed investments in energy and roads and other vital infrastructure in Liberia.
It comes as Liberia’s heavily dependent export economy has been struggling to create jobs in the services and light manufacturing industries.

This trend of economic volatility has been due in large measure to the lack of a sustainable and cheap energy supply and good road networks.

“The US$257 million grant constitutes the single largest bilateral infrastructural grant to the country over several years,” a dispatch from Washington said.


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