“They Are Not Employees of UTE’

UTE Elecnor-Eiffage, the company says that the workers "are not now and were never employees" of theirs.

Company clarifies media report

Following a report in the May 15 edition of the Daily Observer about some aggrieved workers venting their frustration against an energy company, UTE Elecnor-Eiffage, the company says that the workers “are not now and were never employees” of theirs.

The workers had told the Daily Observer that the company had made deductions to their salaries for Social Security and income tax, among others, though they (workers) were not given Social Security cards and other relevant documents to justify such deductions. The workers also claimed that that the company was terminating their contracts abruptly and unjustly.

Efforts by the Daily Observer reporter to speak to one Paul Kimba, who was identified by the workers as the Human Resources Manager and was in charge of the salary disbursement that day, asked for two hours to complete the payment exercise before speaking to the press. However, immediately after disbursement, Kimba and his team were escorted by armed police and the company’s hired security into a UTE vehicle, denying journalists a chance to speak with the manager.

In a press statement issued late Sunday, UTE noted that the workers are the responsibility of another company known as Target HR.

“The complainants are not now and were never employees of UTE Elecnor-Eiffage,” a release from the company said. “They are and have always been contractual employees of Target HR. They are fully aware of their status as employees of Target HR because Target HR has repeatedly informed them that they are employees of Target HR and any labor complaints they may have should be directed to Target HR and not UTE Elecnor-Eiffage.

“Target HR has additionally provided written confirmation to the relevant government officials that the complainants are not employees of UTE Elecnor-Eiffage,” the statement concluded.



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